88rising’s NIKI got big “PLANS” this 2019

Christian Melanie Lee

19-year-old Indonesian rising star NIKI wraps up 2018 with catchy tracks such as “Warpaint” and “PLANS.”

In “Warpaint,” NIKI is an epitome of a strong and independent woman. The track, which was released back in July, talks about the process of getting through a failed relationship. The song, despite its laid-back vibe, is actually an empowering piece. “Warpaint” conveys the emotions of going through a heartbreak, the stage where you’re feeling both the pain of moving on and the will to start anew. Additionally, the chorus has strong yet easy to sing-along to lyrics: “Everyday, I put my warpaint on. I'm a warrior, I'll find another one. Step aside, I'm moving through. All by myself, I don't need you,” as sang by NIKI.
“Warpaint” is one of NIKI’s songs. Looking back, the singer, who first started in the industry with her real name, Nicole Zefanya, released her first track “Polaroid Boy” in 2016. She then released various singles in 2017, including "Anaheim," "I Like U," "Chilly," and "See U Never." Come 2018, NIKI finally shared her first solo album, Zephyr, which she describes as an EP centered around young love.
Her most current track, however, is “ PLANS.” The song emits the same chill and laid-back vibe. But, unlike “Warpaint,” “PLANS" talks more about an on-going relationship. 
NIKI also lent her voice to musical collective 88rising's album called "Head In The Clouds." Her songs "La Cienega" with Joji, "PLANS" with Vory, plus "Poolside Manor" and "I Want In" with August 08, and solo song “Warpaint” solidified her musical style this 2018. Come 2019, the singer-songwriter got bigger plans when it comes to her music career. 
Stay tuned for more of her tracks this 2019!