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ENHYPEN concluded first world tour Manifesto at Manila's Mall of Asia Arena


Photo Courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN triumphantly concluded their first world tour ‘MANIFESTO’ at Manila’s Mall of Asia Arena on February 3 to 5. Over three phenomenal nights, the new powerhouse of K-pop captivated a total of roughly 27,000 fans in the Philippines successfully closing out their highly anticipated 5-month-long world tour. 


ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘MANIFESTO’ began in Seoul in September 2022 and took the band across 12 cities across the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia for 22 shows. The record-breaking group sold out 19 of the 22 shows and also performed at Kycocera Dome Osaka in Japan, setting another record by hosting a solo dome concert in the shortest time span since debut among post-2019 debut K-pop groups.


In response to massive demands, an additional show date in Manila was added after tickets for the initial two nights quickly sold out upon opening—a true testament to ENHYPEN’s impact in the global K-pop scene. 

The band unraveled their ever-evolving narrative through a dazzling 2.5-hour show complete with music from their genre-crossing discography: the ‘BORDER’ and ‘DIMENSION’ series, and July 2022 release 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO : DAY 1. With a jam-packed setlist including lead singles “Given-Taken”, “Drunk-Dazed”, “Tamed-Dashed”, “Blessed-Cursed”, and “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” as well as the original soundtrack for HYBE Original Story Webtoon DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR “One In A Billion”, the multi-talented dominators of the stage left their fans—ENGENEs—in a frenzy as they showcased their signature synchronized choreography. 

The seven members made sure to actively interact with the crowd throughout the show, communicating in English as well as Philippines’ national language Tagalog, and most notably stepping down the stage during their performance of viral hit “Polaroid Love” to connect closer with their fans. 

As the three day show in Manila came to a close, the band reflected on their first world tour saying, “Although our tour is coming to an end, our journey together as ENHYPEN and ENGENEs is just beginning. The seven of us have grown stronger as a group with the support of our ENGENEs. We promise to take your support to bring forth even better music and performances, so we hope you continue on this journey with us.”


Enhypen Receives The Loudest Crowd in Manila During Manifesto World Tour

Welcomed with loud cheers and shining Engenebongs, ENHYPEN kicked-off their 3-day sold out Manila shows last February 3 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

The 7-member group brought their Manifesto World Tour in Manila to showcase their biggest hits and deepest cuts. Since being announced in October of 2022, ENGENEs (official fanclub name of Enhypen) has shown their enthusiasm and excitement over the group through social media, getting news trending all over the country.

Possibly one of the biggest tours to have ever graced the MOA Arena and the country, Manifesto featured fearless performances of the group's powerful discography. The show started with Given-Taken, the group's debut song, which fans did not hesitate to sing along the words to. Following performances included: Not For Sale, Let Me In, TFW, Upper Side Dreamin', and Mixed Up.

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

The show was accompanied with thousands of lightsticks synced with themed lights, definitely a sight to experience when attending ENHYPEN shows. Moreover, the members of the group also enjoyed their own time interacting with fans and even speaking to ENGENEs in Filipino.

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

During one part of the show, all members also showcased their sexy body rolls as a treat for their Pinoy fans. Aside from each member doing rolls while kneeling, they were teasing each other to bite their jackets for an added touch of sexiness! Definitely, the ENHYPEN boys know what they're doing to keep having fans go crazy over each of them!

Aside from deep cuts, the boys performed their hits "Drunk-Dazed," "FEVER," and "Tamed Dashed". During "Polaroid Love," the members also got a bit intimate with fans as they got closer by going down the stage and saying hi to fans upclose and personal! Some fans even got lucky by being able to touch the hands of their favorite members.

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Throughout the ending parts of the show, the boys couldn't help but express how grateful they are for the Philippine crowd. One of the members, Jake, even shared how Day 1 was their loudest crowd to date. He also mentioned that whenever he thinks of happiness, he'll think about Manila.

Filipino ENGENEs made their love get more felt by singing along to an encore performance of SHOUT OUT , which had the members pausing to admire how great the crowd sounded.

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

Photo credit: BELIFT LAB

The boys ended the show with performances of "Blessed-Cursed," "Go Big Or Go Home," "Future Perfect", and "ParadoXXX Invasion". Things got more emotional when the boys were elevated during the ending if SHOUT OUT, a production element that the organizers did not get to miss.

During the encore performance, they went down to meet fans once again before leaving the stage and concluding Day 1 of 3 of their Manifesto World Tour in Manila series.

