Boyz II Men with Divas: A Passionate Night with the Roses

Christian Melanie Lee

Boyz II Men had once again proven themselves to be one of the best male R&B vocal group of all time. The evening was passionately filled with soul-soothing music including one of our favorites On Bended Knees, Four Seasons, Road and Mama to name a few. The crowd went gaga, especially the ladies over the dozens of red roses which the group handed over while singing "I'll Make Love To You".

Boyz II Men collaborated with our very own "Divas" namely; Yeng Constantino, Kyla, Angeline Quinto and KZ Tandingan who never fall short of their group and individual recitals. The "Divas" opening number already signalled that it was a night of exemplary performances. On the later part of the show, Boyz II Men invited them on stage and performed together "One Sweet Day"; a song written and performed by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men in 1995, which has been lauded with widespread acclaim. 

Boyz II Men with Divas was brought to us by Wilbros Live.