Caren Gudiaga

June 24, 2016 – many have been waiting for this event and finally the biggest music festival had finally begun. From last year’s MTV Music Evolution – they focus more on hip-hop, but this year, it’s more on Pop. The good thing was, the event is FREE!  
The line-up consists of – JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) who just started as “on-screen love team” and became official couple last February. #TeamReal the fans called to them. The father and son – The “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano and the “Super Selfie King” Gab Valenciano. The K-Pop sensation Apink, who performed for the first time in Manila. The LA trio Far East Movement drops their rad dance music skills. The very talented singer/ performer Bebe Rexha who is also known for her good song writing skills and this year’s headliner OneRepublic showing off their passion in music to all Filipino fans.

We’re very lucky to witness this big event and very thankful to MTV for bringing these artists in one stage performing to us live. 

The show started at 7pm. MTV VJ’s Alan Wong, Andre Parras, Hanli Hoefer and Yassi Pressman hosted the event. People at Mall of Asia concert grounds were all excited! Rain or shine, the show must go on! 

Gary and Gab Valenciano

During the press con, Sir Gary said that the event is more on promoting the country. He’s very proud to be part of this event showing his talent, his passion in music and at the same time he is performing with his son Gab.

Gab Valenciano also shared his experience on making his videos and it just started out of boredom. You’ll never know when will you succeed, sometimes you get to your highest point in life during your lowest point in life. He made videos because he was depressed but he never expect that those videos he uploaded gone viral and made him through on where he is right now. He also said that you should stop comparing yourself to others because there is always a better one than you, just be yourself and don’t give up.

The performance they showed was beyond my expectation. Sir Gary is really a veteran when it comes to singing and dancing. Added by Gab that makes the performance more fun. They performed “Hataw Na” which is my favorite in their performance, “Babalik Ka Rin, “Di Bale Na Lang” and “Sayaweh”. The Valenciano’s were the perfect performer to open the show. People in all ages danced to their song even though it rains in the middle of their performance. Rain can't stop us!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre 

The two were so excited for MTV Music Evolution and a lot of fans were all ecstatic to see them perform. No doubt this love team is so phenomenal. They are not just an actor/ actress that we see in telenovelas but they are also a great performer, a total package for a great artist.

They sang “Para-paraan”, James Reid’s “Randomantic” and for the first time Nadine performs her song “Me and You”. James Reid also sang a cover from Drake’s “One Dance” and ended their set with “Bahala Na”.  Upon watching the two, you can really see that they are very dedicated on what they’re doing. They all do this because they want to give back the love that their fans showing to them. 

Bebe Rexha

Do you know the song “The Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna? Bebe Rexha wrote that song. The hit got quadruple platinum. From her $200 bank account, she had million dollars now because of that song. “The Monster” saved her life.

Bebe Rexha is not just a great performer but also a great song writer. She’s been a writer for almost 10 years now and she wasn’t expecting that because she just wants to perform.  She really knows how to handle a show. She actually had some mic failure during her performance but she just makes fun out of it.

It’s getting hotter and hotter in the pit while Bebe Rexha playing her famous hits like “Take Me Home”, “Me, Myself and I”, and some of the songs she wrote like “The Monster” and “Hey Mama”. She also performs my favorite “No Broken Hearts”. I can’t believe I’m watching one of the biggest stars right now and I like her outfit by the way, too much pink and she’s very pretty with all that sweat.


We can’t hide the fact that most of the concert goers at MTV Music Evolution are Pink Pandas (Apink fanatic). They’re very entertaining and so cute! The outfit, the choreography, the production were all great. No doubt they’re very famous here in our country. They put an amazing performance to everyone.

They gave color to the show and fans are all getting crazy in each song they perform. Apink performed “Remember”, “Mr. Chu”, “Attracted to You”, “No No No” and “Luv”. I know fans are expecting now for a solo concert soon but who knows? It’s not impossible. 

Far East Movement

“Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6!” Can’t believe this song, Like a G6, was released 5 years ago today taking my memory back when I go to clubs way back in college. But my love for live music in concerts and music festival are still the best for me. No one can beat that kind of experience.

Good thing EDM is so mainstream and some music festival caters different kind of genres in one show. I got to ask Far East Movement during the press conference in what to expect from them during the performance and they said that they want to showcase more on their production, blending of sounds and beats out from their turntables and controllers and they assure the fans will have a great night. They performed “Like a G6”, “Rocketeer”, “Turn Up the Love” and “The Illest”. Kev Nish said that they’re going to have a new album, so watch out for it, definitely a great one. 


Wow just WOW! Did I just say it twice? They’re really deserved to be the MTV Music Evolution 2016 headliner. Once I found out that One Republic is going to perform for MTV Music Evolution, I never had any second thoughts “I WILL GO AND WATCH MTV MUSIC EVO BECAUSE OF ONEREPUBLIC”.

Ryan Tedder shared his thoughts during the press conference and he compared music to food. You can’t eat the same food every day. If you want this certain kind of food you have to learn how to do it so you can eat different kind of food. Just like in music, you should adapt the change, so people will not get tired hearing the same music every day. That’s why OneRepublic is still a thing until now. I never get tired of their music.

The show is not yet started but the beat of the drums is already playing and I knew its “Love Runs Out”, that’s their first song they played.  Followed by “Secrets”, my all-time favorite “Stop and Stare”, and “Good Life”. *after encore* Ryan Tedder returned to the stage and play a solemn piano-solo and started singing “Apologize”. He also said that Filipinos are one of the genuine people he met. He still clearly remember the experience they had on their Araneta Coliseum concert in 2013. They also performed “Counting Stars”, their latest single “Wherever I Go”, “I Lived” and Ryan also sang “Burning Bridges” in acapella and wow “It’s higher than I thought?” he said after. Ryan is such a great singer. Although it’s live, and some artists find it hard to perform live music, but to Ryan it’s so easy peasy. They close the show with “If I Lose Myself”. Such a great production, a great way to end the night, mark our faces with a smile on our way home.

MTV is such a prestigious show! I love everything-  on how the staff accommodated us from press conference in Sofitel to the venue. MTV Music Evolution is getting better every year. Thank you so much MTV Asia, MTV Pinoy and VIMN Asia. 

The MTV Music Evolution 2016 premieres on MTV on Tuesday, July 19 at 8pm (PH).

Repeat airings (PH):

  • Wednesday, July 20 at 12:00am
  • Thursday, July 21 at 11:30am
  • Saturday, July 23 at 2:30pm
  • Sunday, July 24 at 8:00pm
  • Monday, July 25 at 2:00pm

Press conference photos by: Mike Yap and Caren Gudiaga  
Live performance photos by: MTV Asia, Kristian Dowling, Ferdie Arquero, Jasper Lucena and Kris Rocha

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Thank You, MTV!