Possibly one of the biggest K-POP groups at the moment, ENHYPEN showed why they are the next group to look at in the music industry. Packing arenas (3 nights in one country at that), and knowing how to put on a great show just shows how much ENHYPEN is ready to take over the world with their music.

Enhypen Is Set to Hold a 3-Day Concert Series in Manila

Attention, Please! Following the global success of their third EP Manifesto: Day 1, which sold over 1.24 million copies in its first week, reaching the #1 album spot in the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, Enhypen is set to prove that they are one of biggest K-POP groups of today as they conclude their first world tour with a 3-day sold-out concert series in Manila.

Happening on February 3, 4, and 5, Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki are to rev up their Engenes with powerful and captivating performances with Manifesto in Manila. 

Manifesto Tour is expected to include performances of hits like “Fever,” “Polaroid Love,” “Drunk-Dazed,” “ParadoXXX Invasion,” and more. It officially started last September in Seoul at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. This February, Enhypen will be performing at one of their biggest venues to date with a 3-day sold-out concert. 

It can be recalled that the 7-member boygroup recently visited Manila for an exclusive fanmeet with BYS, which got Engenes lining up in malls for hours buying limited edition box sets with fanmeet tickets. Following that, fans continued to show their unwavering love and support by having the series of Manila concerts sold out in less than 24 hours for each release.


In less than a week, Enhypen will be reunited with their Engenes with 3 days straight where they can Shout Out their love for Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. It will be an night where the boys will show how to Go Big or Go Home. 

For updates, follow Manila Concert Junkies on Twitter and Pulp Live World on different social media platforms. 

1st.ONE returns with new single Problem Child; highest budget for a PPop MV

Renowned Philippine Pop boy group 1ST.ONE comes back to the music scene with the highest budget P-Pop MV yet worth 20 Million Pesos for their new song ‘Problem Child’ helmed by company CHECK which has worked with K-Pop household names BTS, BlackPink, and EXO.


As Philippine Pop (P-Pop) groups rise to the occasion of delivering high-quality music and performances, the genre has proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with and boy group 1ST.ONE has undeniably contributed to raising the standards in the industry with the enchanting melody and concept of their tracks.

1ST.ONE represents their management well as the name of the group itself carries the legacy of their company, First One Entertainment. Being known for their strong and charismatic persona, the group will showcase their fierceness in their latest comeback, Problem Child.

Korean company CHECK helmed the music video for this comeback, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including but not limited to BlackPink, EXO, BTS, and Cha Eunwoo. With this and a budget of a whopping 20 Million Philippine Pesos for the song’s music video, being the highest budget ever of a P-Pop group to date, the pressure to be extremely ready for the shoot was really challenging for the group.

Nevertheless, of course, 1ST.ONE pushed through and was still at their best. Jayson, the group’s maknae and rapper shares, “It was definitely a blast working with them [CHECK]. I'm very thankful because they gave us a unique experience compared to the past music videos that we have done. We are very grateful that they took care of us so well.”

Aside from the impressive production of the song, Problem Child really pushes the boundaries when it comes to its musicality. Max, the group’s main vocalist, mentions how it is their toughest and heaviest song yet, not just with its choreography but also lyrically.

The track has an interesting concept of “breaking the norm,” referring to an existing defective system filled with “inequality, disorder, and machinations.” It tackles the idea of initiating change and making it right in our own way.

Jayson talks about the likes of Robin Hood who steals from the rich to help the poor, while in the process, not glorifying doing bad deeds to achieve a good end but is more of being willing to sacrifice oneself in order to make things right.

“You can think of Robin Hood and Batman as vigilantes, and many more heroes being misdirected as villains by a corrupt system. Nevertheless, they remain as heroes within themselves still willing to sacrifice continuously even if they are considered the bad ones,” he reiterates.

This concept explores a territory in P-Pop that has never been completely looked at, that’s why J, one of 1ST.ONE’s rappers, hopes that this comeback will be a good representation of the future of the P-Pop industry, aiming to expand and grow more.

As for upcoming projects, Alpha, one of the group’s rappers, wants to take Philippine Pop to the highest level, and to achieve this, he aims on collaborating with fellow P-Pop artists such as Alamat, BGYO, BINI, VXON, KAIA, G22, and PHP.

The rapper further states, “Initially, of course, we'd love to kick things off with our dream collaborations within the P-Pop industry, and that would be with DIONE and SB19. We go way way way back just with these 2 groups. We think it's going to be an explosion.”

