5 Seconds of 5SOS: A Short but Sweet LIVESOS

Gelo de Vera

When one hears the names Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum, together known as 5 Seconds of Summer, one will immediately think of packed arenas with thousands of screaming fangirls and fanboys. However, Manila got a different taste of 5SoS as the band, alongside their local record label, brought an intimate set-up for a few lucky fans to see and experience.
The campaign for the said show included Filipino fans of the band entering a raffle draw by streaming the band’s latest single “Easier” on Spotify. Days prior to the show, 300 lucky names were picked out of 58,000 entries or streams. These fans received invites via e-mails registered, and show passes were distributed hours before the experience. If you’ve walked around the New Frontier area and hear random squeals and screams, it’s probably from a lucky member of the 5SoSFam as MCA Music also randomly gave out meet and greet passes for fans in-line.
Upon entering the venue, fans were able to experience 5SOS-inspired installation booths. Giant LED screens displayed a photo of 5SOS as well as symbols inspired by the band’s current era. Moreover, a giant 5SoS logo was at the center, plus a video-inspired booth filled with candles that transports fans to the set of a music video by the band. These were entirely built for Filipino fans to take photos with and have the best 5SoS experience before and after the short set.
The crowd definitely showed their hype for 5SoS as the band performed their first songs “What You Back”, and “Who Do You Love” using an acoustic set-up. The opening part was followed by a Q&A session with the band wherein fans simply had to line-up and pick the questions from a pre-selected set of questions from a bowl. It was generally filled with fan interactions and laughs from the audience as the boys answered generic questions with their unique sense of humor. The show ended with “Jet Black Heart”, “Easier”, and “Youngblood”. Warm *aaaawws* were heard from the fans as the boys left the stage; without failing to tell fans they will see them again in the years to come though.

The acoustic and intimate set-up is an idea by both the band the label, they wanted to see how big their fan base still is in the Philippines and we are pretty sure they were not disappointed as it had a massive turn-out. Fans even had to line-up outside the venue with hopes of watching the show but it would only mean discrediting the luck and effort of the 300 winners. Generously, MCA Music still allowed these fans, or #TeamLabas to experience the installations for photos.
5 Seconds of Summer may have changed the way they produce their music, how they look, and how their videos feel. But one thing that remained constant is a loyal fan base that would go all-out for the band. The short but sweet show is a little check-up to this loyalty and admiration from Filipino fans, and the show was surely reciprocated by PH 5SoSFam’s energy and support. From the screams, to the streams garnered, and to #TeamLabas, we will definitely see more of 5SoS in the country.  

Photo credit: Christine Lorraine Dela Cruz