An evening of great music at Sponge Cola's Sea of Lights

Christian Melanie Lee
Several years ago, I attended my first Sponge Cola gig somewhere in Manila. I was 25 years old at that time when a friend of mine dragged me in a free concert which I was smitten to the song Jeepney. 

Last night's Sea of Lights has awakened my soul. I can't imagine how Yael, Gosh, Armo, and TedMark evolved as a band. Listening to their songs got me teary-eyed last night. Their charm towards their fans never fades.

From their songs such as Manila Bay which is included in their latest album, Sea of Lights to energetic Bitiw, watching Sponge Cola's concert like going back to the memory lane. 

Last night's concert was held at Power Mac Center Spotlight. I Belong to the Zoo started off as he serenaded the crowd with his songs such as Sana and Balang Araw. Talented duo Leanne and Naara joined the stage with the band as they did a soulful rendition of Di Na Mababawi. 

Gloc-9 appeared on stage when he did the rap part of Manila Bay. I giggled over the backdrop of the stage as they played Karylle and Yael's wedding while performing Gemini. 

Special thanks to Universal Records for having us last night.

Photos by Evie Ramiscal.