Liam Gallagher blasted off his first Manila concert

Christian Melanie Lee
What's your story, Manila?

Oasis frontman Oasis Gallagher performed for the first time in Manila last August 14. Legion of Oasis fans swoon over some of the band's popular songs such as Morning Glory and D'You Know What I Mean? He also performed some of the songs included on his latest album, As You Were.

Fans swoon over when Gallagher sang Morning Glory and Wonderwall. Been an Oasis fan since I was young, despite his reputation in the music industry, I was astonished the moment he stepped onstage. Even though he's doing his solo career, the Oasis vibe during the night gave me goosebumps. 

It was a mind-blowing night which makes us hanging upon singing Wonderwall in our seats. Thank you Ovation Productions for the opportunity.

Photos taken by Manuel Chua for Manila Concert Junkies

  1. Fuckin' in the Bushes
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  16. Encore:
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