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SB19 Inks deal with Sony Music, releases first official single Alab

After selling out their first major concert in a record-breaking three minutes, SB19 is ready to dominate the local and international music market with the release of their latest single, “Alab.”

If you think the previous releases were straight up fire, wait until you hear “Alab”—a dance-pop banger built on sophisticated production, digital beats, and pulsating grooves.

Produced by Han Tae Soo, the upbeat track is “basically about finding your true love and doing whatever it takes to win that certain someone.”

“Here, we thought of fire as our burning desire, emphasizing that there’s no other way to confess your love but to tell the person directly, and that you shouldn’t waste time,” lead vocalist and rapper Sejun opens up.

Partnership with Sony Music Philippines

“Alab” is SB19’s first official single under Sony Music Philippines.

The P-pop boyband has recently expressed their gratitude to the international record label for making the partnership work. “With Sony Music Philippines, they’re a well-known major label worldwide. We feel like we can do so much more and expand to a wider audience,” Sejun says.

Sony Music, on the other hand, is thrilled to have SB19 on board. “We’re looking forward to fueling and supporting many more breakthroughs for Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin,” says Roslyn Pineda, Sony Music’s GM Philippines & VP Business Development Asia.

After receiving a copy of SB19’s dance practice video for “Go Up” from Sony Music Philippines A&R and Digital Director Maan Atienza, Roslyn can’t help but feel thoroughly impressed. “I am beyond excited! Filipinos are natural performers and when it comes to training and discipline, nothing beats the Korean way. When you merge the two, you come up with something special — SB19. They’ve taken K-Pop and made it their own. Actually, our own, if you consider SB19’s official fanbase name A’TIN.”

Ong Seong Wu excited to meet PH WELO for his first fanmeeting in Manila on February 2020

The K-pop craze raises its bar higher with every new artist that debuts. Each artist wants to bring its own color, diversity, and name to the K-pop world, with more and more artist comes the pressure of debuting and making your own name in the industry. Even in the Korean Drama Industry, the competition is getting hotter and hotter with each new actor that debuts.

Ong Seong Wu a hot actor on the rise, he is under Fantagio Entertainment which is home to different K-pop Artists and Actors and Actresses. He already starred in his first drama “At Eighteen” as part of the main lead cast of the drama. This lead to him winning his first big award at the 12th Korea Drama Awards which was held in South Korea this last October 02, 2019, which he took home the “Best New Actor Award and the Hallyu Star Award” and he won another big award at recent AAA or Asian Artist Award which was held at Vietnam last 26th of November, he took home the “AAA Rookie Actor Award”.

His Fans or “WELO” which he calls them, are now gearing up and patiently waiting for his arrival here in the Philippines. They are excited and thrilled that their favorite singer and actor is coming to the Philippines.

Excited to see him live and have a great time with him? Join us as we have a great time with Ong Seong Wu on his first solo Manila Fanmeeting <WE BELONG> on February 25, 2020 at the Araneta Coliseum. The show starts at 6:00 in the evening. We’re hoping to see you there!

Tickets are available now in all Ticketnet outlets nationwide or visit

For more information about ticketing details and show details follow DNM Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.


If I were to describe the recently concluded U2 concert in one word: Phenomenal. I know this article is kinda late already since the concert has been more than a week ago, but I am still on U2 high and I’m having a post-concert depression as of this writing.

This rock show has got to be the concert of the year (or decade), as people from across generations gather in the biggest indoor arena to witness Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr. and The Edge rock the Manila stage for the first time as part of the Joshua Tree Tour last December 11. When I say people from across generations, I mean from Baby Boomers to Millennials. As one would describe, it is a meeting of all rocker titos and titas, and a few millennials who have classic taste in music. I was born in the early 90s but when your father has a collection of U2 vinyl records that he keeps playing up in the attic, you can’t help but to become a fan because c’mon, it’s U2!


