He Said, She Said: Why do we love The 1975?

Team Manila Concert Junkies
Everyone loves The 1975! Several months ago, the lads from Manchester swoon over the hearts of Filipino fans as they performed during the two day mall tours which Ayala Malls hosted last March. And the lads set to return our shores on January 24, 2015.
//The 1975: Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, Matt Healy and George Daniel//
Image source: Tiq IQ

As Matt Healy, Ross MacDonald, George Daniel and Adam Hann, known for their songs that has ethereal and synth pop sound.

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They formed in 2004 while studying at Wilmslow High School in Manchester, as they played punk rock in numerous local club in the area. The band's first EP, "Facedown" released in 2012. One of the featured tracks on the said EP, "The City", hit the UK national radio in August of the said year. And the rest is history!

A lot of our friends wondering why we love The 1975. They are curious why we're listening to their songs. Here's our take:

He said:  The moment I heard of Chocolate, I instantly hooked to The 1975. When I met them last March, being a fan...they're cool and their songs makes my day. 

She said: I've been listening to a wide array of genres especially indie rock since high school. And exploring a lot of eargasmic songs whether it's on the radio or playing random songs on Spotify, it hit me back upon listening to one of The 1975 songs, "Falling For You" while searching for new tracks online few months ago. Suddenly moved my tears while eavesdropped over the said song. From that moment, I became a fan and even downloaded all of their singles on my phone.

//We're dressed in black, head to toe. We'll smell like chocolate.// Image source: Sound Motion Mag

A month after they visited Manila last March, I really regret to swing by Fairview Terraces (take note: 5-10 minutes drive from my place) that day when they performed in the Activity Area of the said plush mall. Some of my favey The 1975 songs are Heart Out, Falling For You, Me, Chocolate, The City, and Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You. Whenever I see Matty's photos online, it drives me crazy! LOL