Raving about The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Live In Manila: 'Don't You Fake It' Tour

Caren Gudiaga
It is a night full of pop rock nostalgia as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus performs all of the songs off their debut record, Don't You Fake It, in line with the 10th year anniversary since its release in 2006 in the Philippines. With three tour dates lined up from January 14-16 in SM City Fairview, SM City North EDSA Skydome and SM Seaside City Cebu, respectively, the Filipino fans are up for a major treat.

Here's the breakdown of all the tracks from the album that will take us all back on a trip down memory lane:

Track 1. In Fate's Hands

With lyrics that goes like "I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd, waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again. Now it seems I've found some friends who finally understand what it takes to make this dream come true, we'll be there till the end." it is like a promise of greater things ahead.

Track 2. Waiting

Their lyrics is one of their strongest points and this melodic track showed Ronnie's impressive vocals as well.

Track 3. False Pretense

This song is featured in the movie Never Back Down and also one of the singles making it one of the songs that got the crowd going.

Josh Burke showing off his guitar riffs

Track 4. Face Down

With domestic abuse as its theme and the catchy rhythm that this song apparently has, one cannot just resist but sing along. It is also one of their widely known songs worldwide.

Track 5. Misery Loves Its Company

"Beat but I'm not broken, guide me with your hand, lead me with your words spoken, show me how to listen. Let the light shine through me. Take this hate I can't release. Help me make the blind see. Misery loves its company."

Fun fact: This song is included in the Saw IV soundtrack.

Track 6. Cat and Mouse

The first ballad in the album. "You said that you would die for me but you must live for me, too." must be one of the iconic lines that clearly depicts the kind of relationship that is being implied in the song.

Track 7. Damn Regret

That feeling of regretting something but still pushing on with the charade. The crowd went wild, jamming along with this track.

Track 8. Atrophy

"They've sold you 
everything you need to fix you up 
and you feel good now but you can't wake up 
they found a way to reassure you 
that everything would be okay
reach out today now I emplore you 
to remember who you are."
A reminder to keep your focus to prevent your life from wasting away.

Randy Winter

Track 9. Seventeen Ain't So Sweet

"No one can stop you if you try
Point of rhythm is to follow it in time
To listen to the beating in your mind
Remember if you seek then you shall find.."

You are still young and the world is in your hands. Be not afraid to try to reach for your dreams.

Track 10. Justify

"See the Fake, everyday shaking hands of men, promising the end 
Hear Him speak of all the things that we need to hear, to adhere. "
One of their most sincere songs off the record, if one will listen closely. It's meaning may be subjective but it will make you think and reassess your life at some point.

Track 11. Your Guardian Angel

You would know what song is up next when all the phones and devices are up in the air. Your Guardian Angel is indeed the hands down favorite in the place. It even charted for quite some time on local radio stations/charts back in the day. It still has not lost its charm up to now, appealing to the sentimental being in all of us. What's even more endearing is that the band is joined by Ronnie Winter's wife as they perform this song and they even share a sweet kiss prior to the heartfelt performance. The band also added (and individually voted) on their interview after the show that ‘You Guardian Angel’ is the song for their Filipino fans.

"Our favorite place to play is here with you guys in the Philippines" - Ronnie Winter

Track 12. The Grim Goodbye

"And I've tried just to separate dreams from reality 
Try to satisfy this wanting, 
Try to stay righteous, try to stay sober, 
but then, I can't win."

The whole fate thing went in full circle with this track. Moreover, the song has started heavy and emotional leading to a rather climactic ending and it offers a lot of potential, musically, to what RJA's sound should really be about back then.


The band has been very vocal about the Philippines being their favorite place to perform, in addition to Ronnie Winter's wife being half-Filipina that makes the tour even more special. They covered an old hit "Bakit Ba Ganiyan" with his wife on lead vocals.

They ended the night with Am I The Enemy from their second album of the same name as a bonus to all the fans.

Ronnie Winter teased the Filipino fans about their next album. 2017 will be their year to record and it is entitled "The Awakening". 

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is composed of siblings Ronnie Winter (guitar and lead vocals) and Randy Winter (guitar, scream and second vocals), Josh Burke (lead guitar), Joey Westwood (bass) and John Espy (drums). There have been line-up changes since but the band has been together for 13 years. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut record (released in July 18, 2006), the Don't You Fake It Tour is presented by SM Supermalls and Pulp Live World.

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Photo Credit: Caren Gudiaga