Switchfoot: Let’s make this a tradition

The Grammy-award winning alternative rock band, Switchfoot, kicked off their 2017 World Tour in Manila last April 16.

Following the success of their third show in Manila last year, Switchfoot made its promise to their Filipino fans to return the following year. Frontman, Jon Foreman said, “Every place we go has a certain feeling, the Pinoy culture feels warm and welcoming.”

Manila holds a special place in the band’s roots as Jerome Fontamillas (keys) was born in the Philippines. When asked what made them decide to come back in Manila, Foreman jested “Jerome told us he’d quit the band if we didn’t come. I want him still in the band so now we’re here. 20% of Switchfoot was born here in Manila.”

The concert was the grand finale of the week-long Walkway exhibit that was conducted by Church Simplified. The concert was also set to promote the band’s 10th album, Where the Light Shines Through. “In many ways, our trip to Manila [last year] inspired the entire album”, said Foreman.

Despite the rain on the day of the concert, people started to line up as early as 2pm to secure a good spot in front, and to watch the band do their sound check.

Switchfoot opened the concert with their carrying single “Float”, a song of which the music video was born in streets of Tondo, followed by their hits from the past, “Meant to Live” and “Stars”.

Jon, with his brother Tim Foreman (bass) rocking the stage in Bonifacio High Street.

Jon Foreman jammed with his Filipino fans during the band’s rock anthem, “We are One Tonight”.

“Manila!! Thank you for such an awesome show and for supporting us like you do... I can't believe how loud you all sang along on "I won't let you go". “, Drew Shirley (guitars) captioned in his instagram account.

The band rocked Bonifacio High Street with their energetic performance of the song “If the House Burns down Tonight”. And of course, the band cannot leave Manila without singing “Only Hope”, and their arguably greatest song of all time, “Dare You to Move”. 

Jon, Tim, Chad, Jerome and Drew rocked Manila with 17 songs.
During their encore, the band performed “Where I belong” as the finale wherein the fans handed Foreman a banner – a tradition done by Switchfoot fans all over the world whenever this song is played live.

The day after the concert, Switchfoot headed straight to Davao to visit the Cure hospital where they spent time with the kids and the doctors and nurses.

“Cure is an organization that helps kids that are born with physical disabilities and offers them surgeries that can change their lives, like giving them the ability to walk again. We’re honored to be involved.” said drummer Chad Butler.

Foreman went on, “If you’re going to sing songs about hope, you’d have to do more than just sing. For us, it’s a chance to actually see hope in the flesh. It’s an attempt to see these songs come to life.”

Switchfoot capped off their trip to the Philippines with their show in Ayala Mall Cebu.

Thanks to Bebo Bharwani, Nikki Bharwani, Bebeth Timbol and the people behind Church Simplified for making this possible.

“Hope deserves an anthem.” – Jon Foreman

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