The Irish group performed in three parts: First part, they played their hits from the 80s that are outside of the Joshua Tree era, the second part was the entire Joshua Tree album, then the last part was an encore of their hits from various albums such as Achtung Baby, Boy, The Unforgettable Fire and All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

The band started the night with their iconic rock single Sunday Bloody Sunday to get our bloods pumping, followed by their hits from the 80s, New Year’s Day and Pride (In the Name of Love), to name a few.

The main setlist consisted all the tracks from the iconic album, down from opening track Where the Streets Have No Name to the album’s last track Mothers of the Disappeared. The night would not be complete without the crowd’s rock anthem I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, wherein the band made the audience sing the first half of the song, followed by the group’s most successful single With or Without You.

One of my favorite performances that night was Running to Stand Still. I personally think that U2 is at its best when their music is stripped down to basics, when it all gravitates down to the melody and lyrics. And this performance hits home.

And so she woke up, woke up from where she was lying still. She said, “I gotta do something about where we're going”. You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice. You know I took the poison, from the poison stream then I floated out of here.

The band ended the second set with a hit from their album Rattle and Hum, Desire.


After they ended the Joshua Tree set, the iconic rock band re-entered the stage as people started singing the intro of the Tomb Raider soundtrack Elevation. Followed by their single from their 2004 album, Vertigo, which I think is their most energetic performance that evening.

One song that struck me the most was Every Breaking Wave. The performance was again, stripped down to The Edge’s piano and Bono’s beautiful vocals, which made the song emotional, pure and heartfelt. Followed by their controversial song that sparked mixed political opinions from Manila crowd, Ultra Violet (Light My Way).

Politics aside, the number commemorates strong women who contributed to society by voicing out their beliefs. Some of the Filipinas projected in the ginormous screen were Maria Ressa, Cory Aquino, Marinel Ubaldo, in line with other influential women around the world like Ellen DeGeneres, Melinda Gates and Greta Thunberg.

“In our prayers, let's keep the journalists, the truth tellers, the activists who keep this country spiritually safe. We salute you!”, frontman Bono said.

As I have mentioned earlier, U2 is at its best when everything is stripped down to raw and pure talent, and for the finale song the band decided to end the night with One where Bono asked the tech team to turn down the stage lights and just enjoy the song with no flashy lights, effects and backdrops.

I just stood there, stuck in the moment (lol), watching the band take their final bow on stage. The band played a total of 25 songs that lasted for more than 2 hours. The fan girl in me was hoping that they would play my all-time U2 favorite – Stay (Faraway, so Close) from their 90s album Zooropa.

It has been 9 days, 12 hours and 33 minutes since the concert. I still have U2 concert hangover, and I think it will probably linger for quite longer. Thanks to MMI Live and Smart for making this historic concert happen.

There’s millennial lingo that goes, “Okay, Boomer..” which we say to our old generation titos and titas. But for this one, I have to say, “ALRIGHT, BOOMER!”, you guys have great taste in music!

Prior to the concert, we had a U2 pre-concert party at the Smart Music Live Lounge. Thanks to Smart, we early birds had a place to hangout before the concert started. We arrived in the Philippine Arena at around 3PM, and we were able to witness the exponential growth of the number of attendees lining up to claim their tickets, buy the official merch and to get in line for VIP standing.

Every breaking wave on the shore, tells the next one there'll be one more. And every gambler knows that to lose is what you're really there for. If you go? If you go your way and I go mine? Are we so? Are we so helpless against the tide? Are we ready to be swept off our feet, and stop chasing every breaking wave?

Blown away with Super Junior's charm to PH ELFs during Super Show 8 in Manila

I have a confession to make. I am an ELF since 2009. I love Super Junior for the past 10 years.

A day before my birthday last month, I got a gift to myself: to watch Super Junior's Super Show 8. Skipped their previous shows in Manila due to work schedule. I had the opportunity to see them perform during Best of Best in the Philippines in 2015.