Not failing to mention their supporters who they call “For.One,” meaning “Forever One” for wanting to be with them through ups and downs until the end, the P-Pop ensemble ensures them that their comeback will push the group’s limits and get them out of the box they are used to being in.

On behalf of 1ST.ONE, Alpha desires for the P-Pop community to not miss out on their comeback Problem Child for this marks the first time ever for Philippine and South Korean directors to collaborate and create an outstanding masterpiece of an MV that fans “haven't seen before.” The rapper states that the group really planned and prepared everything to give everyone “the best MV of all time.”

1ST.ONE will come back with their track Problem Child and will release it on January 31, 2023 that can be streamed through Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms. Meanwhile, its high-budget music video will be streamed on 1STONE official Youtube channel.

Ely Buendia, Ben&Ben to headline this year's Clark Aurora Music Festival

After the massive success of the inaugural Clark Aurora Music Festival last June 2022 that gathered more than 150,000 attendees, the Philippines’ largest music festival is bringing back its magic this year.


Looking to escape the summer heat while still enjoying a wonderful festival? EP!C Events is once again ready to bring you the BIGGEST names in the OPM scene, giving you nothing but awesome live music, breathtaking views, and sheer excitement.

The Clark Aurora Music Festival this coming April 15 and 16 2023 promises to be even more spectacular than ever. This year’s lineup consists of a combination of various genres, from rising stars to the most sought-after artists of today - Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Arthur Nery, Adie, MRLD, Lola Amour.

Moreover, Ely Buendia, Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Sponge Cola, Silent Sanctuary, and Mayonnaise are also expected to join the fun and bring superb and high-caliber music festival experience like no other.

Another thing worth looking for in this upcoming festival is the BIGGER and BRIGHTER batches of hot air balloons which will be displayed and light up Clark’s skyline, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable weekend of music.

It’s going to be a huge weekend of music and a hot air balloon display, peeps! So, mark your
calendars and get your tickets for the Aurora Music Festival! This is one event you won’t want to miss! See you there!

Clark Aurora Music Festival is presented by EP!C EVENTS and EGGSTOP in cooperation with Clark
Global City, Clark Development Corporation and The Medical City Clark.

Tickets are now available via http://ticket.clarkaurorafest.com/, SM Tickets outlets and online and  Shopee.

Major Sponsors: Barenbliss, Aquaflask, San Miguel Brewery, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog.
For inquiries, please call 09812390349.

Kim Seonho Spends Quality Time with Filipino Fans During His Sold-Out Fanmeet in Manila

Popular South-Korean actor Kim Seonho held a sold-out fan meet event as part of his One, Two, Three Smile 2023 Asia Tour last January 22, 2023 at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

Seonho, popular for K-Drama series Start Up, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, to name a few, was warmly welcomed by Filipino Seonho-hadas during a much-awaited and once-in-a-lifetime fanmeet that packed one of the biggest arenas in the Philippines.

"There will be a happy and bright time," said the actor during the press-conference held hours before the fanmeet in encouraging fans in trying to make it out of a bad moment in their life. 

The actor gave thanks to both fans who will attend and the fans who couldn't make it to his fanmeet. Seonho also expressed his gratitude for the support he has always received from Filo Seonhohadas. In addition, he mentioned that he will try to come back often to always see and make his fans in the country happy.

During the fanmeet, the actor definitely showcased good boy side by playing games with fans, including an acting game which definitely got Seonhohadas nostalgic over some of their favorite scenes. Moreover, the actor also revealed winners of his 2023 Kim Seonho Awards that featured things he like and would like to try related to the Philippines.

Before the program ended, the actor was surprised with a video fan project which highlighted support his Filipino fans have been showing throughout the years. The actor got teary-eyed and thanked fans for waiting for him. 

Following the program, the actor was all-smiles during the Hi-Bye event which allowed half of the venue to say goodbye to the actor upclose and personal! Plus, lucky winners got to have photos taken with the actor, too! Indeed, it was a memorable day for Seonhohadas!

Many fans of Kim Seonho definitely felt emotional throughout the fanmeet as the experience was long overdue. However, it definitely happened at the right time as love of the fans grew stronger which got the actor to feel a much meaningful support from fans. With that, we are sure Seonho is already wishing to be reunited with Seonhohadas!

Photos taken by Christian Melanie Lee for Manila Concert Junkies