Get to know more about Brad Go and The Hush Project

Christian Melanie Lee
It's the love month! Hey...have you met "The One"?

Filipino-American singer/songwriter Brad Go held his Social Media launch last February 5 for his album, The Hush Project. After he raised over $10,000 on a campaign thru Kickstarter, he travelled 8 cities around the world (Barcelona, Tokyo, Melbourne, Singapore, Palermo, Berlin, Manila, and Paris.), he documented it via Brad's YouTube channel. Upon his return to the country, he brought it with eight original composition for the said album.

The inspiration for the album while he was in New York, Brad met a girl on a rainy evening and offered his umbrella on September 2012. A brief romance sparked between the two of them which he started to write songs inspired by his love story. This was led to the creation of his blog, Have U Seen Her.

Hmmm....I'm getting an idea to share my love story to Brad. LOL! The Hush Project is released by MCA Music Philippines.

*Photo credit to Janina Espiritu