Pumped up beats for Foster kids: Foster The People Live In Manila 2018

Gelo de Vera
Foster Kids definitely had the greatest time witnessing the comeback of indie-electronic pop band Foster The People. With the new sound carrying more electronic beats and heavy bass, the band was still embraced warmly by their Filipino Foster Kids.

With a setlist curated mostly with their recent songs from "Sacred Hearts Club", their latest album, the voices of Foster Kids beautifully accompanied the vocals of lead singer Mark Foster.

Queen's Feddie Mercury was inspirited by Mark, coming back on stage wearing only a white tank top shares to the crowd how special the Philippines is and also sharing that his grandfather and father used to live in the country. 

Mark's said grandfather was a boxing champion while his father is a peacemaker. Mark says he's "a little bit of both"

The band, formed in 2009, is now composed with Mark (vocals), Sean (Guitar), Isom (Keyboard), Mark (Drums). The band was also joined by their touring members for the said concert.

The setlist included the following songs: Helena Beat, Lotus, Houdini, Call It What You Want, Sit Next To Me, the smash hit "Pumped Up Kicks" and more!

Still wearing a bandana, Mark, all overwhelmed, took time to sign autographs for the Foster Kids after the magnificent live set. He also tells the attendees that they are the reason they came back and will keep coming back to the Philippines.

It was a night of relieving the old sound of Foster The People but also embracing the changes and the shift of their music to something more inspired by electronic beats. What's remarkable is that the fan base of the band embraced these changes and are still there to support Foster The People and their music.

Special thanks to Ms. Foronda and Wilbros Live for the opportunity to cover Foster The People Live in Manila 2018!

Photo credit: Cynthia Saluba