Korean R&B Singer DEAN Brings 'TRBL' in Manila

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South Korea's R&B singer DEAN performed yesterday at SM City North EDSA Skydome to promote his debut EP entitled "130 MOOD: TRBL" distributed by MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).

"130 MOOD: TRBL" was Dean's first EP album. The meaning of title -- '130' was kind of symbol of James Dean as he put the number 130 on his car. It was revealed that Dean has been inspired by James Dean. 'TRBL' stands for 'trouble' and it's from Dean's nickname 'Dean TRBL'. The whole album was in reverse order of one man's love story, from falling in love with a 21-year-old girl to suffering heartbreak, which seems to be a part of our life.


Opening acts Krissy and DJ Church and Bless hyped up the Rebels (Dean's fandom name), with their pop-acoustic performance and upbeat music mixes, as rebels wait for Dean to come up on stage.

Red lights and Rebels' scream signaled Dean's appearance with his English-language pump up track 'Put Your Hands On You'.

After greeting the fans 'Thank you for waiting. I miss you guys so much', the charismatic performer moved on to present"130 MOOD: TRBL" title tracks '21', 'What 2 do', and 'Half Moon', which PH Rebels energetically sang along.

Astonished with the Rebel's response, Dean says: "Thank you so much PH, I Love You" and bowed before he went backstage.

"Bitin" with his performance, PH Rebels shouted "We Want More!"

Dean got back on stage with his bass heavy trance track "Pour Up!"

Bringing the promotional tour to a close, DEAN performed his last song "I'm Not Sorry" and bow down again to the Rebels as a sign of gratitude: "Thank you so much guys, see you soon", he said before leaving the stage.

Some lucky rebels got the chance to meet and greet 'Dean' backstage right after he finish his performance.

All VIP ticket holders had their CDs signed by Dean himself!!!

#DEANinMNL was presented by MCA Music, Smart, SM North Skydome, Marco Polo Ortigas, and Astroplus.

Photos by: Benedict Bigalbal