A Grand Romantic Night with Nate Ruess

At last, American singer-songwriter Nate Ruess has arrived in the Philippines, we felt nothing but love and admiration over the former lead vocalist of the Grammy award-winning American indie-pop/alternative-rock band Fun. IƱigo Pascual front acts for the show.

“What’s up Manila? I’ve always wanted to go to Manila. This is the first time,” greets Nate Ruess to his rejoicing Pinoy fans.

Nate Ruess’ one night stopover is a great way to start the year, proving his ability to rock in front of his Filipino fans and invade their souls with music. Nate opened with the “Great Big Storm,” a melancholic new song from his debut solo album Grand Romantic following his first single "Nothing Without Love" and "AhHa." The song tackles despair and self-struggle lyrically while we felt only joy watching him live.

His dance moves were contagious. “Carry On,” “Nothing Without Love” and “We are Young” are three of the most recognizable songs and highlights of his performances that fans had been waiting for to be performed.

The band also has an outstanding orchestrations, they created a smashing connection with the audience all throughout the concert. We are impressed with their pop rock influences that makes us all a congregation of Nate.

“Give me a second to compose myself, I am so freakin’ excited to be here. This is freakin’ crazy, I never thought I’d get to come here and I’ve always wanted to come like on a vacation. Now I’d got to come and perform infront of you guys. So thank you,” continues Nate as he introduces his next popular song, “Just Give Me A Reason.” I remember this song has gone viral here in the Philippines. I, myself experienced an all week LSS with this heavy song. It’s music video also became viral on Facebook.

Today, it has less than 500M views on You Tube, a song Nate originally collaborated and co-wrote with American pop star Pink. With this song, he got everyone in the theater to sing with him. It’s like a duet with the audience and I’ve never seen anything like it. It signifies how this song has captured the hearts of the Filipino audience.

Nate Ruess had a chance to share some random facts about his love for sports specially golf and basketball. “Let me talk a couple of things. I wanna talk about the PBA finals. Now seriously, I’m obssessed with basketball and one of the things that I knew about the Philippines is all about basketball. Basketball and golf are the two things I actually care about. So If you need someone to sing for the Philippine national singing team, think of me,” says Nate providing the fans more incredibly fun details.

The band pulled off more songs from the new record and a better lively non-stop moves. Other songs include: "Light My Fire," "Let's Go Crazy," "Oceans," "What This World," "Rocketman," and "Harsh Light." I love Nate’s convincing moments with the audience to sing with him all the “la la's and “na na” harmonies.

The show ended strong, “We will do one more song and I wanna come back soon. Hope you guys have a beautiful evening and until next time but before next time we better get it all out, okay? I love you Manila!” tells Ruess as encore “Snails” and “Some Nights,” this song hold more upbeat and full boundless energies. “Some Nights” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and has also won in the 2013 Grammys.

Nate Ruess live in Manila has been a powerhouse and definitely an empowering one to those yuppies like me in order to finish a week of a hard days work. He won not only the rock crowd over at Kia Theather but also our hearts and soul as we appreciate Nate vocal theatrics, musicality and style. Indeed, it’s a great and a grand romantic night with Nate Ruess! Nate Ruess Live in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live.