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Wilbert Tolentino to hold first fan meeting livestream on BIGO LIVE

Entrepreneur and newly-minted vlogger Wilbert Tolentino will be conducting a virtual Livestream session on 25th February at 9:00 pm PHT for fans and all BIGO LIVE users. Fans get to ask Wilbert their most burning questions and win BIGO diamonds in an interactive game segment. Follow Wilbert on BIGO LIVE ID: 719868542 and tune in to his Livestream for this exclusive opportunity to meet him up close.


Leading live streaming platform BIGO LIVE has proven to be a popular source of entertainment for Filipinos, especially with community quarantines around the country. The platform has seen users creating vibrant virtual communities for all sorts of content including but not limited to: singing, dancing, mukbang, makeup tutorials, and even paranormal activities for horror-lovers.

Best known for being an LGBTQ advocate and for founding and producing several prominent gay beauty pageants, this meet-and-greet with Wilbert Tolentino is part of BIGO LIVE’s efforts to provide exclusive opportunities for the community to interact intimately with their favorite local personalities. Most recently, BIGO LIVE saw YouTube comedian Boss Keng bring his comedy skits onto its platform.

Fans can prepare for the upcoming Livestream event by downloading BIGO LIVE here.

For more updates on the meet-and-greet, follow BIGO LIVE Philippines on Facebook here.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Joy Ruckus Club 3 Virtual Lunar New Year Festival

Stuck at home? If you love music and looking for something fantastic to do this week, Kublai Kwon's Joy Ruckus Club, in partnership with Sessions set to held the third edition of the largest Asian-American virtual music festival in the world.

We were given a chance to interview Joy Ruckus Club via email and get to know behind this spectacular event on February 16-21, 2021.

How did you guys started Joy Ruckus Club?

Joy Ruckus Club started in August 2020 with the idea that a virtual festival featuring all musicians of Asian descent could fill a void that had deepened with the suspension of all live performances in the wake of the pandemic. With the Asian diaspora being so far-flung and diverse, a virtual festival actually had the potential to unify and lay a vast foundation in a way that a live festival could not. The potential was great, so the franchise was launched.

With your partnership with Sessions Live, what will we expect for the upcoming Virtual Lunar New Year Festival?

It will be an extravaganza of Asian music as never witnessed before in history. It will be a milestone in Asian American culture, but only because Asian Americans organized it - the artists are from every corner of the world. There will be 180 Asian acts on 9 virtual stages across 6 days.

Are you planning to make it this every year? Future plans?

Actually, this will be the third Joy Ruckus Club in 6 months. Unlike live festivals, we do not need to do Joy Ruckus Club annually, we can do it as often as we can organize them, monthly even if we had to. So the next Joy Ruckus Club is already in the works, for spring, and if the forces of nature allow it, will continue on as long as we can keep producing these shows.

Here are five reasons why you should watch the six-day virtual event with 180 talented artists around the world.

1. Joy Ruckus Club will be having 9 different stages in 6 days

Different music genres in 9 stages for 6 days! From Ox Stage to Hip Hop Stage, you name it! It will be a fun-filled music festival ever!

2. Hyolyn is one of the headliners for Joy Ruckus Club 3

When I found out that former Sistar member Hyolyn will be performing for Dragon Stage, I can't wait to see her perform virtually. 

I had a chance to see her performed on stage for a local toy convention 2 years ago here in Manila and was able to have a quick moment with her along with my friends before she left the venue.

Other headliners are  Dragon Stage: Megan Lee, Australia/NZ: Elliye, Canada (Kaia - host, HMLT x Kei-Li), Dubai (Ibby VK), Europe (Jeff Nang - performer and host), Hip Hip (Chow Mane - host, Wootak Kim - host, Bohan Phoenix, J Reyez), Ox (Amelia and Adinah - host), Traktivist (Run River North), Viet Q (Minh, Thuy).

3. You can watch it anywhere and it's free!

What's good about this virtual music festival is that you can watch it on your mobile phone and laptop.

You can download the Sessions app on Android and Apple Store or watch it via Sessions' website.

4. Catch your fave Asian-American artists in this online music festival

Set your alarm and catch your fave Asian-American artists! Been looking forward to a lot of artists at every stage especially for the Hip Hop Stage.

5. Once in a lifetime virtual event that you shouldn't miss!

Even if Lunar New Year was held last February 12, you can still celebrate with your family and friends virtually with this online event.

