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Music review: JUNGSU's Bullet Holes; out on August 7

Few days ago, I was able to listen to the upcoming single of Bullet Holes by JUNGSU which is set to release on August 7, 5 pm PST (August 8, 8 am Manila time).


If you've listened to his previous songs such as Need Ya Now, Off A Cliff and Ocean Waves, you will discover the different side of JUNGSU when you listen to Bullet Holes. It's a crossover of multiple genres and emotions. If you love listening mixture of genres in one's a song that you'll keep on repeat into your playlist.

Got a long way to go
I’m the only one on the road
Will I make it I don’t know?
It’s much harder when you’re alone

As we suffer from the individual and mutual hardships, we battled from the scars of the past. You have to cry to fill the gaps by the violent shots to our soul.

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For updates, check out his socials and music platforms. 

Why JUNGSU can make it big in the K-Hip hop scene

There's a lot of rappers who made their way to the K-Hip hop scene such as Epik High's Tablo, Block B's Zico, Jay Park, among others.

JUNGSU started his career last year. If you've listened to his songs, you cannot compare it to other K-Hip hop songs that made it on top. In every song he wrote, it will resonate with your soul. The chill vibes in which he creates his own music make him big soon.

Here's why he will make it big in the K-Hip hop scene:

Chill music that soothes your mind

From Ocean Waves to Need Ya Now, put it on repeat mode every day...I guarantee you it will  In my case, it helps to uplift my mind and soul. Just a few days ago, I was cleared from TN (trigeminal neuralgia or facial nerve pain) and taking the medicine since I was diagnosed in mid-February this year. Jungsu's songs speed up my recovery.

Aiming to make new music

Proud of what he's doing while we're still in the state of the pandemic. He kept pushing his way to do more new music. Focused on what's next for his music career and also dedicated his time to be recognized.

Diverse sounds make you get inspired

His songs are different from others. The diverse sounds in every song that he wrote make you get the hook humming the lyrics of Summer Vacay or Off A Cliff. If you're feeling down, listen to From Now On and Off My Chest.

By the way, he will drop a new song, Bullet Holes on August 7, 5 pm PST (August 8, 8 am PHT). Pre-save here.

For updates, check out his socials and music platforms. Listen to his great music!

MS/MR SARA released their music video for Sige Na

 MS/MR SARA's song “Sige Na” is now out with its official music video which can be view on their official YouTube account and website.


“Sige Na” is an original composition and arrangement by the band’s keyboardist, Ammie Ruth Suarez. An original Filipino music that celebrates love and its hazards. It showcases our trust with friends and the shyness one succumbs to when we develop an interest to someone. We usually revert to our friends to do the bidding for us and keep our yearning hearts in private. This love story is something many of us experienced. The music video of “Sige Na” says it all.

MS/MR SARA is mainly comprised of RM on vocals and Ammie on keyboards, but it is more fun to share the party! The band is even better with friends who are awesome in what they do, namely, Romy Gonzales on lead guitar, Mark Natividad on bass guitar and Gandhi Datar on drums. Follow the band on social media and join them on SARA-day, a weekly online session of music and fun games via Facebook Live at

The music video credits include the following: JC Roma (director, cinematographer and pre-production editor), JM Mangahas (color grading and post-production editor), Aji Manalo (sound engineer), Pamela Astrologo (cast) and Zo Abugan (cast). Shooting locations at Ricogen building, Gabs Good Grub Poblacion and Gabs RestoBar Poblacion. Special mention to Acoustic Underground, Apollo Productions and AR Studio.









Rising Thai artist Valentina Ploy released Satellite

A shy girl to full-time artist, talented “singer and songwriter” who sings, writes, and handcrafts her every song is why Valentina Ploy, a half-Thai artist from What The Duck record label is making headlines in both Thai and International media outlets. Her listeners skyrocketed to 11 million times on the renowned streaming platform, Spotify and her song made the “It’s a hit!” playlist alongside world artists such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Lauv, and Kodaline, marking this sensational young Thai artist amongst the current world spotlight.

Ploy embarked on her music journey as a contestant in The Voice Thailand Season 6 before releasing her first song See You in Life” with What The Duck record label. This introduced her to the fans with overflowing listeners on Spotify not long after the release. In this song, Ploy tells of a past relationship that grew apart but reunited again by chance. Memories and flashbacks rush made them realized that no matter how far the distance that will surely see each other again in life.

