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Mokkoji Korea selects Philippines as Focus Country Week of January with special live performances from Super Junior, Oneus, Cignature

January Focus Country Week Philippines—Comparing Korean-Philippines cultures and holding customized events such as Live Fan Meeting with Super Junior, ONEUS, and cignature for their Filipino fans. 

Mokkoji Korea selected the Philippines as the last focus country of the year and will present customized content for Hallyu fans in the Philippines for a week from the 12th.

Mokkoji Korea is an online platform that delivers information on K-lifestyle and related consumer goods products. It provides a variety of content, including <Mokkoji Live>, <Ask My K>, <Mokkoji New Face>, and <K-STAR Challenge>, to spread K-lifestyle to Hallyu fans around the world. 

On the 12th, <Mokkoji Live> starring ONEUS will have time to find out the K-dramas loved by Filipino fans and recreate the best scenes. On the 19th, the girl group cignature will introduce interesting contents regarding Filipino and Korean elementary school textbooks under the theme of Korean education culture to provide an opportunity to understand the two countries deeply.

In particular, at the Live Fan Meeting, which is held only for fans in the Philippines, ONEUS is going to meet 50 chosen local fans via online video chat. ONEUS will interact with their Filipino fans in real-time with the topic Tourist Sites in Korea that I would Like to Visit After Covid-19, as they introduce K-drama filming sites and recommended tourist spots in Korea. Filipino fans will also share their stories with ONEUS on Filipino culture while giving recommendations for the great places to visit in the Philippines. 

On the special page of the focus country, popular YouTuber DASURI CHOI will act as the one-day avatar of her close friend in Avatar Shopping to experience the Korean lifestyle on her behalf. At the request of her Filipino friend Rea, DASURI will purchase known Korean cosmetics and introduce delicious Korean food as she pays a visit to a popular Korean restaurant. Expect that Avatar Shopping will enable Filipino fans to learn about established Korean companies, restaurants, and stores in the Philippines.

K-POP Stars introducing K-lifestyle, <Mokkoji Live> hits 1 million views

Mokkoji Korea, enjoyed by people all over the world online, hits more than 2 million views on content and continues to spread the K-lifestyle.  

The K-lifestyle Talk Concert, <Mokkoji Live>, aired online every Tuesday, hits more than 1 million views in real-time as of January. Popular K-Pop stars Teen Top, THE BOYZ, April, and Lovelyz appeared to introduce the Korean culture through various missions, such as Unique Delivery Culture Quiz, Convenience Store Food Recipe, and Home Training Method in Covid-19 Era. After the show, the proof shot event where viewers can participate was held. The Make My Own Mask event introduced by THE BOYZ got about 500 fans worldwide to participate and took photos of their self-designed masks to post them on social media.  

In addition to the mentioned K-POP idol singers, the <Ask My K> segment, introducing the Korean culture from the perspectives of global YouTubers, is also receiving a lot of attention, hitting more than 1.2 million views. Foreigners' unique Korean Cultural Experiences such as VR Seoul Tour, Foreign Jegichagi Challenge, How to Make Choco Pie More Delicious, and Korea's Smart Bus Station are the most notable among all. Not only influencers but more than 120 international fans also submitted the <Mokkoji New Face> for the video contest, in which they filmed One Day Vlog with K-lifestyle. The submitted videos show various Korean cultural experiences, such as making Kimchi and other Korean foods, trying out Korean-style outfits, dancing to K-POP tunes, and more. One could see how Korean culture is penetrating the lives of people around the world.

Creating a new trend of Enjoying Hallyu with K-lifestyle around the world, Mokkoji Korea plans to draw everyone's attention again by revealing the final line-up with the popular K-pop star, "Super Junior." The last episode of Mokkoji Live, starring Super Junior, will be aired on the 26th as the finale of the online festival that lasted about three months.

"Mokkoji Korea, the online cultural space is now becoming a place where Hallyu fans around the world can show K-lifestyle that has settled in their lives. We hope that this continual interest could be extended towards other related consumer goods or industries in the future," said Kim Yongrak, the director of the KOFICE.  

The Mokkoji Korea event will run until January 31st. Programs and schedules will be found on the official website (https://www.mokkojikorea.com/).