Don't fail to watch Joy Ruckus Club 3: Virtual Lunar New Year Festival starting tomorrow, February 16th until the 21st via sessionslive.com/joyruckusclub

For updates, Follow Joy Ruckus Club's socials:
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Gloc-9’s First Indie Album Release

Ever since transitioning to become an independent artist, Gloc-9 has been releasing singles via his various digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. However, the month of LOVE have ignited the fires of inspiration in our favorite MAKATA that he came out with a six track Valentine’s “album” to be released starting February 14-19 one track per day.

Titled POOT AT PAG-IBIG, the album is a Valentine’s anthology to love, romanticizing stories of a dying love (Title Track: Alitaptap), love for your dream (Title Track: Di Marunong and Payong), a partner’s longing (Title Track: Sana), a selfish love (Title Track: Oka), and (Title Track: BPB) life’s harsh realities often devoid of love. All songs were composed by Aristotle Pollisco, arranged by Rassel “Goodson” Tiquia, and mixed and mastered by John Edmel “Gcode” Tabuniar.

But what makes this project extra special is Gloc-9’s collaboration with his twins, Danielle Shaun and Sean Daniel. Danielle Shaun, who is featured as elle shaun, showcases her singing voice in the song “Sana” (second collaboration between father and daughter after the song “Gusto Ko” featured in Gloc-9’s “Talumpati” album) and Daniel rendered the concept art of the album cover. Subscribe to gloc-9’s youtube channel for updates Gloc -9

Joy Ruckus Club, Sessions set to showcase 180 artists, 6 days Virtual Lunar New Year Festival on February 16 to 21

It's Lunar New Year! Any plans to celebrate it? 

Sessions, in partnership with Kublai Kwon's Joy Ruckus Club will be having their third edition of the largest Asian-American virtual music festival in the world, Joy Ruckus Club: Virtual Lunar New Year Festival on February 16-21.


Sessions is committed to partnering with promoters and booking agents to co-promote artist-driven virtual festivals to a worldwide audience.

Kublai, who has been promoting Asian artists in the US for 20+ years, believes in Sessions’ forward-thinking assessment. "With more acts and more stages than Coachella, Joy Ruckus Club 3 will be the biggest Lunar New Year music festival in the world in 2021, adding another milestone to the fastest growing live stream platform, Sessions, with 180 artists on 9 virtual stages across 6 days. As a celebration of Asia's most spiritual and important holiday, the event will be free and accessible for the entire world to experience. In a year in which public gatherings to observe Lunar New Year will not be happening, Joy Ruckus Club 3 will fill the void and enable audiences from over 230 countries to congregate virtually to celebrate the Year of the Ox through music.”

Co-founded by digital music pioneer and former Pandora founder Tim Westergren and fellow entrepreneur and long time developer of virtual games Gordon Su, Sessions is driving a surge in rising artists who have never had the opportunity to reach such a large audience. "We are thrilled to continue our exclusive partnership with Joy Rukus Club," said Westergren. "JRC3 takes virtual concerts to a whole new level. This nonstop global festival, spanning six days and 180 artists across multiple continents and time zones will bring together a community of fans from over 230 countries to enjoy and discover a diverse and talented collection of Asian artists."

180 artists of all genres will perform in one continuous live stream from locations around the world, including North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Copenhagen, London, Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, UK and more, on 9 virtual stages (Ox Stage, Canada Stage, Viet Q Live Stage, Dubai Stage, Europe Stage, Traktivist Stage, Australia/NZ Stage, Dragon Stage, and Hip Hop Stage).

JRC has grown from 2 days to 6 days, from 2 stages to 9 stages, from 40 artists to 70 artists to 180 artists. With stages showcasing Asian artists from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Canada, JRC 3 is far more intensely international in scope than its predecessors, although Asian American artists still comprise the majority. This time, also, since JRC 3 coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday, it is not just an Asian music festival, it doubles as a Lunar New Year festival. JRC 3 is a world community cultural event in a year in which most Lunar New Year parades and public celebrations will not be happening.

The debut of Joy Ruckus Club in late August attracted over 700,000 music fans. Partnering with Sessions for their third festival, Joy Ruckus Club plans on expanding its reach to over 200 countries by leveraging the proprietary marketing technology of Sessions.

Joy Ruckus Club is a space for Asian artists from the underrepresented demographic to come together as one and showcase their talent exclusively on SessionsLive.com.

The event will be free for the whole world to experience.

Headliners: Dragon Stage: Hyolyn, Megan Lee), Australia/NZ (Elliye), Canada (Kaia - host, HMLT x Kei-Li), Dubai (Ibby VK), Europe (Jeff Nang - performer and host), Hip Hip (Chow Mane - host, Wootak Kim - host, Bohan Phoenix, J Reyez), Ox (Amelia and Adinah - host), Traktivist (Run River North), Viet Q (Minh, Thuy).


