Our 10 chosen blogs for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

Team Manila Concert Junkies
This year, after three blogs that one of our co-founders Ayan (Melanie) established, she collaborated with Ian who also love music and watching concerts. It's started with a Facebook chat which led them to form Manila Concert Junkies in July 2014.

We enjoyed watching our favorite bands and sharing news about OPM, K-Pop and other music genres on our social media channels. We decided to add three energetic contributors to sum up the meaning of a concert junkie.

Our team gathered 10 chosen pick for this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs are:

  • Baby, JetSet, Go - We love the concept of this blog. They valued the essence of family bonding.
  • Chef Jay's Kitchen - A food blog which dedicated the awesome foodie finds in the Metro. Browse Jay's entries and you might find your favorite restos that he reviewed on Zomato.
  • RachFeed - if you want to know the latest news and entertainment buzz, recommended blog to read on. Ayan admired the owner of this blog, Palau-based Charlie Montemayor who dedicated his time for this blog.
  • Doctor Eamer's Blog - a blog about love and relationship. For those who's broken-hearted and love to read this kind of articles, check this out!
  • Rookie Mommy Ph- a mommy blog shares pregnancy tips and real-life experiences to her readers. Must read for those who have some plans to get married and first time moms.
  • Runner Rocky- for those into sports, this blog focused on the latest fun runs and tips for those who want to join marathons and triathlons.
  • Health Frontiers and More - If you're a health buff and want to know more about, Cherryl Luis' blog give you an idea about the medical terms and how can a disease can be cure. 
  • Jon to the World - inspired over this travel blog. Jon detailed his adventurous side. A must-read blog for those planning to travel the country.
  • Artful Chapter - We're amazed over this blog. A 11-years old named Ada shared her talent in taking great photos and artworks in this blog.
  • Frugalyetfab -another mommy blog who chronicled about motherhood, beauty tips, and other interesting topics that anyone can relate.