How The 1975 makes our heart out during #The1975MNL

Team Manila Concert Junkies
You have no idea what happened during the second visit of the lads from Manchester, The 1975 in Manila last January 24 at MOA Arena.

Last September, we anticipated the announcement of their concert...can't even imagine how ecstatic we are when we heard the news about it. Countdown began on our Instagram account during the first day of ticket sale. Co-founder Ayan got her ticket first in November; Ian's supposed tix got void by SM Tickets. Luckily, she finally held his tix few days before Christmas.

January 24: The big day that we waited for 3 months. Notifications from our social media channels blasted off when Matty, Adam, Ross and George arrived at the airport a day before the gig...and even months before the concert, a lot of The 1975 fans like us drool over their second visit in our country.

The moment the show started, the crowd went wild. Both seated in the VIP section, we stood in our seats and informal moshpit created by the concertgoers (mostly girls) got crazier when they started it with "The City".

21 songs from their awesome setlist. At the top of our lungs, can you imagine we sang Chocolate, Robbers, You, Girls and She Way Out in our seats? Upon playing "Heart Out", the crowd sang along as Matty flipped his curly hair, and walked barefoot on stage. A lot of us awaited "Sex"...suddenly the chant "We want sex!" echoed the entire arena.

Photo credit: Julia Labayen

One of the highlights of the magical evening with the lads was when frontman Healy told us to light up our mobile phones as they performed "Me". Matty announced that they will go straight to Manila after the release of their second album. We heard a lot of people cried during the "Me" part. As for Ayan, she cried during Me and Falling For You. Awesome setlist x superb performance by The 1975 = can't wait for their second album soon.

  • The City
  • Milk
  • Money
  • So Far
  • Talk
  • She Way Out
  • An Encounter
  • Settle Down
  • Heart Out
  • Pressure
  • Me
  • Falling For You
  • You
  • Menswear
  • Girls
  • Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You
  • Medicine
  • Robbers
  • Chocolate
  • Sex