Rico Blanco to IV of Spades: "My long-lost band mates"

Caren Gudiaga

Last night, thousands of fans witnessed a show they won’t forget as Rico Blanco, former Rivermaya frontman, and IV of Spades - consist of Zild, Blaster and Badjao, as they joined together for a night full of music and nostalgia. It was held at Metrotent Convention Center while fans braved the rain to show their support to the two talented musicians in the country. 

Platinum ticket holders got the chance to experience the Soundcheck Party and had the opportunity to asked questions during the interview. The funniest question that was asked was “What is your toothpaste?” The boys didn’t answer but Zild knew that the fan wanted a specific answer so Zild started saying “Nagsisimula ba yan sa letter U”? Then everyone laughs. I know you guys what Zild meant. 

The Sweet Shadow Tour of IV of Spades is still ongoing but they started in some provinces so the #RBxIVOSLive concert was technically their first Manila show from the tour.

Zild Benitez on Bass Guitar and vocals

Blaster Silonga on Lead Guitar and vocals

Badjao De Castro on Drums

IV of Spades started the show with the songs from their latest album “CLAPCLAPCLAP!”. Such as “Sweet Shadow”, “Bawat Kaluluwa”, “Dulo ng Hangganan”, “Bata, dahandahan”, “Come Inside of my Heart”, “My Juliana” and more.  

Of course they also sing some of their old tracks like “Ilaw Sa Daan”, “Where Have You Been my Disco” where the disco ball being lit up above the stage, “Hey Barbara” where the two security guards hop on the stage and dance with the boys of IVOS and also “Mundo” where they added a different taste of it.  

After IV of Spades, Rico Blanco took the stage and wowed the fans of his epic performance. Rico Blanco was wearing an Ati-atihan costume which he also uses during his “Galactik Fiestamatik” before.  

Rico Blanco 

Rico performed “Amats”, “Burado”, “Antukin”, “Panahon na Naman” where Chito Miranda appeared on screen singing his part, “Umaaraw-Umuulan” and “Posible”. 

Of course Rico Blanco won’t forget to perform some of Rivermaya’s greatest hits such as “Hinahanap-hanap Kita”, “214”, “Elesi”, "Awit ng Kabataan”, “Liwanag sa Dilim”, and “Kisapmata”. He really brought the 90’s and early 2000’s music last night and everyone got the taste of it and was purely amazed on how Rico Blanco showcased his talent to the audience.  

IV of Spades returned to the stage with Rico Blanco and they performed together “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo” a song originated from Rivermaya and IV of Spades made a cover of it, “Take That Man” an original song of IV of Spades where Rico sings some parts. 

The highlight of the night was when they mash-up “Your Universe” and “Mundo” where Zild sings “Your Universe” and Rico sings “Mundo”.  (see full video below)

Seeing two artists from different generations singing their songs together in one stage was really spectacular. The two really blended well.  

Rico Blanco shared a story before they ended up the show that Ebe Dancel texted him saying “They (IV of Spades) are your long lost band mates”. Rico couldn’t agree more because he really enjoyed being with the IV of Spades. I can really tell that Rico was happy to join IV of Spades in a concert. 

 Zild also said Dati pinapakinggan lang namin siya (Rico Blanco), ngayon nakakasama na namin siya”. Everyone applauded and shouts their appreciation for the boys.  

This was the best local concert of the year! Congratulations Rico Blanco and IV of Spades for the successful concert and making OPM alive. 

Photo credit: Caren Gudiaga (@omgcaren)