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Brazilian pop superstar Anitta invites Cardi B and Myke Towers on new single, Me Gusta

Anitta drops “Me Gusta,” a star-studded anthem for the last days of summer featuring Cardi B and Myke Towers. The single builds on the warm, sultry sound that’s made Anitta one of Brazil’s biggest breakout pop superstars. Paired with a stunning video, it’s a taste of her forthcoming album, which is executive produced by the award-winning Ryan Tedder.


On September 23, Anitta, flanked by Cardi and Towers, will give “Me Gusta” its sure-to-be-sizzlin television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Brazilian phenomenon has also been confirmed to perform at iHeart Radio’s Fiesta Latina 2020.

On “Me Gusta” the trio spill simmering verses over a humid guitar riff, flipping effortlessly between English and Spanish. Anitta's gorgeous vocals float like a cloud, Cardi's bars are stinging and self-assured, and Towers' indelible tonality, flow and force prove to be the perfect counterpart for these two female powerhouses. It’s a song that begs for sweaty clubs and crowded beach parties — but for now, dancing in our bedrooms will do.

Quarantine has been the story of 2020 for Anitta, but she hasn’t let it slow her down. She’s gone live on socials nearly every day from her home in Rio de Janeiro, keeping her fans up to date on her recording process. She’s also joined Miley Cyrus, J Balvin, Katy Perry, David Guetta, P. Diddy, and more for chats and performances. Before the world slowed down, Anitta was set to take both the Coachella and Rock In Rio stages by storm in 2020.

“Me Gusta” is another impressive notch on Anitta’s belt. It follows the July release of her single “Tócame,” featuring Arcangel and De La Ghetto, which has amassed over 40 million cumulative streams. Earlier this summer, Anitta signed with Warner Records, the start of a fruitful partnership that has pushed her music even further. Boasting 5 Latin GRAMMY® Award nominations, 6 MTV EMA wins, nearly 5 billion YouTube views, and 6.5 billion Spotify streams, Anitta is already a star, and “Me Gusta” has the power to intensify her global shine even more.

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Why Don't We returned with their new self-penned/produced single, Fallin'

Multi-talented band Why Don’t We have officially returned, announcing their highly anticipated self-penned/produced new single “Fallin’” via Atlantic Records. Following a nine-month hiatus spent writing and producing their forthcoming second studio album, the group started a social media frenzy last week with a mysterious #WhereIsWDW campaign that amassed over 5.5 million impressions in under six days.


The return of Why Don’t We also marks the beginning of the band’s partnership with HeadCount and Atlantic Records’ task force ATL Votes to encourage voter registration. Kicking off yesterday with the unveiling of a “Why Don’t We Vote” mural in Los Angeles, the band is urging their wide network of fans and beyond to make their voices heard this November. For more information, please visit headcount.org/wdw.


Since their debut in 2016, Why Don’t We has amassed over 3 billion global career streams, 670 million YouTube views, 4.8 million Instagram followers, 5 RIAA Gold-certified singles, 2 Top 20 singles at Pop radio, and a Top 10 Billboard 200 debut on the with their inaugural full-length album 8 Letters. They have sold out back-to-back North American and global headline tours, in addition to performing as part of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour and on heralded stages such as Radio City Music Hall & more.

WHY DON’T WE is: Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, and Jack Avery

Autographed single CDs available for pre-order via shop.whydontwemusic.com

YEO delves into Mandarin R&B bop 好好的過 (Have a Nice Life) featuring Asian-Australian CHENDY 陳葦廷

Malaysian-Australian artist Yeo continues to evolve, further testing his limits on new Mandarin duet “好好的過 (Have a Nice Life)”, featuring Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter Chendy.

Infusing laidback melodies and quirky keys with a bouncy bass; Yeo’s dark melancholy meets Chendy’s light sweetness on this new single where the pair sing of fragmented relationships and unanswered questions.

“This song describes the aftermath of a breakup that has occurred abruptly. Two characters meditate separately on previous choices that may or may not have led to bringing the relationship to an end. Though it's too late for a change of mind, the biggest unanswered question is revealed. Was it the right choice to end it?” - Yeo

Never shying away from self-reflection and his cultural identity, Yeo explores performing in a language other than English for the first time, in Chendy’s mother tongue Mandarin. Of the new experience, he says:

“Singing in Mandarin for the first time definitely had me feeling self-conscious, even though I studied it for six years as a child. I know I will never sound like a native speaker but I thought, Korean artists do it all the time, so I should at least have a go.”


