Mark Siwat 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2019

Ara Patria

It is truly a dream come true! Finally, Mark Siwat had his first ever solo fan meeting in Manila - "Mark Siwat 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2019" held on Sunday, June 16. Organized by Wish Us Luck (Philippines) in partnership with 2gether House (Thailand), Mark Siwat came back to the Philippines once again to meet his fans and to get closer to them. Of course, with much more charm and a fresher look!

Mark Siwat is a Thai actor who played the role of Kongkla from the Thai BL series Love By Chance. It was February 2019 when Mark Siwat had his fanmeet together with the other casts of Love By Chance – Gun, Perth, Saint, Mean, Plan, Title and Cooheart for Love by Chance the Series 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2019 held at SkyDome, SM North of Edsa.

But this time, it is even more special when he had finally held his solo fan meeting at 500 Shaw Zentrum.

Fans had gathered and waited for long hours outside the fanmeet venue in order to see Mark Siwat! Everyone seemed to be prepared and thrilled for the fan meeting. There were banners, stickers, posters, tarpaulins, fan projects, and other stuff that fans have prepared for the fanmeet. Everyone was really looking forward to seeing and meeting Siwat.

Getting to know more about Mark Siwat

During the press conference, Mark Siwat have answered randoms questions and shared his thoughts on becoming one of the rising stars in Thailand and other parts of Asia as well.

At first, he was asked if how he was in the Philipines and Siwat said that “It is really a warm country because of the fans who had welcomed him warmly. He could feel the love and support from the fans.”

Then he was asked if he had something to say in Filipino words and responded, “Masaya akong nandito ulit.”(He is happy to be back again in the Philippines.)

In addition, Mark Siwat also shared that it has been his Mom’s dream for him to become an actor but more than that, it was also his dream to become an actor.

Siwat also asked the fans to support his upcoming new series, another new series that will be shown on Netflix and his videos and vlogs that are uploaded on his Youtube channel.

Showcasing Mark Siwat’s Talent

Right after the press conference, the fan meet started and the fans finally got to see Siwat live on stage! Fans have cheered on Siwat and showed their excitement to him. Siwat greeted the fans by telling and letting the fans know that he could the love of them that made him so happy.

Then after the short greeting and introduction part, Mark Siwat started showcasing his dancing skills by performing some of the popular K-pop songs such as Black Pink’s Dududu and EXO’s Love Shot!

Siwat also showcased his singing skills by serenading the fans some sweet songs of Ed Sheeran’s such as Photograph and Perfect and even sang his one of his favorite Thai songs for the fans.

Not to mention his talent in modeling, Mark Siwat also got a chance to walk the ramp as he tried on one of the Philippine traditional costumes from Mindanao! When asked if how he was while wearing it, Siwat responded that he really loved it!

Fun Games with Mark Siwat

Fans got a chance to interact with Siwat by playing games with him. Fans got to play with Siwat and him being playful with the fans on stage. Surely, it was one of the best moments that fans had with Siwat!

More to that, fans truly made Mark Siwat feel so special during the fan meeting by showing him a lot of surprises! From roses to gifts, to video greetings, and to a loud cheer from the crowd – it undeniable on Mark Siwat’s face that he was really happy to see all the effort that fans had made for him. It was written all over his face the entire fan meet!