EXO brings two night of great KPOP music in Manila #GlobeKPop #EXOluXionInManila

Christian Melanie Lee
Last January 23 and 24, Pulp Live World, Dream Maker Entertainment, S.M. Entertainment, and Glove Telecom held the biggest KPOP concert in Manila, EXO Planet 2 - The EXO' luXion.

Pinoy EXO-Ls excited to see Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun, Kai, Xiumin, D.O., Chen and Baekhyun performed on stage. One of our photographers, Benedict and his niece watched the first night.

EXO showed their dancing skills as they opened the show with “Overdose," Some of the songs that became part of their setlist are Sing For You, Unfair, and Baby Don't Cry.

With a massive crowd, huge stage and colorful silver lights, EXO'luXion was among the best KPOP concert held in the country. Fan projects were held during the first day, EXO-Ls held aloft banners with "We Promise Forever". 

Did you know that Chanyeol visited the Philippines nine years ago to study? Meanwhile, Xiumin and Kai wasn't able to dance along with the members of EXO due to their injuries. “I’m really sad that I couldn’t dance with the members. I really would like to have a concert in the Philippines every year,” said Xiumin.

The boys are grateful for the warmest crowd that they received during their two-night concert. Thank you Globe Telecom for a wonderful #GlobeKPOP experience.


1. Overdose
2. History
3. El Dorado
4. Don't Go
5. Playboy
6. Baby Don't Cry - Suho, Baekhyun, D.O & Chanyeol
7. My Answer - Baekhyun, Suho & D.O
8. The Star
9. Exodus
10. Peter Pan
11. XOXO
12. Lucky
13. 3.6.5
Ment + Hawak Kamay
14. Christmas Day
15. First Snow
16. Miracles In December - Baekhyun, Chen & D.O
17. Full Moon
18. Machine (Remix)
19. Drop That
20. Let Out The Beast (Remix)
21. Run (Remix)
22. Call Me Baby
23. Growl
Talk + PHIXO
24. Love Me Right
25. Sing For You
Talk + D.O & Kai's Birthday
26. Unfair