Follow them online:

Facebook and Instagram: @mokkojikorea 


Youtube: MOKKOJI KOREA모꼬지 대한민국

Website: www.mokkojikorea.com

Christian Bautista released remake of This I Promise You

We have all sung this classic song by the 90’s hit American boy band NSYNC and probably have memorised every lyric by heart. “This I Promise You” was first released in the last quarter of 2000 and has since topped music billboards internationally. Likewise, it has been covered multiple times by different artists. The song has reached international acclamation that it was even released in Spanish.


As we welcome a new chapter this year, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista releases his remake of this classic song. As timeless as this song could get, he himself also finds hits from 90s boybands endearing. His passion for music has made him reach 5.5 million listeners in 92 countries and has 42.2 million streams on Spotify this 2020. Last year, he was also recognized at the recent Laguna Excellence Award as the “Outstanding Male Recording Artist of the Year” for the song “Aking Mahal” which he co wrote.

Alongside his music creation, the Asia’s Romantic Balladeer can also be watched every weekend in “All Out Sundays” and as one of the panelists in “The Clash”. This lockdown has not slowed him down as he continues to make virtual concerts both locally and internationally. He has also been a part of lockdown concerts that raised awareness and promotes advocacies. This year has also seen him enter a new milestone as he was the line producer of Alden Richard’s 10th anniversary concert “Alden’s Reality” last December 8, 2020.

Following the success of his previously released songs last year, Christian Bautista relentlessly drops hit singles. “This I Promise You” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all digital stores worldwide under Universal Records.


Apple Music

Performance Video

Lyric Video

Slapshock's Jamir Garcia passed away

Slapshock frontman Jamir Garcia passed away today, November 26. He was 42 years old.

Photo credit: Caloy Encluna for Manila Concert Junkies during Rakrakan 2019

Photo credit: Caloy Encluna/Rakrakan 2019
Photo taken during Rakrakan 2018

Garcia's body was discovered by an aunt who immediately rushed him to to the Metro North Medical Center and Hospital. He was declared dead on arrival.

According to Daily Tribune, he was found dead in his residence at Project 8, Barangay Sangandaan, Quezon City.

His band, Slapshock was known for their songs such as Agent Orange, Cariño Brutal, Wake Up, among others.

Korea’s The Fact Music Awards goes to the Philippines

As KPop becomes more global especially during this pandemic, many idols have already gone into the digital space to host concerts such as BTS’ Map of the Soul ON:E, TWICE’s World In A Day, IZ*ONE’s Oneiric Theatre, even the KCON:TACT Summer 2020 which featured performances from various groups and gathered fan participation worldwide.


With the success of these concerts, The Fact Music Awards 2020 will also be streaming live globally so fans all over the world who are not able to fly to Korea can still see the performances of their oppas, hyungs, noonas, and unnies, cheer for them, and celebrate their winning moments right at the comfort of their own home, Kpop shrine, and with their own lightstick at hand.


The final line-up of confirmed artists attending and performing their latest bops live at the awards ceremony are BTS, TWICE, MAMAMOO, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, Stray Kids, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ATEEZ, CRAVITY, Weekly, SUPER JUNIOR, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, GOT7, MONSTA X, KANG DANIEL, Jessi, THE BOYZ, and IZ*ONE.


But even before the actual event, fans can already participate by voting for their favorite idols to win the coveted TMA Popularity Award and FAN N STAR Choice Award categories over at their website and even in their mobile app which is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Voting duration is from November 16, 2020 to December 7, 2020.


Last year’s winners from the fan votes include BTS (TMA Popularity Award), Super Junior (FANN STAR Choice Award (Artist) and FAN N STAR Most Votes Award), Kang Daniel (FAN N STAR Choice Award (Individual) and FAN N STAR Most Votes Award (Individual)), and Yang Joon Il (FAN N STAR Special Award).


BTS also scored big wins in 2019 with a Daesang and the Listener’s Choice Award, as well as Artist of the Year alongside Super Junior, TWICE, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, NU’EST, MAMAMOO, and Chungha.


Luckily for Filipino Kpop fans, this year’s The Fact Music Awards will also be streaming locally on December 12, 2020 at 3PM Philippine Time (4PM Korean Time). Exclusively streamed via KTX.ph, fans can gain access to a total of four hours worth of content, featuring the red carpet, main program, and the much-awaited performances of all participating artists—all these for only Php 655. Tickets purchased from KTX.ph will only give access to the official Philippine live stream.