Last December 15, Super Show 8 is King of Hallyu Wave's 5th concert in the country and last leg of the tour for 2019. It was held at Mall of Asia Arena. Fellow PH ELFs were ecstatic to see them again. I can't even imagine that I'm a few steps away from them yet giggled every song while they performing in front of us...PH ELFs! 

During the first ment, the hilarious Frozen 2 high note battle by Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Leeteuk makes everyone laughed out loud. Can't stop laughing when Hyukjae imitating Into The Unknown.  

Can't get enough laughing over their rap battle VCR. Everyone's repeating to Leeteuk's barking hahaha 😂

One of the fan projects is during "No Other" when we held different colors of heart made of card paper. We also raise a blue banner for the song, Believe.

One part of the show is when we chanted Kim Heechul and Lee Sungmin's name. As an ELF, I felt the love and support that we want to tell them no matter what happen. 💙

Fancam by Rizz Alba

Fancam by Laura Isabel Vergara

Famcam by Edlin Joy Abaigar

How can I drool about Donghae's dance? Fancam by Christian Melanie Lee

Save up for your iponing next year, PH ELFs! Leeteuk and Shindong said that they will release a new album and a two-day Super Show 9.   


Can't wait to watch again another concert from these guys next year. See you in SS9! 

Photo credit: @rochinixxii on Twitter

Super Show 8 Manila presented by SM Entertainment, Label SJ, Pulp Live World and Dream Maker Entertainment Limited.

Special thanks to Team VIP Standing B for the fancams.

Photo credits and GIF from Giphy: Christian Melanie Lee for Manila Concert Junkies

Things you didn't know about Eric Nam

Eric Nam is a Korean American singer-songwriter based in South Korea. Not to mention that he is also a well-known host in some variety shows for years in South Korea. Nam hosted "After School Club for three years which allows K-pop idols to connect with their international fans.

Eric Nam started his career in January 2013 when he first released his first EP, Cloud 9, with lead single "Heaven's Door".  Then, he has recently launched his first all English album in November 2019. The album carries his latest singles "Congratulations" and "Love Die Young".  Eric Nam is continually spreading his own style of music all over the world.

These are some of the facts about Eric Nam that you might not know yet! 

Eric Nam covered the song 2NE1's Lonely which actually went viral on Youtube

Eric posted a cover of 2NE1's "Lonely," on YouTube which became very popular. It even landed him a spot on the popular Korean program, "Birth of a Great Star 2." in 2011.

The singer-songwriter graduated cum laude from Boston College

Who would have thought that Eric graduated cum laude from Boston College? Amazing! He majored in international studies and he even accepted a position as a business analyst in New York City. Eric Nam already had a good career before pursuing his musical career. He is amazingly intelligent!

Aside from being a singer, Eric Nam can play both the piano and the cello

Can you imagine how talented Eric is? Obviously, he is capable of playing multiple instruments. In fact, he used to participate in his school orchestra.

He auditioned for SM Entertainment

Eric Nam auditioned for SM Entertainment when he was younger. Imagine Eric being in an SM group. However, his fate lies in being a solo singer who continuously shares good music globally.

He loves watching some on MTV and Disney Channel 

In one of his interviews, Nam mentioned that he grew up watching great content on MTV and the Disney Channel.

Get to know more about Eric Nam as he holds a concert The ‘Before We Begin 2020 World Tour’. Eric Nam will first perform around Asia including the Philippines. Catch him live at the New Frontier Theatre on January 10, 2020, brought to you by Onion Productions. You may get your tickets at - Eric Nam's official website and Ticketnet outlets.

VICTON Voice to Alice in Manila on December 21

Engaging into different genres of music, K-pop has been dominating and revolutionizing the music industry, with its different acts and outstanding performance stages, every time they perform, they leave the crowd in awe and wanting for more blazing performance. 

