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6 Tips on Attending Concerts in the Philippines

As we welcome yet another year, we create resolutions and plans for the coming months; here's your guide if you want to welcome concerts in your life this 2020!

Concerts to some people are "temporary experiences", and "expensive". What us concert-goers think, however, is that concerts are safe places for our fanboy/fangirl selves and our mental health. Concerts provide us exciting thrills and good music. Hence, if you want to try something new or simply improve the enjoyment of being a concert junkie, keep reading this guide.

Concert Junkie Tip #1: Know how to save for concerts IN GENERAL

So, you've been waiting for this certain favorite musician to have a show and you've been saving up for it. However, this rising artist recently got your attention and he/she is apparently going to Manila for a series of mall shows. What to do? If you want to be a concert junkie, your concert savings shouldn't just be for 1 artist. You should always leave enough for concerts in general because a concert may be announced at any time. Next time this scenario happens, you'll have enough cash for both artists...or even more. More concerts = a happy concert junkie!

Concert Junkie Tip #2: Secure a ticket ASAP

It has become a norm worldwide that a concert can be announced TODAY and ticket selling starts NEXT WEEK, that's why we at MCJ are reminding you to always have savings for concerts. If you have enough, make sure to get tickets during the pre-sale of a certain show, or during the first day of ticket selling. If you want to secure a ticket but don't have enough for the best seat, make sure to secure the ticket tier you can comfortably afford during the first day of selling as well. Why? Usually, the best seats get sold as early as possible. Worst case scenario? We all don't want to hear "sold out" prior to us buying a ticket!

Fun fact: According to Pulp Live's Happee Sy, an average of 10,000 users tries to score tickets during the first day of ticket selling events.

Concert Junkie Tip #3: Follow the promoters' social media pages

Did you know that most VIP tickets for K-Pop concerts/fan meetings come with raffle entries? We don't want you to miss out on certain perks that's why you should always stay up-to-date with the promoter's social media pages! Not only is it beneficial for raffles but most organizers in the Philippines send out important information about their events across their accounts. This may be show schedules, opening acts, guidelines, promos, perks, etc! Besides, if you really want to become a concert junkie, you're not only attending one show from this certain producer, right?

Concert Junkie Tip #4: Make sure to have a phone with a decent camera

Unless you're permitted to shoot a concert with a professional camera, it pays to have a phone that has a good camera. Nowadays, concert venues prohibit to bring of professional cameras. Hence, camera phones are ESSENTIAL for concert junkies to document the experience of going to long as you're not ruining the experiences of others while you're taking photos/videos.

Concert Junkie Tip #5: Take time to enjoy the show

We get it, you paid PHP15,000 to get a VIP ticket for a show, that's why you're recording every second of it. However, we highly encourage you to know the balance of documenting a concert and enjoying your time inside the music hall. This can be done in PLENTY of ways: record only the chorus of songs, take only 3-5 photos per song/costume change, record at nose-level and keep your eyes on the stage, etc. We want you to go home from a concert with a visual memory of what you've paid for, not only videos or photos you can post on your social media accounts.

Concert Junkie Tip #6: Make concert junkie friends

What's a concert if you didn't get to meet your fellow music enthusiasts right? If you want to become a full-time concert junkie, it is important to have a squad or a group of friends that share the same interest in music and concerts. This way, you'll know updates on shows as well as make it easier for you to line up in ticket sellings, fan meetings, and concerts. By meeting friends at concerts, you're also finding future concert buddies and even friends for life.

Being interested in concerts isn't an easy feeling to satisfy; although it pays off every time you score that ticket or meet your favorite musicians. For 2020, make it a goal to not just watch 1 concert. Besides, you know you want to treat yourself every once in a while- and concerts are one of the best ways to enjoy yourself with music.

DJ HYO Exclusive DJ Set in Manila with Opening Acts

Girls Generation’s DJ HYO was announced last December by Promoters Fanlive and Istudyo ni Pipay for her exclusive DJ set in Manila at one of the hottest clubs in Manila, House Manila.

Along with this good news to Filipino Sones, other than a night to party with their favorite dancing machine in the group turned DJ. DJ HYO’s show will also be having 3 guest artist and DJs opening for her before her exclusive DJ set.

Opening for her show are Lox, Nix Damn P and Angelo G.



Born in San Francisco and raised in Los Angele, Angelo G is a DJ for a radio show “THE VIBE” on Wave 89.1 FM. He also won 3rd place for the 2019 San Mig Light DJ Spin Off and was the official Metro Manila DJ and Philippines representative for the 2019 Philippine Sea Games here in the Philippines. Angelo G is not only an On-Air personality but he is also a RADIO 101 instructor for aspiring hopefuls at the Sessions Academy Manila Music School. He plays sets in various clubs across the metro.