Upon purchase of tickets through KTX.ph, fans will receive an email notification that contains an e-ticket and a unique link to the live stream, which will start broadcasting at exactly 3PM local time on December 12. Fans also have an option to talk with other streamers, swoon at their idols together, and spazz their hearts out over the chat beside the streaming window.


Despite the impact of COVID-19 on offline spaces and experiences, The Fact Music Awards 2020 aims to conquer this challenge by using state-of-the-art broadcast methods that will enable the artists to feel the realism and all the fans across the globe to feel as if their idols are performing right in front of them. Because of this, the awards ceremony will also be streamed live in other participating countries such as Japan, China, North and South America, and the rest of Southeast Asia.


Don’t miss out on this chance to see your idols and your bias, even during these uncertain times. For ticket purchases, visit https://www.ktx.ph/events/26942/the-fact-music-awards/. And to participate in all of the fan voting categories, visit https://en.fannstar.tf.co.kr/awards.


The local broadcast of The Fact Musics Awards 2020 is made possible by THE FACT’s Philippine partner, Mori Travel, and sponsored by High Tech Wallet. Event partners’ KTX.ph, Tarsier Records and Star Music.

PH ARMYs team up for a big comeback project




"Team work makes the dream work!", a quote proven by

BTS and ARMYs ever since the group’s debut in 2013.



As the new BTS’s album, 'BE' is only days away from release, ARMYs all over the world are all eyes to make this the group’s biggest comeback yet.

A total of 134 fanbases and partners were tapped by Team AGTJ (ARMYs Act of Generosity Turned Into Joy) for a BTS comeback project called "LOADER THAN BOMBS 2.0" to fund PH-ARMYs with mobile load to help the fandom’s goal for the group.

The project aims to help fans who are financially tapped out to stream and enjoy the new music from RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Not only that, this project will also help the fans reach the comeback goals for the group.


”BTS was known to be an underdog in K-industry; deprived of fair treatment and acknowledgement. And now that we have the resources and the power to show what the industry has been missing out, the team thought that this comeback will be the biggest resistance in the standardization of the music industry and for that we can't stop ARMYs from contributing their all to provide what is to be done--recognition.


We have gather 134 fanbases for this to be possible so we are always grateful for the support each of the donors is giving, may it be a fanbase or an individual. Their contribution opens many opportunities and experiences and this event will not only broaden our reach but also spread the beauty of knowing BTS."


                    - Marra Mae Ballarbare, Team AGTJ


The beneficiary of this project is Cypher Killer Squad, a group who already made a couple of comeback donation drive for the South Korean septet in the past. They aim to provide mobile load for data allocation for the beneficiaries who have time but don't have the resources to help out. The initial target is to provide for 500 ARMYs who will be selected thoroughly from the application forms submitted. If the collected fund permits, the group will also purchase Spotify Premium and Youtube Premium subscriptions for the recipients for the sole purpose of streaming.



“Actually, it started when Team AGTJ sent us a message saying na they are considering to team up with us. They were planning to fund us, especially our streamers, in terms of load expenses. Of course, sino ba naman kami para tumangi kung para sa convenience ng streamers naman namin. So we agreed. The collab started when Team AGTJ reached and gather other fanbases, fanpages and groups to help with the project's promotion. CKS, as the beneficiary of LTB and with our sole project which aims to provide free premium streaming accounts, are doing their best hindi lang bilang part ng LTB kundi para na rin ma-screen nang maigi ang mga potential streamers na makakatanggap ng load from LTB. With CKS extending their goal, 500 slots ang inopen namin to cater 500 streamers din kung saan ilalaan ng team AGTJ ang funds po nila.


This isn't our first project pala. CKS has been doing the same project since Persona era. This is our 4th project. We had a collab with @PHARMYPROJTEAM and Bangwool For Goals on our first project. Also, Team AGTJ was one of our donors before we team up with them for LTB.”


              - Steffi Riego, Cypher Killer Squad


This is Team AGTJ's biggest comeback fund drive as they teamed up with some of the biggest PH-based group and fan pages.

Donations are encouraged, but not required. Please see list below on how you can donate:

















As of November 9, the team already collected more than Php55,000.  







Team AGTJ was doing charity works in the name of BTS and ARMY since then. 














