Jack Jones serenades songs from the heart

Christian Melanie Lee
Last December 29, 2015, two-time Grammy Award pop-jazz singer Jack Jones held his two-night concert at KIA Theatre (formerly known as New Frontier Theatre) and Novotel Manila. A lot of music enthusiasts from all ages went to watch the first night of his concert.

Talented kids from the Kilyawan Consortium of Voice started up the night with some Christmas songs. Gerphil Flores, known for her stint at Asia's Got Talent wowed the crowd with her singing prowess.

In awe with these kids from Kilyawan Consortium of Voice

I was amazed when singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan sang some of his songs such as Deep in My Heart, Beautiful Girl, and Tell Me Your Name. Felt goosebumps when I heard the songs.

When 77-year old Jones stepped in, I was stunned over his powerful voice. I didn't realized that he was the one who popularized the songs such as The Impossible Dream, Love Boat, and What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life. He enjoyed performing on stage. I was stunned over the age bracket at Kia Theatre. I saw some avid fans who are younger than me (I don't want to reveal my age. LOL). Heard of some of his songs from my dad who loves some classic songs.

Special thanks to Royal Chimes Concerts and Events, Inc. and Manco Productions, Inc. for this great opportunity to cover the said concert.