7 Things You Shouldn't Miss #ElyXiOninManila

Karen Meets World
With more than 20 songs to perform, #ElyXiOninManila truly is something you shouldn't miss this year. This 2018, EXO will return to Manila for their Elyxion Tour on April 28, 2018 at Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City.

EXO is a South Korean - Chinese boy group known for having the most number of Daesang Awards and chart topping songs that gained them millions of fans all over the world. The group consists of Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun as its members.

Now, let me break down to you the reasons why you should watch the concert whether you are #TeamConcert, #TeamLivestream - #TeamBahay, or #TeamFanCam.

1. Spectacular Stage Production. According to Happee Sy's post, the production for Elyxion in Manila will be spectacular given that this concert has the biggest amount of led screens, motion capture system, moving kinesis lighting, blockbuster-like VCR and stereoscopic stage design. With top notch production and EXO's amazing stage performance, Elyxion will be one of the most memorable concerts for EXO-Ls.

2. EXO Hot, and Unique Solo Acts. Each EXO members will swoon EXO-Ls heart with their individual performances. It's going to be a challenge of loyalty for each EXO-Ls to stick to their bias. Who knows, their bias might change after #ElyxioninManila concert!

3. Powerful Vocals. Listen to the amazing voice of EXO vocal lines. EXO-Ls may have probably listen to their voice on MVs and Music shows stage performance, but hearing EXO main vocals: D.O. , Chen, and Baekhyun's powerful high and low vocals LIVE can make all EXO-Ls fall head over heels for them.

4. Walk on Memories with songs from the Past Era. Elyxion in Manila is a trip down to memory lane. EXO-Ls will get the chance to hear again beautiful songs from past eras like "Growl", "Don't Go", and "Angel"

5. English Language. EXO-Ls love for EXO has no language barrier. EXO-Ls will get real-time translations of each EXO members ment. It's always nice to hear EXO members original voice but still able to understand what they are saying. And, who knows some of them might speak English and Tagalog words too. That's what you need to find out on #ElyxioninManila.

6.  Heart Fluttering Fan Service. Expect Fan Service Galore at Elyxion in Manila! These boys surely know how to make EXO-Ls happy. Get to see them doing aegyo / sexy dance, sharing moments with their OTP i.e. KaiSoo, ChanBaek, and interacting with EXO-Ls will surely make everyone love them more. 

7. Beautiful Fan Projects and Silver Ocean. Every EXO-Ls dream is to be part of fan project and EXO Silver Ocean. How awesome and heartwarming will it be for EXO-Ls to wave their Eribong (EXO Official Lightstick Name), raise their surprise banners while singing along with EXO songs.

Elyxion in Manila is brought to you by S.M. Entertainment, Dream Maker Entertainment, Globe Telecom and Pulp Live World.