Some of their projects were also recognized and reported by K-Media.

Asia Artist Awards Website




“Team AGTJ and Cypher Killer Squad would like to extend their thanks to all who supported and those who continue to support their projects.


Without the overwhelming generosity, we would not be able to reach our goals. Thank you once again ARMYs for being the pillars of our success.”


                    - Team AGTJ


“CKS wholeheartedly thank everyone that is part of LTB and to all our donors who trusted us with this project. Hoping for everyone to look forward to our future projects. Thank you po.”


                    - Cypher Killer Squad



Best of luck, BTS PH-ARMYs!


JC Stewart's debut EP, When The Light Hits The Room is out now!

JC Stewart’s collab with 220 Kid, ‘Too Many Nights’, has kept the young artist’s profile riding high as he looks set to become one of 2021’s biggest breakthrough artists. Now JC shares his eagerly anticipated debut EP ‘When The Light Hits The Room’, which is out now via Warner Records. It opens with the new single ‘Rest Of My Life’. JC wrote the EP with the BRIT and Ivor Novello Award winner Tom Odell.


The duo’s creative connection resulted in four thematically linked songs, which set emotive stories of the growing pains of young adulthood to songs that balance immediately addictive pop hooks with heartfelt reflection. JC then recorded the EP with the Grammy-nominated producer Two Inch Punch (Rex Orange County, Sam Smith, Rag N Bone Man).

“I wrote ‘When The Light Hits The Room’ about growing up and searching for the end goal that would make everything make sense,” says JC Stewart. “I realised that the finishing point might not even exist, but came to accept that it’s ok. I wrote a lot of this EP in the back room of my parents’ house over lockdown and then was lucky enough to work with one of my heroes, Tom Odell, to bring it all together. I’m unbelievably proud to call my first ever small body of work.”

The EP’s lead track ‘Rest Of My Life’ perfectly captures that concept. Driven by JC’s candid admission “I just want to find someone that I can spend the rest of my life with,” the song’s compellingly unguarded subject matter is magnified by the production. JC’s spine-tingling voice is enriched with subtle creative twists to elevate his harmonies and backing vocals. Meanwhile, buoyant and pulsating percussion provides a modern pop feel that enlivens his lovelorn lyricism.

The remaining tracks reiterate the strength of the duo’s collaboration. ‘Valium’ is a hymnal declaration of a fractured relationship that builds into a climactic crescendo, before the plaintive piano of ‘Friday Night’ craves the brief respite from day-to-day life that the weekend brings. It ends, however, on a high. ‘Hard To Believe’ suggests that the hopes he expressed in ‘Rest Of My Life’ are coming true, with a tender celebration of how “a girl like you should never love a man like me.”

JC Stewart launched the EP last night with a special acoustic livestream show, hosted at The Luney in his hometown of Magherafelt in Northern Ireland. After debuting new songs alongside some fan favourites, JC followed his set by inviting questions for a Q&A session.

JC will kickstart a big year ahead of him in 2021 by sharing his boldest pop moment to date in the shape of his huge upcoming single ‘Break My Heart’. Set to arrive on January 8th, the track will be JC’s first ever vinyl release and will also be released digitally. Launched at last night’s show, ‘Break My Heart’ is now available to pre-order at ADD LINK.

The young musician has been embraced by the wider music community. He co-wrote ‘Hollywood’ from Lewis Capaldi’s smash hit debut album and has played shows with his old friend, as well as artists such Lauv, Anne-Marie and Maisie Peters. The depth of his songwriting is countered by his quick wit self-deprecating sense of humour. That resulted in him going viral with his quarantine-themed take on the ‘Friends’ theme ‘I’ll Be There For You’, which featured on ‘Good Morning America’.

‘Too Many Nights’ was playlisted at Radio 1, Radio 2, Capital and Kiss as a new audience discovered his burgeoning talent. It followed JC’s biggest track to date, ‘I Need You To Hate Me’, which exceeded 30 million streams. His earlier releases, including ‘Lying That You Love Me’ and ‘Pick Up Your Phone’, have resulted in his monthly listeners at Spotify climbing to 2.5 million, assisted by countless New Music Friday playlists.

‘When The Light Hits The Room’ tracklist:

‘Rest Of My Life’
‘Friday Night’
‘Hard To Believe’