Solenn Heussaff bares her heart in her third album

Christian Melanie Lee
Platinum recording artist Solenn Heussaff returns to the music scene this month with the release of her third album titled “Solenn” under Universal Records.

According to the sultry Filipino-French songstress, she chose “Solenn” as the title as she wanted it to be a reflection of her current life status.

“We have been working on this album since last year, but we decided to release it now, as I begin a new stage in my life, says the passionate Filipino-French songstress.

The multihyphenated artist got married to Argentine businessman Nico Bolzico last May in Combourg, France. Among other things, Solenn maintains a busy schedule as as she is currently part of the top rated shows of GMA 7; A1 Ko Sa’Yo,Encantad ia, Taste Buddies and Tripinas. 

“All the songs are about “Love” in general. Different types, different stages. It’s my way of expressing how I felt when I was going through these stages. That for me makes this album quite unique.” “I have been through a few different types of relationships, and now that I am settled, I feel more comfortable in sharing what I have learned from them. Compared to her previous works “Solenn,” is just chill and easy going, mellow and with a more acoustic vibe. Solenn adds, “I wanted it to be easy listening. I want it to be relaxing for the listeners and I am hoping they could also
connect to the lyrics. I’m sure many of them have felt what some of the songs explain.”

The new album features seven original tracks, three of which are in Filipino, and one cover song “Never Be the Same” one of the first hits of the legendary Christopher Cross.“Universal Records gave me a list of songs that would suit me and we decided on a few pegs on how I wanted it to be and we worked from there.”

“Solenn” features “Always” by Elvin Reyes and Sheryl Ann Padre; the carrier “A Pocketful of Promises” written by Edmund Macam Perlas and Gabriella Wilson. Solenn recently shot a music video for A Pocketful of Promises with a sexy theme, expected to once again draw raves among her avid fans; “It’s Never Rained Here” by Jimmy Borja and Deanna Loveland, and “It’s Alright” by Jimmy Borja, Rae Hering, and Jonathan Morse. The tagalog songs in the album include Lalapit o Lalayo by Kulas Basilonia, Kilig from the soundtrack of Lakbay2Love and “Pangako” by Ito Rapadas and Jimmy Antiporda. Hitmakers Rapadas and Antiporda also helped with the arrangements for most of the songs in the album. “The first time I heard Pangako I was immediately drawn by the melody it made me what to sway. I also love Lalayo because, I think everyone has had a friend that they felt could be more but afraid they would destroy the friendship of a romantic relationship were to take place,” Solenn said describing two of her songs.

Solenn says it was her decision to include more Tagalog songs in the album. “I love that I have more Tagalog songs and that these are more suitable to my voice range. My voice isn’t one to belt, and these songs got that. I actually enjoy recording songs in Tagalog. It was not as challenging as before, but I still had focus on my accent and work on a few words to make it sound more natural. I’m excited for my fans to hear what is more me.” “I love singing because like painting, it is a way to express myself, but what makes singing different is that it gives the listener the freedom to interpret it their own way and have that inimitable feeling of connection with the song. This album just makes me feel complete.”

Solenn released her self-titled debut album on July 17, 2011 followed by a series of concert at Teatrino Promenade, Greenhills. Her second album entitled SOS was launched on August 23, 2013.

Solenn is released under Universal Records and will be available on CD in all record stores nationwide and on DIGITAL formats (iTunes, Spinnr, Deezer, Amazon) beginning September 2.

Solenn, the album launch is presented by Universal Records and Brentwood Suites, Quezon City.

1. Always
2. Never Be The Same
3. Lalapit O Lalayo
4. Pangako
5. Pocketful Of Promises
6. It’s Never Rained Here
7. It’s Alright
8. Kilig
*Plus Minus One Of The Full Album