The 24-year old singer-songwriter was born and raised in the projects of Quezon City, with 12 years of experience in performing under his belt and a passion for music. Now, he is ready to conquer the local music scene with his blazing tracks. Currently, he is featured in the track, “Don’t You Forget” which also features James Reid and Narez. His album “Phoenix” aims to shed light to the dark state of mind and as well as to revisit moments that made him who he is today.


He is a household name in the DJ and clubbing scene in the Philippines. Nix has worked with various DJs and artists throughout his career, Nix sharpened his skills for his passion over the years. He understands that every beat he plays, every bass drop, every swap of his record is a product of his near-immeasurable, unaccountable efforts some of his own and some by others. He stands behind the decks not as a figure of his own success but as a product of his hard work, his effort and as a proud product of those before him, and he stands behind the deck as a beacon to those who wants to follow him in the future.

For him being a DJ is not about the name but about the expression in the middle that connects every one, the same expression, spirit and love for the game that he wishes to bridge to everyone.

As one of our amazing opening acts for DJ HYO Exclusive DJ set in Manila, were ecstatic to hear him live, are you?

With a powerhouse and mix of local talent and our special main guest, we are excited to see you on February 8, 2020 at House Manila, Resorts World DJ HYO: THE EXCLUSIVE DJ SET IN MANILA.

Tickets are out and available via Ticket2Me, House Manila and FanLive.

Tickets via #FanLiveHQ (Reservation & Pick-Up)

Reservation form:

Tickets may be picked up at the FanLive office

Tickets via House Manila (Reservations & On-Location Selling)

For inquiries & reservations, call: 09166387666/ 09054476630

Tickets via Ticket2Me

Buy Online here:

DJ HYO: THE EXCLUSIVE DJ SET IN MANILA is brought to you by FanLive, Istudyo Ni Pipay and our official venue partner, House Manila.

Kodaline released their brand new single, Wherever You Are

2019 saw Kodaline’s huge popularity continue to prosper across the continents with some of the biggest shows of their career. At home in Dublin they sold-out two huge outdoor shows at St. Anne’s Park, while a ten-date UK tour culminated with a packed show at London’s historic Roundhouse. Further afield, they hit festivals including Lollapalooza, Benicàssim and Open’er before becoming the first Irish band to headline the massive NH7 Weekender in Pune, India. Their extensive touring throughout Asia also included a headline set at Monsoon Music Festival in Vietnam plus dates in China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.

Now Kodaline line-up an even bigger year ahead by announcing their brand new single ‘Wherever You Are’. The track is the first taste of their eagerly anticipated fourth album, which will be released later this year.

‘Wherever You Are’ finds the band embracing the emotion-packed and immediately anthemic songwriting that has become a hallmark of their biggest hits. Opening with Steve Garrigan’s expressive topline backed by little more than swirling vocal harmonies, Kodaline gradually build up the production before the track erupts into a dramatic denouement. The track was produced and written by the band themselves.

‘Wherever You Are’ is already emerging as a fan favourite having been played at numerous Kodaline shows last year. It was a fitting way to introduce a song that reflects the band’s experiences on the road.

"‘Wherever You Are’ is about loved ones staying in your heart and mind even when they’re not with you,” says Garrigan. “I wrote it specifically for my girlfriend as due to being away on tour all the time, we never really get to see each other."

Their first release since the 2018 album ‘Politics of Living’, ‘Wherever You Are’ introduces a new chapter in the band’s phenomenally successful career. After first breaking through in 2013 with their debut single ‘High Hopes’, Kodaline have scored three #1 albums in Ireland, two Top 5 albums in the UK and numerous strong chart placings all over the world.

That huge popularity is further underlined with their streaming stats. They’ve far exceeded a billion streams at Spotify, adding 283 million streams from a total of 79 countries in 2019 alone - which resulted in their tracks being played for an equivalent total of 208 decades of listening time throughout the course of the year. Those stats are made all the more impressive given that they didn’t release any new music. Meanwhile their YouTube account is now approaching 600 million views.

Official website


Apple Music





FlipTop marks 10th Anniversary with the biggest hip-hop festival in the Philippines

In less than ten years, FlipTop has become a massive cultural phenomenon that continues to gain significant traction online.