Previously releasing solo works and co-writing for the likes of K-pop girl group GFRIEND and Mandopop superstar Vivian Hsu, Chendy joined Yeo at his home studio in early 2019 to collaborate on this ballad. Sharing her thoughts on this unique co-writing experience:

“I wrote with Yeo during my long break back in Australia after spending years in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. I had never written outside of Taiwan at the time and was quite new to co-writing, so I was a bit nervous at first. However we started the writing process with food and a good chat, which helped a lot! At the studio, ideas just came flowing naturally like having a conversation. It was fun to write a Mandarin ballad in Australia. Being from a mixed culture background myself, it was a special experience!”

In addition to performing in a new language, the song sees Yeo releasing two versions the first time; the original on October 21st and the B-side Ballad Edit to follow soon after, allowing listeners to dive deeper into an alternate production style of the duet.

“The original demo was just guitar and vocals, but eventually I took most of the guitar out to make space for other interesting sounds. I had trouble choosing between the version with just guitar and the version with full instrumentation. I remember thinking that both are nice in their own way”

The perfect combination of Yeo and Chendy, “好好的過 (Have a Nice Life)” is a collaboration unlike any release Australia and Taiwan has seen before; a seamless mixture of the best of both worlds.


好好的過 (Have a Nice Life) – Out Oct 21
好好的過 (Have a Nice Life) [Ballad Edit] – Out Nov 11

Written, produced and performed by Yeo and Chendy 陳葦廷
Mixed by Yeo
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

The Tiktok Sweetheart, Kemrie Barcenas, Releases Her First Single, Impressions

Given all the crazy fun content she uploaded on TikTok, it didn’t take long for the public to take notice of Kemrie Barcenas. With the music she has shared in the platform, the Tiktok sweetheart was able to penetrate the music scene with her Taylor Swift-like soothing voice. 

Following her YouTube debut last October 16, she released her first single “Impressions” that talks about people’s judgement to first impressions. According to Kemrie, sometimes, people tend to overlook others too much that they forget benevolence.

“Impressions” is now available for streaming on Spotify and is currently included in 10 Spotify playlists!

"Impressions" on Spotify

"Impressions" on Apple Music

"Impressions" Lyric Video

Cover Video of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" 

Bubbly chanteuse Christi Fider charms with Teka, Teka, Teka

“To be a successful singer,” is a dream that not everyone gets to realize. Not with Christi Fider. At first glance, you may think she is just the average millennial whose main preoccupation is the latest fashion, trendy gadgets and having all her YOLO moments enumerated and shared via her vlog. There is more to the pretty young Ms. Fider that meets the proverbial eye.

The AB History graduate from University of Sto. Thomas was exposed to different sounds and music growing up in a family whose love for anything and everything that has to do with music is deeply rooted. The early musical exposure, thanks to all the tapes and vinyl records played at home, watching concerts and listening to the radio, made Christi realize that performing is what she loves and she thanks God for the gifted of a good singing voice.

Fider shares: “When I take my shower, usually I sing pop songs. I also like Broadway tunes as well. It depends on my mood, really. Sometimes I have the mood to like indie musicians, the type that ordinary people would not care to listen too, or something they are not familiar with. My music range is very wide. For now, I have a bit of struggle on what genre to specialize since it is dependent on my mood. If the song resonates with me, or I like the artists singing it, I’d probably sing it too.”

She loves the voice of Christina Aguilera which she thinks is Aguilera’s strength. She also loves Britney Spears, the way she moves and carries herself. As a kid, she was partial to Sarah Geronimo. Now, she listens to Marion Aunor and Moira dela Torre.

What made her say yes to sing TEKA, TEKA, TEKA? “I really love the songs written by direk Joven Tan. I know that am quite biased if he’s the composer of a song. It has a good meaning, and has good lyrics as well. What I noticed about today’s songs, the music is different. It is not lyrics-focused. Sometimes they give more emphasis to the sound. With the song Teka, Teka, I felt that many people can relate to it. Since it’s my debut single, I want something that pleasant to listen too because many people today are lonely. If they listen to Teka, Teka, it will give hope and bring joy to other people.”

