Filipino Fans had the Best "BREAKTIME" of Their Lives with Nonkul

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Breaktime is always our favorite time!

Fans hold a surprise message for Chanon. Photo from left: Fanmeeting host, Myx VJ Ai, Fans, Chanon, and interpreter Ms. Louie.
Filipino fans had the best "BREAKTIME" of their lives as they bond closely with Chanon "Nonkul" Santinatornkul during his fan meeting in Manila held Friday afternoon at the SM Sky Dome.

Chanon, a Thai actor known for his breakthrough role on the 2017 film 'Bad Genius' met his fans for the second time and did heart fluttering get-to-know-you sessions and played games.
 Everyone fall in love with Chanon even more when he serenade his fans with Ed Sheeran's "Perfect".

Chanon visited in Manila last year with co-star James for the premiere of Bad Genius. He shared he's inspired to go back because "Filipino fans are cute. I just want to be here."

Getting to Know Chanon!

Chanon shared to his fans how he started on the industry. He said that he started being a model first before he get a chance to pursue his acting career. "I was walking on the street when a lady approached me. She said I have a good style. I am hesitant at first. But then, after a while, I send her a very small picture and then she invite to shoot for a back cover of the magazine with a really famous star on the cover page, right? and it started to have some connection. It work from there."

A big factor that motivates him to pursue acting was the compliment of the director. It's the first compliment he got so it really means a lot to him. "I went to cast one TV commercial and then the other guys take around one to two takes to pass and I took from eleven to twelve takes. And so, it really frustrated me that's why I went to the acting and then after that I get more work, and then the director told me that  'Oh, you're acting is okay' and that compliment is like what motivate me to get going."

His first ever role was through a short film. It took a while before he's acting career soars but it was a great start. "First ever role. It's not like an official role. It was a short film by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit is called "Patcha is Sexy". I am a student. I am a goal keeper. It's not something that. I didn't get the to show that much of football scene because I was just standing there. I shoot that more on my junior high but when it actually released, it take one year."

Like everyone of us, he also got shy when he first saw himself on the screen. How adorable was that, right? "I'm embarrassed. I'm really embarrassed because you know when you get it on the camera your face look bigger than your real self. It's really big. The frame is like this *gesturing a frame* and my face is like almost half the frame. I was quite fat. I had a baby fat on my face."

He laughs when people referred him as the 'Bad Genius' saying "Well, I'm no genius, so don't put that pressure on me."
His most memorable role was his first film where he actually get to show off his skills in acting. "Most memorable? I would say, it's the role that I play as 'Pid'. It's a feature film called 'Love is Coming'. I'm not a big cast and just like a support character but at that time I get a role that I had a real dialogue, I feel so much improvisation and lot of line."

In the future he likes to play action roles, if given a chance. "The role I look forward to would probably be Kingsman. I would like to act like a spy or something like that because I like action films and I love the fighting scenes. 

Apart from acting he wants to do other things such as singing and acting.

Lastly, he gave his advice to fans who wants to follow his footsteps "If you want to be successful, you must aim for the top."

Lots of #FunGames

Chanon was so "GAME" to play pinoy games with his fans. They played 'patintero', paper dance, jumping rope, and memory game.

Winners of the said games received hugs, holding hands, 10 second stares with Chanon, and signed posters. Fans really did something good in their past life that they were so LUCKY during Chanon's fan meeting." It's totally #Fangoals!

Taste of 'Pinoy' Food

At the fan meeting, he tasted different Filipino food like chicken inasal, pork sisig, turon, and taho.
Among the food that he tasted he said that turon was his favorite because they have chicken and pork in Thailand but they don't have turon so that's what he like and it's sweet too!

He also shared that he ate puto bumbong a day before the fanmeeting and it was good. Out of all Filipino food he tasted even before, he likes puto bumbong. And last time he ate balut. Luckily, it don't have a chick / duck inside but after that he doesn't want to eat balut again.
Fans went crazy when Chanon himself shared his taho to a lucky fan.

Slum Book

Chanon reminisce his childhood on "slum book" portion. A video played showing unreleased photos of his recent graduation, childhood dream - football player, childhood photos, and his ultimate crush Im Yoona. 

A Surprise from Filipino Fans

Nonkul Chanon Philippines prepared a surprise video for Chanon.

The afternoon fun and excitement ended after the Thai actor sang Filipino song "Dahil Sa'yo" as a surprised gift to his fans. It was his way of showing his gratitude for all the love and support his fans has given him throughout the years.

 "I am grateful to have these lovely people supporting me, please stay with me forever." - Chanon

Everyone goes out at the venue with a smile on their face as they have brought with them Chanon's love, high touch and photo op experience, and school kit souvenirs.

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Photos by Caren Gudiaga