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Jungsu unveils new song about the pandemic, Gotta Bring It Back

After BULLET HOLES which was released last month, K-Hiphop artist Jungsu unveils his new song, Gotta Bring It Back.  

When you listen to this song about the lockdown and pandemic will bring you to hope for the freedom that we need in this time and survival. Reflecting on the things that we used to do before this thing happened.

With the pandemic affected the world for the past several months, Gotta Bring It Back depicted as a way of wanting freedom from the lockdown and nostalgia about the normal past.


When we were chilling

Having fun like always

Broad daylight now it’s a red light

All day and night all we do is waste time

People only smiling through emojis

Gotta Bring It Back symbolized the mask which hides our sorrow and limits our freedom.

If you're feeling down, add Gotta Bring It Back to your playlist. You can stream it starting September 18 via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud.

For more updates about Jungsu and his music, check out through social media and music streaming platforms.





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Ali Gatie teams up with Alessia Cara for the new single, Welcome Back

Toronto talent Ali Gatie has unveiled the breezy, yet heartfelt “Welcome Back,” his latest song and first-ever collaboration, featuring alt-pop dynamo Alessia Cara. Following up the lovelorn R&B hits “Running on My Mind” and “If I Fall in Love,” this instantly memorable new single proves Ali Gatie is on track for global pop domination.



“Welcome Back” arrives as an optimistic sign of things returning to normalcy as we navigate through a global pandemic and highlights one of the singer/songwriter’s most charming qualities: He finds hope even in heartache. “I’ve been keeping doors unlocked just hoping you would walk back in,” he croons over a brightly reverbed guitar. Cara effortlessly slips right in with her soulful voice repeating his words before their vocals melt together: “Feels like you were never gone; I’m glad you’re back / If it doesn’t last, at least we had that time that we had.” Not only is it a song written to a lover, but Ali wrote it as a song to his former self.

The new song also finds Ali Gatie further refining his blend of intimate pop and heart-on-sleeve R&B — a sound his fans, the LISNERS, have championed from the start. Over the last 18 months, the artist has seen his numbers soar. He’s surpassed 3 billion global streams and even with a sold-out world tour and Coachella slot put on hold, he’s continued to grow a huge following online. All thanks to unassuming, but undeniable smashes like “What If I Told You That I Love You,” which has garnered nearly half a billion streams all on its own since January.

“Welcome Back” is a next step that again shows the R&B-pop singer’s strength as a solo star while proving his potential as a collaborator. It’s also a hint of what’s to come as Gatie begins putting the pieces together for his first full-length album.

Smart gives back to subscribers in month-long Smart GigaFest celebrations

September is the best month for all Smart users as the mobile services provider has kicked off Smart GigaFest, a month-long thanksgiving celebration featuring world-class entertainment, e-sports tournaments, digital innovations, and exciting promos and freebies to give back to all loyal and new subscribers all over the country. 

“The Smart GigaFest is our simple but massive way of giving back to our subscribers who continue to entrust their digital life to us especially during these unprecedented moments. We hope to hold this every year as we go beyond providing fast and reliable mobile services - after all, being a Smart subscriber also comes with many amazing and rewarding experiences,” said Jane Jimenez-Basas, Smart SVP and Head for Consumer Wireless Business.   


 GIGA concert experience with BTS, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, and more 


Right at the top of the Smart GigaFest lineup of events is the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept. 19 and Sept 20 Philippine Time, which shall feature music's biggest artists including BTS, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Kane Brown with special guest Khalid, Keith Urban, Migos, Miley Cyrus, Thomas Rhett, Usher, and more.   


Smart will enable Filipino fans to watch the performances of their favorite artists in Los Angeles and Nashville through the Philippine exclusive streaming on GigaFest.Smart on Sept 19 and 20 from 9:19 p.m.to 12:19 a.m. Philippine Time, as well as subsequent airing via TV5 on Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.  

On the other hand, OPM lovers must not miss the GigaFest Virtual Concert on Sept. 26 as Smart gathers some of today’s biggest Filipino artists to unveil a new simple, easy, and smart way to enjoy the Giga Life.  Subscribers can also expect exclusive promos and giveaways on this special day. 


Powered by the country’s fastest mobile data network  


Subscribers can expect more big surprises and announcements throughout the month as Smart continues to give back to all subscribers all over the country. 


Smart GigaFest is powered by Smart LTE, the country’s fastest mobile data network, as certified by third-party mobile internet analytics firms, such as Ookla and Opensignal. Smart has also fired up its superfast Smart 5G network in key business districts of Metro Manila and Luzon to pave the way for the next generation of wireless technology in the Philippines.

For more details on Smart GigaFest and the latest Smart offers, follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook (www.fb.com/SmartCommunications), Twitter, and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

Music review: Jungsu's latest song, Gotta Bring It Back

As we are on a half-year dealt with the community quarantine in the Philippines and others are also affected under strict lockdown, have you ever listen to a song about the pandemic? Listening to music makes feel better to ease the loneliness. 

