Filipino IGOT7s Gathers at Gateway Cineplex for the Pre-Selling Event of Got7 First Fan Meeting in the Philippines

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Hundreds of Filipino IGOT7s lined up inside Gateway Cineplex yesterday during the ticket pre-selling event for Got7 First Fan Meeting in the Philippines.

Some IGOT7s were already at the venue as early as 5:30 am to get the first 400 SVIP tickets that have perks: either Photo op or Hi touch with the members of Got7.

cr. to All Access Production

While other ticket holders VIP, Gold, and Silver were still waiting in line for their turn, All Access Production (AAP) started playing Got7 official music videos: Girls Girls Girls, A, Stop Stop it, and Just Right to which IGOT7 happily sang along.

IGOT7s scream their hearts out when AAP releases a glimpse of Got7's video message for the fan meet (watch video above) where English speaking AmeriThaiKong members Mark, Bambam, and Jackson lead the group. Also, the group spoke in tagalog saying "Mabuhay Philippines" and "Salamat Po"showing their gratitude to the fans.

Got7 fanmeet is basically an event with artist-fan interactions but is also a concert type, with games, interviews, plus performances -- within the duration of two (2) hours. It is set on November 14, 2015 at the Araneta Coliseum.


Official ticket sales are set today August 31, 2015. IGOT7s can buy tickets at Ticketnet outlets nationwide and their website:

Ticket cost:

SVIP - Php 7,875
VIP - Php 5,775
Gold - Php 3,675
Silver - Php 2,100