Intimate performance with Andy Grammer in Manila

Christian Melanie Lee

Andy Grammer, an American songwriter-singer, has held a live concert at Music Museum last June 7, 2018. It is evident that Andy has made a connection to the crowd during the duration of his performance by sharing his experiences and inspirations with each song he wrote.

Grammer shows off his talent in music by playing a guitar, trumpet, and piano during his performance.

Before he sang, Keep Your Head Up, Grammer shared that this song was the first song of his career. He further incorporate this song to Taylor Swift whom he has dated and once brought him on stage on a billion of people. Andy added that first date is all about figuring each other, telling secret and stuff and opening up a bit more.

He also shared the story behind his song, Spaceship. He narrated that the song is about his cute little daughter while still in his wife’s womb, the feeling of that she is almost here but she’s not in this word which he was then correlated to his mother in heaven (who died when he was 25) which he feels like his mother is just like here but was not really in this world.

Everyone in the crowd enjoyed Grammer's hits such as Fresh Eyes and Back Home. He did his rendition of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.

Special thanks to Wilbros Live for the opportunity.

Photo credit: Joanna Soriano