Following the smash hit, Ploy released three more songs. “Wire” expresses a relationship hanging on the wire, filled with uncertainty and challenges yet they are ready to risk it together. This song highlights electronic beats with touches of modern music. Followed by “Let Go”, slow tunes where Ploy tells about a rocking relationship wherein if true love prevails, no one will ever let go. This exceptional song has moods that are divided into two parts. In the first half, Ploy wrote it when she was fighting with her lover while the ending was written when everything resolved. Therefore, the song resembles notes of positives and negatives where love wins in the end. The latest release “Love You Better” is a romantic story in which Ploy intends to bare her feelings. She handpicked the best relationship that “won’t love you” more but “will love you better”. This song is as the opening song for Ploy’s first EP album which received great feedback beyond expectations.

EP album “Satellite, her first ever, is written solely by Ploy. These are real-life, first-hand experiences ranging from life, dreams, love, and music, all filtered down to six songs. Ploy means for this album to be a personal diary from various perspectives including the changes in her life. According to Ploy, the name “Satellite” is her life before becoming an artist. Ploy grew up in a land distant from the spotlight, like a satellite floating infinitely in space, orbiting until today when she is an artist with her family, fans, and the team sending endless support.

This EP album welcomed warm feedback from both Thai and international fans and media. She now prepares to step beyond Thailand to join the Philippines’ “Subdude Online” zoom online concert (June 13) with Filipino artists. Also, Ploy was invited to represent Thailand at the “World Music Day 2020” music festival from France which aired on Facebook Live last week.

88rising, Globe Telecom launch new label, PARADISE RISING

88rising, the pioneering music and media collective synonymous with elevating Asian talent from East to West and Globe in the Philippines are teaming to launch PARADISE RISING.


Launching in July, PARADISE RISING will serve as a platform to establish a presence for Philippine artists in the West and globally through music distribution and 88rising’s highly praised artists development infrastructure.

“The Phillipines and music go hand in hand, and there is such a vibrancy in the way talented young artists are emerging, and such a massive audience in love with music. We want to support their voices, help them be heard, and bring music from the Phillipines to a global audience.  This label partnership brings an unprecedented opportunity for Philippine artists to achieve even greater visibility and commercial success with their music,” said Sean Miyashiro, Founder, 88rising. “Globe shares this same vision and passion with us - and we are excited about what we can do together.”

“We are thrilled and excited about this opportunity to put Filipino music on the map and introduce our own brand of Filipino artists,” says Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu. “We take pride in our Filipino music, and we are honored to do our part in further unlocking the potential of Asian music in the global music industry by partnering with 88rising to recreate the local music scene with some of the best rising talents.”

To commemorate the launch PARADISE RISING is set to release its first mixtape titled “semilucent” on July 31, 2020. The initial project aims to reinforce the ethos of the label—bringing together a fusion of talented emerging Asian artists to the forefront through music.  

Lending their voices to the album are other well-known local artists of Filipino roots: Kiana V (Pop/R&B), Massiah (Hiphop/R&B), Jason Dhakal (R&B/Soul), Leila Alcasid (Pop) and Fern. (Indie Pop). Fans can expect more song releases, amplified by promotional events, exciting interviews, digital content, and music video exclusives.

An authority on successfully creating pop-culture crossovers—bringing Asian artists, such as Rich Brian, NIKI, Joji, and Higher Brothers, to Western audiences—88rising looks to do the same with PARADISE RISING aiming to cull the most promising of Filipino artists and develop a regular cadence of music releases on the label’s platform. 88rising and Globe’s commendable mission is to empower and cement Filipino artists’ talent and creativity locally and amplify them globally.

“It will be interesting to see what these creative young artists can bring to the global stage. As we journey along with them, we are delighted to be doing it with a partner that is as innovative and driven in amplifying Asian talent and music that resonates with listeners worldwide,” adds Cu.

Catch upcoming news on PARADISE RISING by following the official Paradise Rising Globe pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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 “semilucent” is set for release on July 31, 2020 via PARADISE RISING/ 88rising, distributed by 12Tone Music.


Better Days Are Here No Matter What in New Collab Track, Kahit Ano

Better Days returns this 2020 with a fresh collaboration in their latest single "Kahit Ano." In times of trouble, true friends are who you often rely on - this is the very message of the song, as it features a collaboration of real life friends Better Days' lead vocalist Daniel Paringit, Imago's lead vocalist Kiara San Luis, and Ica.

Produced by Gracenote frontwoman Eunice Jorge, the track brings about a light, hopeful vibe, proving that music and friendship can help people through their hardships, especially with heartbreak. 

Talking more about the song, Kiara says "What makes the song very personal to us is our shared love for music and how we believe in its capability to heal, to bring comfort and to bind people together regardless of what situation we are in." With this refreshing Pinoy acoustic jam, fans from both bands, and Pinoy acoustic tracks are sure to enjoy, especially with the hard times people may be facing today.


Kahit Ano is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer under Universal Records.