Seo Kang Joon Wants to be Face-To-Face with Fans

Gelo de Vera
Korean Drama heartthrob Seo Kang Joon is in Manila for the first time for his fanmeet titled "The Last Charm" which will be held at the New Frontier Theatre on May 25th.
The actor is the main lead of hit K-Drama series "You Are Human" which will be premiered on GMA 7 starting late May 2019. It follows the actor playing the roles of a human and a robot named Nam Shin. It mixes the genres of rom-com, sci-fi, and politics.
When asked about doing Korean Dramas, the actor shared that they do not think of Korean viewers alone but they also think of international fans to cater to their entertainment needs. Kang Joon also shared how excited he is for the Philippines to catch the series, now dubbed in Tagalog, for new fans to discover the story.
Kang Joon also shared to fans that he cannot wait for them to see "Watcher", which is a new thriller drama project the actor just back from shooting for, which will be premiered later this year.
Fortunately, fans were present at the venue of the press conference and they definitely had the best time as Seo Kang Joon himself spoke some Tagalog words for them like "Kumusta ka?", "Mahal (expensive)", and "Isa lang," the audience was filled with laughter during the press conference because of the actor's charm.
His "charm" moreover, was used as the title of his upcoming fan meet, because the actor thinks he is indeed charming but the quality he likes the most about himself is his honesty.
While he still wants the fans to be surprised for what's to expect at the fan meet happening tomorrow, the actor definitely made sure it's gonna be a memorable event as he also shared that he cannot wait to be "face to face" with lucky fans and meet them personally.
To get this lucky chance of meeting Seo Kang Joon, make sure to score your tickets from TicketNet as they are running out really fast! Meanwhile, while waiting for the fanmeet, prepare your hearts and voice as tomorrow night will be filled with plenty of screams, and maybe some tears.
Seo Kang Joon Live in Manila is presented by CDM Entertainment, Maxperience Entertainment, and Fantagio group.