Her feelings now that people are using the song as their TikTok anthem of choice: “Happy. No, ecstatic, I must say. Even if the song has yet to be released but some people already used it for TikTok. Zeus Collins was the first one who made a TikTok for it. Of course, I was surprised when he used it because he is known for dancing. I didn’t imagine that Teka Teka is can be used to dance too. I was surprised when Zeus even choreographed a dance for Teka Teka and the people followed it. He sets the standard and people followed it.”

She carries on: “I was likewise surprised with the people’s response to the song. They found the song danceable, uplifting and gives a happy vibe and energy. The bubbly pop version suits my personality. In Spotify, my song has an electronic kind of mix to it. But many listeners were able to relate to the pop version,”

As a new artist, she hopes her fellow millennials see her as: “I want them to see me as someone vibrant and bubbly. I want to bring back the danceable tunes. I want to give the beat and groove back to the people. That is something that everyone needs right. Times are hard and I hope that thru my song, I can help relieve the stress of others. Let us bring back the good times.”

Teka, Teka, Teka, is written by Joven Tan, interpreted by Christi Fider and released by Star Music. It is now available in Spotify, Apple Music, itunes, Youtube and Deezer.

Smart brings KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 to Filipino Fans

Gear up for one of the world’s largest K-Culture events as mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. is bringing the KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 virtual festival to avid Filipino fans from October 16 to 25, 2020 via GigaFest.Smart. Organized by Wilbros Live in the Philippines.

Co-hosted by CJ ENM and the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 is a K-Culture and pop music celebration featuring 10 days of 24/7 content such as live concerts, meet and greets, behind-the-scenes, and interactive activities with dozens of K-Pop artists and influencers.

Live Giga with KCON:TACT 2020 Season 2
With Smart, you can live big and LIVE GIGA with your passion for all things hallyu as you stan your favorite K-Pop idols, catch their performances, and get up close with their meet and greet sessions by simply visiting GigaFest.Smart on your mobile browser.

During the festival, you can go all-out by, turning on your light sticks, dancing to the hits of your idols, and connecting with fellow fans not just from around the country but also from all over the world.

Be sure to register to Free Stories For All on the GigaLife App so you have more than enough data to post and share your favorite moments from the virtual festival.

Exclusively available on the GigaLife App, Free Stories For All gives subscribers an extra 1 GB for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter with every registration to any GIGA Stories offer.

To top it all, keep immersing in the K-Pop world with various content from the hallyu community with Giga Video and get 1 GB Video Every Day for YouTube and more, plus open access data, so you won’t miss anything from KCON:TACT season 2.

One-of-a-Kind K-Pop Fan Experience
KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 is a much-anticipated follow-up to the successful first season of KCON:TACT held last June, which attracted roughly 4 million viewers from over 150 countries to celebrate 33 K-Pop artists, including Mamamoo, Kang Daniel, Stray Kids, Monsta X, GFriends, IZ*ONE, among many others, in its seven-day run.

Season 2’s complete line-up of artists include AB6IX, A.C.E, ATEEZ, CLC, Day 6 (Even of Day), Dreamcatcher, Everglow, Ghost9, Ha Sung Woon, IZ*One, JO1, KARD, Kim Jae Hwan, Kim Woo Seok, Lee Eun Sang, LOONA, MAMAMOO, Natty, ONEUS, ONF, Park Ji Hoon, Sunmi, The Boyz, TOO, VeriVery, Wei, and WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn).
KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 is part of Smart GigaFest, a campaign to thank subscribers in a series of celebrations leading to the holiday season. This includes the recent launch of the GigaLife App, online concerts featuring top international and local artists, an online film festival, sports and mobile gaming events, and exclusive perks and promos, among others. Subscribers can look forward to more exciting announcements as Smart continues to bring Filipinos closer to their passions.

For updates on KCON:TACT 2020 season 2 and the latest Smart promos and services, follow Smart and Wilbros Live’s official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #SmartKCONTACT