Founded by Alaric Riam Yuson, popularly known as Anygma, along with two others, FlipTop Battle League pushes the envelope of Filipino hip-hop and battle rap to bolder, and more exciting places, while also championing the art form with uncompromised vision and inclusivity—reflecting the modern sensibilities of Filipino hip-hop fans.

A Decade of Influence
Photo credit:  Niña Sandejas

To date, the global sensation that is FlipTop Battle League has amassed more than 1.5 billion views on Youtube, beating international records on the strength of its viral and entertaining content. The platform has also launched the careers of some of the biggest and most influential battle emcees in Philippine contemporary hip-hop scene such as Loonie, Abra, Shehyee, Zaito, Sinio, Tipsy D, and Shernan—to name a few.

In terms of regional traction, the movement has proven to be an important pillar in promoting awareness and appreciation for both battle rap and Filipino hip-hop. “The quality and quantity of both hip-hop music and battle rap is constantly setting new bars,” Alaric Yuson observes (and pun intended; the basic unit of measurement in music is also often used to referred to as a really good line in rap lyrics). “More and more regions are organizing and seeking to develop their respective local scenes. And lastly, the positive effects of all of our hard work in each and everyone’s personal lives. This is considering the context of how hip-hop used to be perceived – lowly and unworthy of attention, much less pursuing. Now, everyone wants in on it, vultures included. Back then, one would be considered lucky to get to perform in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

The Biggest Hip-hop Festival in the country

With nearly ten years of producing sold-out shows and growing exponentially in terms of numbers and following—reaching to as far as Metro Manila, CALABARZON, Central Luzon, the Visayas, Mindanao, and the United States, FlipTop celebrates its legacy through the birth of the biggest hip-hop music festival in the Philippines.

Dubbed “The FlipTop Festival,” the two-day event is set to rewrite local hip-hop history as it debuts on February 7 and 8, 2020 at Aseana City with more than 200 artists from all over the country.

There are plenty of attempts to mount a definitive hip-hop festival in the Philippines, but what sets FlipTop Festival apart from these aspirants is its authenticity; much less to the extent of their ambition and vision, the collective’s genuine concern for the community. In terms of reach and importance, FlipTop has thrived because of people support, and it continues to hold a sturdier, more solid ground as it widens its viewership and extends its philosophy by going regional and international.

“The festival aims to really be as inclusive as possible, and more importantly, to have everyone represented properly,” Yuson points out. “As much as hip-hop has grown in the last decade, with every element, region, style, and era, it’s really not easy to make sure that no one is left out. So ultimately, we’ll try to achieve that; to get literally everyone to really represent and celebrate what we’ve accomplished as a culture.”

More than 200 Artists, More extensive programming

Over 200 artists will perform at the biggest hip-hop festival in the country, headlined by some of the finest and most underrated acts here and abroad.

US-based artists Bambu and Rocky Rivera will be joining Gloc-9, Shanti Dope, Abra, Shehyee, PriceTagg, Ron Henley, Al James, Illustrado, Shernan, Sinio, Tipsy D, Smugglaz, Zaito, Dello, Kemikal Ali, Arbie Won, and Supreme Fist, as the first batch of confirmed rappers and hip-hop acts to perform on the two-day festivity.

Aside from the much-buzzed lineup, FlipTop Festival hopes to defy the rulebook with its carefully curated programming that embraces all elements of hip-hop, not just music itself and battle rap, but paying respects to turntablism and DJ-ing, b-boying or break dancing, graffiti, and just the overall history of the culture.

As Yuson takes pride of the diverse format for FlipTop Fest, he also warns patrons that this won’t rely on the familiar and the formulaic, and instead would foster a well-represented festival that cuts across various sensibilities and disciplines in urban music. “Some might assume that, having our roots as a rap battle league, our festival will be mostly about battle rap. But we’ve been reminding people for months now that, yes there will be a few battles, but they won’t be highlighted over everything else going on in the festival. We’re trying to get everyone! We have a few international artists, talents from the entire archipelago, veterans and pioneers, new-school cats, street entrepreneurs… everyone!”

Regardless of the setbacks and challenges, FlipTop’s head honcho remains optimistic and excited for the first-ever hip-hop music festival curated and produced by the “most viewed battle league in the world.” Keen on staying true to their low-key, non-commercial but inclusive mantra: “We’re showing the rest of the country and the world of how far we’ve come and how much farther we can take it.”

P.S. More details about the festival, including the full lineup will be announced in the coming days/weeks. Visit the official website for more details:,

AJ Mitchell’s Manila mall shows this weekend

American pop sensation AJ Mitchell is set to serenade and meet his Filipino fans for an upcoming series of mall tours.