Gotta Bring It Back is the latest song released by K-Hiphop artist Jungsu which will be released on September 18 (September 19, Manila time). The song expressed the way of wanting freedom from this pandemic and nostalgia about the normal past.

The lyrics of the song resonates with what's happening around. We can't do the things that we use to do before because of the pandemic. What we can do is to fight this together.

Suddenly miss hugging my friends and spending time with them is the hardest part of it. Having "me time" drinking coffee while contemplating in one corner of the cafe or just do photo walk on a sunny afternoon capturing the scenic view of the city, beach, mountains, or a tourist attraction --- even if this lockdown is the new normal, the usual routine of everyone ruined it.

Traveling to several countries just to take a break from work and going back to do hiking which actually one of my plans earlier this year -- this pandemic mess up everyone's plans. Some business establishments shutting down permanently and friends who are retrenched from their jobs which makes my heart hurts.

Receiving "stay safe" in every message or email, we need to be healthy. 

Back to the old days
When we were chilling
Having fun like always
Broad daylight now it’s a red light
All day and night all we do is waste time
People only smiling through emojis

You can stream Gotta Bring It Back on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Orange & Lemons released new indie pop single, You Bring Out My Best

Orange & Lemons have proven time and again, that they’re capable of writing infinitely hummable, indie-pop classics that maintain a distinct sensibility and effortlessness amidst shifting trends. 

Their new single, “You Bring Out My Best” is among their most delightful work to date: a song that finds Clem waxing poetic on the intimate moments that he once shared with a fictional ex-lover. 

According to Orange & Lemons’ chief songwriter and producer, Clem Castro, the song was intended as a pitch for a commercial project, but the band decided to release it as a stand-alone single. “We just love how the song turned out,” Clem reveals in a statement. “It’s the first time we sat down together working on a concept material, with no relevant inspiration for it. Just a play with words and melodic lines.”

The production packs a punch in a way that is seamlessly understated but compelling—never overdoing the process to gain attention or impress music fans. But it’s the songwriting that remains front and center to this massive release, a distinct mold whose appeal transcends generations of any kind. 

“You Bring Out My Best” was written, arranged, and demo-recorded last February 2020 at O&L’s drummer studio from 4pm to 3am. The members of the band had to maximize their time together because they live far from one another, with Clem already having an approximate idea of a verse and chorus lines for the session. After jamming with the band, they brainstormed on adding sections and parts to complete the demo. “The resulting production has that trademark O&L sound, and much, much more because of the contribution of our keyboard player, who after more than a year of being an official member has immersed himself in indie-pop stylings,” the Orange & Lemons frontman adds.

Four months after the demo was shelved, Orange & Lemons finally braved the studio to resume recording of their new single “You Bring Out My Best.”   Armed with disinfectants and face masks, the award-winning band carefully observed health and safety protocols to finish the material. Clem says, “We had to remove our shoes when tracking, and only one person is allowed at a time to record. The rest had to wait outside at the receiving area of Sonic State Audio in Mandaluyong City.”

“You Bring Out My Best” is out on all digital platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records. 

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival announces official lineup of regional music acts

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS) is set to launch its inaugural edition online, with the goal of creating a platform that elevates Southeast Asia’s music scene onto the world stage.

Founded by concert and festival promoters, conference organizers, and music community influencers from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, AMS takes on the challenge of providing networking opportunities for emerging musicians in Asia and global music industry leaders, while hurdling the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic through a virtual music gathering that celebrates the region’s finest.

On its debut year, the collaborative showcase festival presents a diverse lineup handpicked by its founding members: Singapore’s SGMUSO; Thailand’s Bangkok Music City co-founded by Fungjai Co., Ltd. and NYLON Thailand; Malaysia’s City ROARS! Festival; Indonesia’s SRM; and the Philippines’ The Rest Is Noise PH.

The lineup includes 20 artists from participating countries:

Singapore – Linying, Marian Carmel, Coming Up Roses, and J.M3

Thailand – TONTRAKUL, Valentina Ploy, STOIC, and H 3 F

Malaysia – Bayangan, Buddha Beat, Golden Mammoth, and mutesite

Indonesia – Tanayu, bangkutaman, Rangkai, and Oslo Ibrahim

Philippines – Pikoy, Cheats, Uprising Records Artists, and August Wahh

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival will be hitting the digital stage from September 19 to 20, 2020, and will be streamed live for the world to discover.

Aside from the virtual music showcase featuring artists from various music genres, AMS will be hosting a private virtual meet with some of the biggest and most promising music business professionals in the world, as well as up-and-coming and established artists in Asia.

For more details about ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, visit the official website here.