Bianca del Rio visits Manila for 2 "It's Jester Joke" Shows

Gelo de Vera
The RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 winner & all time fan favorite drag queen Bianca Del Rio is in Manila for two consecutive "Its Jester Joke" shows at the SM Aura Samsung Hall on March 12-13, 2019. With her first show selling out tickets immediately, the comedian shared how excited she is to perform for her fans in Manila for the first time.

During a media session a day before her show, she shared that she's excited to talk sh*t about Manila, not the city, but the fellow Drag Race alum Manila Luzon, tonight at the show. While wearing an outfit she identified as "jet-lagged, haven't slept, just showed up, express lady" look, she answered questions from press people at Fairmont Makati, her official residence for her stay in the country.

The topic of social media was brought up when the queen was asked about maintaining a mentally healthy life as she shares not everything should be posted online. Moreover, she mentioned some drag queens using Instagram as a tool to be well-known and reiterated that she didn't have that opportunity during her time prior to RuPaul's Drag Race. She also added that "I'm grateful I got to experience all this after 30," as she is appreciating it more, rather than experiencing fame during 20s and being an a**hole (like Aquaria, her words not ours LOL).

When people talk to her in public and ask her to "read" them, she told press members that it doesn't always work out that way, she has to know the person first before being able to "read", or insult someone, the del Rio way.

She also revealed that an upcoming movie in the "Hurricane Bianca" franchise is currently in the works, as she's touring until December.

"Live your life, cause you're really missing out on life if you sit back and spend time hating on another b*tch looking like this [talking about herself]," Bianca shares while taking about haters.

If Bianca del Rio didn't happen to her, the comedian shared Roy (her real name) will still be in the theater business doing costumes.

What makes Bianca del Rio stand out from other drag queens is that she's not afraid to spit out a joke as she wants people to just laugh without hesitations. According to her, people need not to be scared in laughing at things she said as people need to let go and enjoy sometimes. At least, she shares "when you come to the show and hang out with me with me, you have to laugh, you're fine, you're safe if anything- they're gonna have to kill me first, so don't worry, you're safe".

Catch Bianca del Rio's "Its Jester Joke" show at the SM Aura Samsung Hall from March 12-13. Tickets for the 2nd show are available via

Photos by: Gelo de Vera