Feb 16:

T. Shan
Tiffany Pasión
James Lee
Minty Hippo
Susie Seiko
Chay Guan
Pattie Lin
Suri Wong
Joey Maybe
Ben Other
Tommy Pixels
DJ Hannah Enoy

Feb 17:

Yenny Yuka
Foreign Flow
May Cheung
Emi Choi
Chara Kai-Le
Vanessa Mood
Tiger Really
Jacqueline Teh
DJ Yuka K

Feb 18:

Johnny Hikari
Dolly Ave
Ace Autumn
Cole Pham
Sonni Mai

Feb 19:

Ibby VK
KC Hamada
Aryan Kapoor


CXCX Chu Chu
Jeff Nang
MC Zani
Poet Initiative
Jahki Spooks
Lost Souljah
D. Solomon
Liance DJ
Doni Brasco


Run River North
Chloe Tang
k.o. aka koala
Lawrence Park
Sean Matsukawa
mr. hong
Achilles Aurelius


Elle Shimada
Chris Valdez
Chong Ali
Tom Fuble
Erin Miranda

Feb 20:

Megan Lee
Ethan Kim
Ashya Jacquelyn Wells feat. Heesun Lee
Angger Dimas
Aleyna Moon
Reckless Escapades and Maruxa Lynd
Jenny Nuo
Tash & Kait
Andrew Mao
Cindy Zhang
Ashley Alisha
Sarah Kang
Rodney Tistan
Andre Pak
Molly, for Now
DJ Peter Lo

Feb 21:

Bohan Phoenix
J Reyez
seiji oda
Lou Jay
Clubby Yoo
98 Come Up
Kevin Kloud
SK iLLerest
Cirok Starr
LJ Da Chef
Freeloader MC
Kaze Jones
Daygo Red
Yung Rizzo
Benny Bun
Yen Won
Old Chingu
Yung Byno
We Only
Young Dynasty Gene Hoc

BLACKPINK slayed first online concert The Show; Rosé sang her solo track, Gone for the first time

Earlier today, YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK held their first online concert, The Show through their official YouTube channel.


They opened up the show with "Kill This Love", followed by "How You Like That", and "Crazy For You" which was from their latest album, "THE ALBUM". Some of the catchy songs that they performed such as “Don’t Know What To Do,” “Playing With Fire,” “Lovesick Girls,” and “Sour Candy”.

Amazed over their solo stage as Jisoo performed Korean version of Tove Lo's Habits. Lisa lit the cover of Doja Cat's Say So. Rosé glowed up while singing her new single, Gone. Meanwhile, Jennie kicked off her solo hit, SOLO.

Haven't seen their physical concerts before, but these girls' online concert is on fire!

BLACKPINK THE SHOW presented by YG Entertainment, YouTube Music, tokopedia, and Globe Telecom.

Did you enjoy watching the said online concert? 

Globe's DIY cup sleeve event warms BLINKS up for THE SHOW

BLINKs were in for a warm treat as Globe held a live design-your-own cup sleeve event thru Virtual Hangouts last January 22.

Hosted by Erika Kristensen, the cup sleeve event brought together fans nationwide to express themselves and celebrate the birthdays of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo by painting colorful renditions of their favorite BLACKPINK member.

BLINKs received kits with painting materials, freebies, and coffee mix to enjoy their creations within the comfort of their own homes, guided by artist Allyana Leizel (@allyanaleizel). At the end of the event, four of the best designs won the following: P5,000 worth of GCash, a P500 Shopee voucher, VIU 30D vouchers, and a Globe Reinvent Kit. On the other hand, 20 who were able to answer surprise questions during the livestream also won P1,000 worth of GCash, P200 Shopee vouchers, and VIU 7D Vouchers.

Virtual Hangouts is just one of the many ways Globe, in partnership with BLACKPINK, is engaging Filipinos through technology. This partnership sends a strong message of reinvention - transforming how events and social gatherings are done with the help of digital technology amidst modern day challenges.

For customers to participate and engage more with Globe's world-class partners, the telco provides a technologically advanced, dependable network that customers can consistently rely on anywhere in the country. Globe is currently doing rigorous network upgrades to make 4G LTE the new standard in mobile data experience. In addition, Globe has the widest 5G coverage in the country today.

Please follow Globe’s official page and the Kmmunity PH page on Facebook ,or visit BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel for more information about the concert and how to get tickets.