Slapshock drops 'Bandera' music video followed by tour

Christian Melanie Lee
It’s true what they say, nothing will ever defeat the feeling of having a whole battalion of your fans sing-along to every word of your song in every single tour you’re on, be it a concert, a music festival, or even a small intimate gig. This is probably one of the pinnacles of an artist’s career. But imagine having the voices of thousands of their fans be featured in a song, now that is definitely priceless and that is exactly what Slapshock did in their song ‘BANDERA’, their fourth and latest single from their 9th studio album ‘ATAKE’.

‘BANDERA’ took inspiration from the various banners that the Slap Armies proudly create, raise, and wave, showing which province or city they represent. The song is also an ode to Filipinos around the world that work their fingers to the bone.

Consequently, the Bandera or flag is a symbolism of the differences of the Slap Armies and finding common ground in the music of Slapshock, and that is how powerful the music they create.

Slapshock continues to set the bar high and for more than 2 decades they never fail to give us solid performances as they always wear their hearts on their sleeves every time they go up on stage.

Following up on their 22nd year in the OPM industry, the band finally launched their music video for ‘BANDERA’ with the special participation of their beloved Slap Armies.

This leads up to Slapshock’s BANDERA TOUR 2019. See you all at Slapshock’s tour this year, sabay sabay nating awitin at itaas ang Bandera!

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