An enchanted evening with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane in Manila

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I know a lot of you missed out to watch Jason Mraz and Raining Jane last week. Me and Ian didn't see them performed due to our hectic workload. 

We're sharing with you April De Guzman's concert experience during Mraz's YES tour:

"It takes a thought to make a word, and it takes some words to make an action.." and it takes a mirophone and some musical instruments to deliver such powerful messages through the form of music and banters by the genius man that is Jason Mraz.

Photo credit:Jovelyn Lao

It was a night full of positivity and heartfelt realization as Jason Mraz takes the Philippine stage for the fourth time, this time with the equally talented all-girl band, Raining Jane last November 27, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

What's not to like about the man, anyway? You may be living under a rock if you have not heard of his hits "The Remedy", "You and I Both", "I'm Yours" and "I Won't Give Up" at least once in you life making you  like the man by default. No need for extravagant stage designs and effects, the talent is more than enough.

Photo credit:Jovelyn Lao

The Raining Jane started the almost three hours of pure bliss with songs,  "The Opposite of Blue" and "From Me To You". This band composing of Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Chaska Potter and Mona Tavakoli, they have  been playing music, writing and touring together for over a decade and it was evident on the musical chemistry that they had on stage. They are such a joy to watch and it is refreshing to hear an all-girl band on the eclectic rock-folk genre. They were gushing about the warm welcome of the Filipino making this trip one of their favourites. Also, later on it was revealed that they co-wrote Jason Mraz's  A Beautiful Mess And it is downright impressive.

Then their time is up (but not really because they have played with Jason all throughout the show giving it a more personal vibe given that they usually jam on their backyards and create music together even back home) and in great pleasure they have introduced the main man, Jason Mraz to the ever enthusiastic fans. He opened the set with Life Is Wonderful which somehow has given the fans an idea on what to expect with the whole show. It became a reminder of how life is wonderful to be wasted on worrying about things and the things that we do not have any control. The album Yes which is also the title of the headlining tour is mainly about spreading positivity and basically saying Yes to Life. Admittedly, though, he's said that it was hard to stay positive especially these days with all the nasty and bad stuff that is happening everywhere. But like somebody who is on the verge of a writer's block, one should not stop. Write and write something until something fruitful comes out. One has to start on something, and eventually everything will fall in its respective places.

Photo credit:Jovelyn Lao

Below is the setlist for the night. To be honest, one will barely notice the number of songs that he did  (Has it really been that lot?) because through his funny antics and banters ranging from funny, crazy up to the inspiring ones, he has definitely delivered and made sure that everyone would have a real good time.

Life Is Wonderful
Sweet Dreams/The Dynamo of Volition medleyThings
I Take The Music
Hello, You Beautiful Thing
Make It Mine
A Beautiful Mess
3 Things
Back To The Earth
Mr. Curiosity
Bottom of the Sea
Love Someone
Song For A Geek
Only Human
Long Drive
The Remedy (acoustic)
93 Million Miles
I'm Yours

I Won't Give Up
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Offering the crowd not only his pure talent and awesome music but throughout the show, he has also made it known the causes that he supports and why people should follow his example (though he does not directly state it). One thing would be that part where he has showed and simultaneously played a video of their recent trip to the Antartica where the effects of global warming is evident, along with the impressive wildlife that is out there. All of this while performing Bottom of the Sea live and in-synched live on stage which is quite impressive and has served as an eye-opener to everyone. He has also mentioned that most of the crew on this trip are Filipino and that has elicited a loud cheer from the crowd.

There was also a point where he has acknowledged the group of local supporters/fan club that is present who has organized a tree-planting activity on his behalf also adding that farming and the trees will serve as our "legacy to the future generations".

Prior to the end, he has changed thr lyrics of the last song to "It's so hard to say goodbye to the Philippines.." and said, "Kitakits! Salamat po!" giving the crowd angreat satisfaction and more things to look forward.

All in all, seeing Jason Mraz and the Raining Jane live is a wonderful experience that one should have at least once in his/her lifetime. Not only will he satisfy your musical cravings with his pure talent but he will enlighten you and remind you to choose to be happy no matter what, to choose to lead the good life and continue to bless others through your existence.

And for once, you will never regret saying YES.

Can't get enough of Jason and Raining Jane? The album Yes is now available on iTunes and can also be streamed on Spotify.

Opening lyrics from: Life Is Wonderful - Jason Mraz