Air Supply in Santa Rosa

Legendary duo Air Supply takes Santa Rosa on May 31

6:50 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Elyxion in Manila ElyxionInManila EXO Planet 4 in Manila

Read on #ElyXiOnInManila concert guide

2:50 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Under The Glow of the Satellite xsx

Sandwich Rocks Metrotent for their 20th Anniversary Concert

8:09 PMverjubephotographics
Tala Gil

Talented singer-songwriter Tala Gil launched her self-titled album

8:09 AMManila Concert Junkies

Neocolours set to perform for their 30th anniversary concert on April 28

8:32 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Danao Dancel Dumas IISA concert

Iconic triumvirate Danao, Dancel, Dumas is back for IISA concert on June 9

6:00 PMManila Concert Junkies
Freedom Child tour Manila The Script 2018 The Script Freedom Child Tour Manila

Heart stopping performance by The Script during Freedom Child Tour in Manila

1:48 AMChristian Melanie Lee
Mariah Carey in Manila 2018

Mariah Carey returns in Manila on October 26

7:00 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Fern Tan

Talented 17 year-old singer, songwriter, producer Fern released his debut E.P.

8:45 AMChristian Melanie Lee

Multi-platinum artist Andy Grammer will perform in Manila on June 7, Music Museum

12:01 PMChristian Melanie Lee
Katy Perry Witness The Tour Manila 2018 Witness The Tour Manila Witness The Tour Manila 2018

How Katy Perry roared Manila for Witness The Tour

2:35 AMChristian Melanie Lee

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