K-pop’s rising star VICTON, a boy group under Play M Entertainment, home to Korean Acts such as A-Pink, Huh Gak, and many more. They are a boy group that boasts diverse acts during their debut up until their recent comeback. Currently Seungwoo the leader of VICTON is active for Produce 101 Season 4 (Produce X) recently debuted group this year.

Before they debuted they had their reality show, where they showcased their growth and their struggles before debuting, and letting fans have a sneak peek on their daily life, and their preparations for their debut. It's a unique reality show, than what people expected.

During their debut days they showcased their boyish charms and lovable traits, while now with their recent comeback they showcased a whole new side of VICTON, with their dangerous charisma, hot dance moves, and sultry vocals.

They are a complete package group, with outstanding vocal prowess, sharp dancing skills, and spit-fire rapping, and lovable but unique personality and their soft elegant visuals.

Filipino fans have been waiting for their fanmeet here in the Philippines, rest assured that the boys won’t disappoint with their powerful performances and powerful vocals. 

Ready to have a nostalgic night with VICTON as they showcase their skills for the first time in Manila. 

Watch them live and get serenaded, get hyped and fall in love with them on December 21, 2019 at the SM Skydome SM North EDSA. Tickets are available at SM Tickets outlets and SM Tickets online and Ticket2Me. Ticket prices are at Php 8,500 (PEEP Perk), Php 7,500 (VIP), Php 6,500 (Gold), Php 2,500 (Gen Ad) with exciting fan benefits awaits each for ticket buyers!

For live updates follow PEEP Events and FanLive :



Eric Nam to hold his first concert in Manila next year

South Korean R&B singer, songwriter and TV personality Eric Nam will be having his first concert in the country next year. 

He was named GQ Korea's Man of the Year in 2016 and was part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2017. He was an Honorary Ambassador during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In January 2013, he released his first EP, Cloud 9. Then last month, Nam launched his first English album, Before We Begin which carries his latest singles, Congratulations, and Love Die Young,

Eric Nam Before We Begin in Manila will be held on January 10, 2020 at New Frontier Theatre. Get your tickets via Eric Nam's official website, Ticketnet outlets and Ticketnet online

Presented by Onion Production


Stuck in a moment during U2's The Joshua Tree Tour in Manila

It took 4 decades when Bono and the rest of the members of U2 held their first concert in the country as part of The Joshua Tree Tour last December 11 at Philippine Arena.

U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. wore a shirt with Philippines 11/12/19 printed on the back. Photo credit: Christian Melanie Lee for Manila Concert Junkies

It took me almost 30 years before I got a chance to watch U2 concert. Listening to their songs from the Zooropa album on the radio makes me feel better. When the announcement of The Joshua Tree Tour in Asia this year, I was ecstatic to watch it for the first time.

Finally, U2 performed for the first time in the country. Photo courtesy: Smart Music Live

With over 45,000 fans witnessed it as Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., and The Edge did the biggest rock concert of 2019 which the iconic Irish rock band performed their hits such as Beautiful Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Where The Streets Have No Name and Elevation. 

It took 4 decades to get us here in Manila. Now I realize we should have been here every year. - Bono. Photo courtesy: Smart Music Live

It was a special show in which the band reached 2,050th performance. "It took 4 decades to get us here in Manila. Now I realize we should have been here every year.", Bono said.

While we were waiting for the show to start, Smart subscribers had the opportunity to celebrate U2's first show in the country with local rock icons Rico Blanco, Francis Reyes, Barbie Almalbis, Buddy Zabala, Raimund Marasigan, and Basti Artadi at Smart Experiential Lounge.

Can't imagine that they sang 25 songs! Photo credit: Mike Ducusin

It's one for the books! The Joshua Tree Tour in Manila is made possible by MMI Live, Live Nation, and Prestige Worldwide in association with Smart.

For more updates and tickets giveaway, check out Smart's social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, follow the hashtag #SmartMusicLive or visit Smart Music Live's website.