The eighteen-year-old pop singer-songwriter will be performing in select Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, from January 17 to 18, 2020 with the following schedule:
· 01/17/20: Uptown Bonifacio (Friday, 7pm)
· 01/18/20: Venice Grand Canal Mall (Saturday, 3pm)
· 01/18/20: Eastwood City (Saturday, 7pm)

“This will be my first time in the Philippines,” the teen heartthrob reveals in an interview. “I’m so excited to experience the culture and see as much as I can while there. I can’t wait to eat the amazing food and hopefully see some of the beaches as well.”

With Nathan Huang of Nathan & Mercury and featuring Any Name’s Okay as opening act, the American recording artist will perform some fan favorites, including the mid-tempo jam “All My Friends” and the global smash “Slow Dance.”

Getting to know AJ Mitchell

With a slick and show-stopping voice, charismatic personality, and sharp songwriting chops, it’s no surprise that the fast-rising star has already charted three hits on the US top 40 radio chart in a span of less than two years: “Girls,” “All My Friends,” which peaked inside the top 25, and the Ava Max duet “Slow Dance,” now ranked #29 and still climbing.
In terms of streaming, AJ Mitchell has racked up more than 100 million streams and 4.15 million monthly listeners on Spotify, cementing himself as 2019’s most promising male artist.
Outside the US, the Philippines is considered to be one of the biggest music markets of AJ Mitchell, whose latest single “Slow Dance,” a collaboration with hit-maker Ava Max, is currently making waves in local streaming playlists and top 40 radio stations. “I was pleasantly surprised when I first learned this and I’m so excited to finally get to meet some of my Filipino fans,” the young musician/performer opens up about the warm reception on his previous and recent releases.

As for Ava Max, the pop phenom who has shown significant international attention with “Sweet and Psycho,” which topped the charts in 26 countries and landed a top 10 peak at the Billboard Hot 100 last year, the All My Friends singer has always been vocal about admiring her work ethic and talent. “Working with Ava Max was such an incredible experience. After sending her the track, she sent back her verse within hours. Even on the very first take she sounded so amazing that we immediately knew she was the one for the song.”

New album in the works

This year, AJ Mitchell will be releasing his debut full-length album under Sony Music. “This has been a wild ride so far and every day I think of how blessed I have been,” the budding pop personality reflects. “Over the next few years, I have so much more I hope to accomplish. Right now I can’t wait to finally release my first album called Skyview. Beyond that, I hope to have a #1 song, win a Grammy, go out on an international tour, and so much more.”

AJ Mitchell’s latest single “Slow Dance” is now available on all music streaming and download platforms worldwide.

You can watch the official music video of “Slow Dance” on Youtube, and stream the track in its entirety on Spotify

Swing Out Sister, Sybil will visit Philippines in April 2020

English pop duo Swing Out Sister, composed of Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell, is heading back to the Philippines for their 2020 Philippine Tour with special guest Sybil. Dates are April 16 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, April 17 at the SMX Convention Center in Davao, and April 19 at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu.

The much-loved 1980s duo began to dominate the music industry with their sophisticated dance-pop-jazz genre in the autumn of 1986, following the release of their biggest hit to date, Breakout. The irresistible upbeat single lived up to its name as it became an international chart sensation not only in the United Kingdom and the US but in many markets worldwide including the Philippines.

Swing Out Sister became part of the defining sound of British pop in the late 1980s and one of the most successful pop bands around the globe with their multiple hit songs such as Where In The World, Fooled By A Smile, You On My Mind, Twilight World, Waiting Game, Forever Blue, Am I The Same Girl, The Windmills Of Your Mind, La La Means I Love You, Love Won’t Let You Down, and Precious Words. Special guest is Sybil whose many hits include Make It Easy On Me, Don’t Make Me Over, Walk On By, It’s Too Late, The Love I Lost, I Wanna Be Where You are, Lovely Day.

Sybil, on the other hand, is an American R&B and pop singer-songwriter. She gained notable success in her career with songs during the mid-1980s into the mid-1990s. She achieved worldwide crossover hits with her cover versions of Dionne Warwick’S hits Don’t Make Me Over, and Walk On By which were released in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

Swing Out Sister 2020 Philippine Tour with Sybil is presented by Ovation Productions in cooperation with TAP Go: Stream Sports Anywhere!

Tickets for Manila concert are available through Ticketnet outlets, while tickets for Davao and Cebu concerts are available through Ticketnet and SM Tickets online. For inquiries, please call (02)8911-5555 or (02)8470-2222.