15 years of great music with Kamikazee #KamikazeeHulingSayaw

Caren Gudiaga
Last Thursday night, Kamikazee's last concert, Huling Sayaw was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

As expected, fans of Kamikazee from different parts of the country went to The Big Dome for the last time. Just before they stepped on stage, three local bands supported them such as Queso, Chicosci and Urbandub.

People came earlier and long queue towards the Red Gate section of Araneta Coliseum waiting to get inside the venue; I can’t imagine that moment before until I see it with my own eyes. People came to see Kamikazee’s farewell show tonight! Some fans came from different parts of the Philippines and they travelled so far just to be part of this one of a kind show.

Crowd went wild every time they hear sounds of guitar, drums and even mic checking. Excited? Just kidding. But the crowd went wilder when Queso enters the stage, the first band that played.

Queso's Ian Tayao fired out the stage

Chicosci's Miggy Chavez 

Urbandub's Gabby Alipe

Miggy, Mong, Calde, Ariel and Macoy turn to kill the stage! Chicosci opens up the show with 'Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load)' then their second song 'Vampire Social Club' and ended up with 'Paris'. They really nailed it!

People were all screaming when Urbandub enters the stage. Same fate with Kamikazee - Urbandub also did a farewell show last May 9, 2015 entitled “Endless”. Urbandub serenade the Araneta crowd with their hits 'Endless a Silent Whisper', 'The Fight Is Over', 'Soul Searching' and 'First of Summer'.  

Araneta Coliseum getting hotter (literally) maybe because we are all dying to see Kamikazee. They’re the main reason of this show and thank you to the 3 bands for warming us up.

One of the hilarious part during the concert when Jay chose a fan near the stage. And the girl want to kiss Jomal, instead of Jay. LOL

Can we all just appreciate the amazing set-up of the venue? From the main stage with a ramp stage connecting to the second stage (where Queso, Chicosci and Urbandub had played), the giant LCD and the LED lights on the stage. Very spectacular! Kudos!

Kamikazee were all shocked when they saw the crowd inside the Araneta. They can’t believe that they can fill up the 15,000 capacity of the coliseum. “Totoo ba yan? Wow!” Jay continuously saying every time he looks around the venue. “Kaya pala natin (punuin)  Araneta Coliseum eh!”. Jay even jokingly said that they should just do the ‘Huling Sayaw’ at Saguijo (a bar where they always play) so it will be a sold out show instantly.

“Kami po yung Kamikazee galing Pilipinas. At ito na po yung huling tugtog namin”. The crowd laughs at Jay’s crazy banters on stage.

“Hindi niyo alam kung gaano kami kasaya. Huwag kayong malungkot”.

Contreras say his appreciation to Spicy Lemon, a Dubai based concert promoters and producers that produced the ‘Huling Sayaw’ concert.  “Sabi nila, sila na daw bahala, naniwala kami”. Jay continuous his story on how the Huling Sayaw started. “Alam niyo ba unang plano namin? Ang plano namin 500php lang lahat (ticket price in all sections) pero hindi pwede ‘yon!” Jay laughs. “Yung nilabas nila yung ticket (prices), the night before di kami makatulog lahat ***ina walang manunood sa atin! Kasi kahit ako hindi pupunta, ang mahal 650php!” The crowd laughs.

“Ibang lahi sila pero mas naniniwala sila sa amin kaysa kami na naniniwala sa sarili namin”. Jay said referring to the concert producers (Spicy Lemon). The band still can’t believe it really happened.

Kamikazee fans sing the song with the band and sometimes Jay let the fans sing their songs. That’s very intimate.

The band played a snippet of 'Halaga' by Parokya ni Edgar and 'The Day You Said Goodnight' by Hale. Everyone’s laughing real hard. They never fail to entertain the crowd.

Before the Encore, Jay called out his special guest to sing with him on stage. Everyone thought Parokya ni Edgar's Chito Miranda but it's Kyla and they sang Huling Sayaw. Seriously, I got goosebumps listening to it live, outstanding performance from the two.

Jay called out two girls to join him on stage and will let them kiss him anywhere. Woah!

The band thanked everyone that being part of them for 15 years, their families and of course the fans.

One last time + 15 years of great music shared by Kamikazee to their fans

Kamikazee had marked the biggest influence in the local music industry and it’s a big lost in the OPM without them. But idolizing Kamikazee will be a step for everyone to love OPM more. 15 years of music is such a great achievement to a band. It’s time for them to focus now on their own life (outside the music scene), to discover more, and grow more as person. They’ve been there with us everywhere – different shows like school fair, concerts, events, bar gigs etc. Kamikazee offered most of their time with us rather than with their own family and relatives. Now, after the Huling Sayaw, we will give that to them. Kamikazee will always remain in our hearts (and in our playlist no matter what happen). Cliché it may sound but THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, KAMIKAZEE.


Seksi Seksi
Unang Tikim
Hanggang Tingin
Martyr Nyebera
Sobrang Inet
Huling Sayaw

Yung Tagalog
Doobie Doo

Photo credits: Randall Viloria and Patrick Lasanas for Manila Concert Junkies