Unforgettable up close and personal with Chvrches in Manila

Christian Melanie Lee
Last August, I had a conversation with co-founder Ian on the upcoming tour of Scottish synthpop band, Chvrches in the country. At that time, I started to get hooked over Lauren's beautiful voice on Spotify.(Thanks Ian for the recommendation! :D ).

We're supposed to watch the concert but I was ecstatic to learn that time that they will visit Manila for the first time a day after my birthday.

A week before the big day when my friend offered me her extra pass for the meet and greet which she won in an online contest conducted by Vybe Productions. Delighted to meet them up close and personal, and I can't even imagine myself on how to tell them that I really like all of their songs.

11.26.14, 4:30 pm, Samsung Hall, SM Aura

With a horrible traffic along Forbes on my way to the venue, I thought I'm late for the meet and greet sesh. Minutes after I arrived at Samsung Hall, we were told that to get ready to meet Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook. 

At first, my hands are shaking while I dolled up wearing customized Chvrches shirt from Fandom Capital. When it's my turn to meet them, I was totally speechless when Martin had a lil chat with me while he signed my notebook and my friend's vinyl sleeve (I asked my friend to carry my tix and signed by them). I was overwhelmed when they noticed my shirt. So adorbs when they told me the shirt's awesome. (It's glow in the dark, FYI.)

Two hours of waiting and we're finally got in. When the door for the VIP section opened, me, Henri and my new found friends Janine, Jio, Peny hurried ourselves going towards the stage. DJ Joey Santos opened up the stage, along with Brisom (my new favorite band!) and Autotelic. 

DJ Joey Santos with Lux Leigh

Brisom's in the house!


I was yelling so loud when Chvrches came up on stage and sang "We Sink". Luckily, I had a great spot near the stage and enjoyed every moment listening to their songs. The concergoers went wild as they performed Lies, Gun, Night Sky, The Mother We Share, Dead Air and By The Throat. The funniest thing that night when a guy besides me almost hug me when he saw Lauren on stage. :D

Amused over how Lauren played the microphone, Martin strut his stuff while belting out Under The Tide and Iain made the jampacked crowd in awe as we sang all the songs on the setlist. 

Best night of my life! Met Chvrches and my first meet and greet. :)

A night to remember. Post birthday gift to myself...I can't stop staring all the photos that I took that night will always be one of the best concert I've been to this year. Thank you to my friend, Henri Villegas for giving me the spare pass for the Meet and Greet. Kudos to Vybe Production for bringing Chvrches in the country.

Above is my friends' post on IG. She got a copy of the setlist that night. So lucky!

Onto the next concert adventure soon!