Firefalldown released new single 'Kahulugan'

Christian Melanie Lee
Post-hardcore rock band Firefalldown has released a new single entitled "Kahulugan" under Warner Music Philippines.

During their single launch last April 30, the band composed of frontman and composer Jon Blaylock, bassist Djimi Django, and drummer Jedd Manjares discussed how this song would help them promote their advocacies on social change and why music fans should watch out for it.

 ‘I wanted to make this about seeking truth - both with a big T and a small t. The point is that you cannot just rely on what you’re spoonfed at university or through the media. The truth does find you but it still needs to be sought’, Blaylock explained. 

For them, the single, “Kahulugan”, is about finding meaning in the midst of the pursuit of truth. 

"If you still believe what you’re fed by Hollywood and the mainstream media, then in a very real sense, you are part of the problem," Blaylock added.

Firefalldown, which was founded in United Kingdom in 2008, returns to the music industry after a one-year hiatus. Since relocating to Manila in 2014, the post-hardcore trio has been in and out of the scene, independently releasing a second full length and a handful of singles including “Forever Never the Same”, “These Wounds” and the political thought stimulating “Halimaw.”

This time around, the band offers listeners an evolved sound that music fans are sure to love - they call it rhythmic post-hardcore with pop leanings. They also promise to deliver a well-crafted, energetic live show through the band’s #TrutherTour.  In fact, it is now beginning to gain momentum with an extensive string of dates set to take place throughout the country, stopping at familiar music venues and food parks from Laguna to Naga.

“Kahulugan” is now available on Spotify and it will be available on your favorite streaming sites such as Apple Music and iTunes soon.

For more information about Firefalldown and their #ThrutherTour, visit their Facebook page:

Photos by Val Verzosa