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TXT member Yeonjun recommends Timmy Albert’s FEELINGS

Yeonjun is one-fifth of the Korean boy band Tomorrow x Together or more commonly known as TXT. During his livecast on July 21, 2021 he was asked about the songs he listens to these days and mentioned Timmy Albert’s single, “FEELINGS”.

“This is the song I found while shooting… I listened to this song, and I liked it so much.. Kian ‘Every Hour’ and ‘FEELINGS’ by Timmy Albert. Please try these songs. They are so good” Yeonjun shared on VLive.

Timmy Albert shared on Instagram his great delight upon hearing the news, “#yeonjun recommemnded my song??”.

This 21-year-old singer-songwriter started his journey with Universal Records in May 2019. His current talk of the town single “FEELINGS” is part of his debut EP entitled “DISTANCED”. His music influences range from the classics - Madonna, Foreigner, Phil Collins, Richard Marx, to the modern sounds of joan, The 1975, and LANY.

Catch Timmy Albert’s “FEELINGS” now streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube and Spotify.

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Joy Ruckus Club releases I Hate Being Hated

Joy Ruckus Club, known as the largest Asian music festival in the world, has released the “I Hate Being Hated” group song which seeks to bring awareness to anti-Asian hate. Featuring 14 vocalists who have performed at past Joy Ruckus Club festivals, and produced by Philadelphia-based Ben Other, “I Hate Being Hated” is a 14 minute epic song that educates as much as it entertains. The artists on “I Hate Being Hated” are Heesun Lee (Staten Island, NY), May Cheung (Vancouver, BC), Pattie Lin (Los Angeles), Ashya (Los Angeles), Geoff Ong (Auckland, New Zealand), Koryo (College Station, TX), Sawhee (San Francisco), V8Muzik (Stockton, CA), Tealousy (Bay Area, CA), Saenabi (Peoria, IL), Hunter Dane (San Bruno, CA), Poet Initiative (London, England), C-Tru (Los Angeles), Chow Mane (San Jose, CA).


“Feelings of hopelessness, fear of a stranger who looks at my face and sees only danger, not a human, a disease,” sings Saenabi, detailing the prejudice endured by Asians in today’s society in the wake of the pandemic. With a spoken word verse, Chow Mane puts the current wave of anti-Asian hate in historical context: “Bombed our countries, raped the women, and murdered our babies, you remember My Lai or No Gun Ri, when the US army used to kill our chinks, today the same sh*t, more sinister, less overt.” Geoff Ong’s verse shows that even as far away as New Zealand, Asians are experiencing the same things: “How does it feel to be a hated race, sometimes I’m like at least they said it to my face.” Not all is despair as Ashya sings of keeping one’s head high in spite of the hate, “So love yourself, there’s no one like you, one of a kind.”

The song was debuted prior to release at the “Joy Ruckus Club presents I Hate Being Hated” virtual fundraising event for Stand With Asian Americans. Contrary to what it seems, the event was actually named after the song, not the other way around. An accompanying remix of “I Hate Being Hated” has also been released, on a beat by Los Angeles producer 1K composed purely of traditional Asian instruments and rhythms. The original and remix are both available to be listened to on all digital platforms.

Stream I Hate Being Hated and 
I Hate Being Hated Remix on Spotify.

TREAL Music released their first single True Love

TREAL Music released their first single, True Love through Spotify, Apple Music, and Korean music streaming sites.


TREAL is short for True + Real, created for genuine passion. The group formed spontaneously when JUNGSU and his long-time friend were jamming out at church on a Friday night. "True Love" is the Korean-American Hip-Hop artist's first official release within the Gospel / Worship genre.


True Love depicts the genuine love of Jesus Christ for us. Listening to this song will show a glimpse of how wonderful our lives are in Him.

"The pure love of Jesus Christ overwhelmed me in such an unfathomable way that I thought human words cannot do much justice to capture and describe. So, I stayed within a simple expression throughout the chorus to praise our Beautiful Savior!"

"You loved me first when I’m unlovable

You touched me first when I’m touchable

You quenched my thirst with grace UNSTOPPABLE ✝️"

YEO delivers raw emotion on intimate single, Tired

Put down your bags and stay for a while for Yeo’s new single TIRED, out June 11. Employing minimal, intimate production, the Asian-Australian producer keeps us in anticipation as he waxes lyrical about love giving him the tenacity to overcome all obstacles.

His most raw and exposed single yet, Yeo channels Moses Sumney, Brittany Howard and Blake Mills on this emotional ballad, letting down his walls and getting vulnerable with listeners.

Armed with nothing but a bed of organs, dreamy guitar and sleepy reverb, Yeo draws the listener’s scope to rest gently on his lightly-treading vocals as he sings:

“All I need is a sign and I won’t feel tired / Tired, I’m tired no more.”
The slightly haunting and nostalgic ballad was written in the midst of Melbourne’s lockdowns in 2020 alongside Yeo’s previous single OBSESSION; but this time with a more enthusiastic outlook.


“TIRED is OBSESSION's happy sibling–the one with a positive attitude. It was also written in heavy Melbourne lockdown and during another injury rehab period, however this time it contains optimistic promises of getting back to enjoying life with loved ones.”

TIRED will be accompanied by a captivating music video out June 18, blending social realism with surrealism to tell the story of a blue collar worker who yearns for more.

TIRED is the third taste of Yeo’s upcoming body of work TIRED, NO MORE. The release will also include previously shared emo-R&B cut OBSESSION and ‘90s, inspired bass-driven U IN? which features the return of his infamous keytar solo.

Each single is accompanied by a cooking series of Yeo preparing and serving up his favourite Asian comfort dishes. 



The Voice Kids' Gaea Salipot to hold first virtual concert

The much-awaited concert of The Voice Kids Season 4 finalist and World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) Champion Gaea Mischa Salipot will happen online this June 27.


Titled “I Believe: A Virtual Concert for a Cause,” the virtual concert aims to raise funds for the benefit of St. Rita Orphanage in Parañaque, a small sanctuary for children who have been left abandoned by their parents.

“I’m thankful that God has now given me the opportunity to share my talent and be an instrument to help others,” said Gaea. “This pandemic has taught us kids to be more caring to our family and to others in our community. I believe that all of us can do something for each other in our own little ways. I want to be of help to fellow children especially those who need extra care and support. And I hope that more people can join in to help.”

Produced by Ditse Productions, Inc and Rose Sheane TV Finland in collaboration with CyberPinoy Radio Canada, “I Believe” will be held online via Gaea’s official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on June 27 (Sunday) at 7PM PH Time.

Under the musical direction of ECHO MUSIC, Gaea’s special guests include YouTube celebrity and singer-songwriter Mikey Bustos and the OLPGV Choir.

Gaea Mischa is a mutli-award winning performer who is best known for being The Voice Kids Philippines Season 4 finalist from Team Sarah of Sarah Geronimo and Team Lea of Lea

Salonga. Gaea has also been named the WCOPA 2018 Champion and SM Little Stars 2017 Girl Grand Winner.

Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas to co-headline ‘ALPAS’ digital concert

Get ready for a night of soaring anthems and classic sing-alongs as kumu live and GNN hold a virtual concert featuring some of the finest Filipino singer-songwriters of all time.


Dubbed ALPAS, the digital show not only aims to bring live performances for the streaming public, but also promises music fans to experience a semblance of ‘concert’ normalcy in an intimate, stripped-down setting.

Renowned alternative/pop-rock/folk icons Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao and Bullet Dumas mark their first time to co-headline a show together, performing as both solo artists and collaborators. The six music acts are also set to perform as a group in a special medley number arranged and produced by award-winning musical director, Ronaldo Tomas.

With new security and health protocols in place, the virtual showcase will be shot at the outdoor area of Conspiracy Garden Café, an iconic music venue that is home to several music greats and independent bands, and in Madrid, Spain where Kitchie Nadal is currently based.

As expected, Nadal is excited to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, and has all the great words to say about the upcoming online show. “I’m excited to work with the artists that I admire in the music industry. It’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss.” Barbie Almalbis explains that this is as close to playing for a live audience, and that performing in Conspiracy again makes her feel nostalgic. “I’m more than happy to share the stage with the artists that I look up to, and hopefully, the energy and enthusiasm would resonate with the music fans once they see it on the virtual screen. It’s something that we’ve worked hard for.”

Aia, Barbie and Kitchie (ABK) have staged a sold-out, collaborative concerts at the Music Museum in 2016 and 2017, and held a benefit online show in 2020 to raise funds for the employees of indie music venues in Metro Manila. Ebe, Johnoy, and Bullet (3D) on the other hand, have performed as 3D, and went on to headline three, sold-out concerts: twice at the Music Museum in 2015 and 2016, and at the Kia Theatre in 2018. These concerts were organized and produced by GNN.

Bullet Dumas admits that he missed performing, and that ALPAS came at the right time when everyone needs a source of entertainment to keep them going while public life is on lockdown. “I haven't performed in an actual show since early pandemic,” the young music virtuoso shares in a statement. “People in the live events industry are barely surviving, so this opportunity from KUMU and GNN means a lot to me. And I know how a simple show can move people especially in this crazy era of our lives.”

Johnoy Danao admits that this is the very first time since 2020 that 3D will be reunited together, and he wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. He’s also looking forward to working with Aia, Barbie and Kitchie on this special project. “It’ll be the first time that all of us are performing together, so I think that’s something to look forward to.”

When asked about what makes ALPAS worth watching despite the lack of an actual “live” audience, Aia De Leon takes pride in what the virtual concert stands for especially in the time of pandemic. “ALPAS is your connection to something real. When the songs hit home, this is your connection to the memory as well as the future promise of the live gig experience.”

Ebe Dancel echoes Aia’s sentiments, stressing the importance of music in forging a sense of community amidst the most challenging of times. “People, in my opinion, will always need music. As much as we miss the live audience, this will have to do for now. Someday, somehow, we will all see each other again.”

ALPAS: A Digital Concert is set to premiere on June 5, 2021 from 6pm onwards. Tickets to ALPAS are now available for purchase via kumu, with a price of P499 for general admission. For details on how to buy tickets, go to this site: www.kumu.live