5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Playback Music Festival Presents featuring A1 and O-Town

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What’s up, fanboys and fangirls?! Get ready for the ultimate throwback event you wouldn’t want to miss for the world! It’s A1 and O-Town performing back-to-back at the Mall of Asia Arena on November 9th, Saturday, for a one-night show only.

Thanks to the team effort of Super Awesome Productions and All Access Production -- reminiscing the glory days of the ‘90s is made more exciting than ever!

To make you all giddy, we’ve rounded up 5 amazing reasons why you should watch the Greatest Hits LIVE featuring A1 and O-Town.

1. You get to wear your favorite 90’s outfit

Pulling off a great outfit for a concert can be quite a tedious task so we’re giving you outfit ideas on what to wear on November 9th. Woot!

  • You can never go wrong with a graphic tee! Just pair it with a black leather jacket, cool accessories, flat shoes, a platform heels, or sneakers.
  • If you want to look like you came out of a Spice Girls’ video, try pairing bralettes and high-waisted midi skirts, a perfect mix of high-waisted jeans and a crop top, or perhaps vintage tees or a denim skirt. (It’s all about mix and match 😉)
  • If you’re someone who likes to wear an all-black ensemble, then why not go for a retro look. Try a black dress and a bomber jacket, then a black combat boots.
  • For the guys, we recommend you wear bandanas, a windbreaker, perhaps a cargo pants, and baggy jeans (But it’s best if you watch one of the music videos so you can get a gist of other outfit ideas)
2.    Sing your favorite A1 and O-Town Jams LIVE in one night!

For the 90s fans out there, this event may be one of the best things that have ever happened this year. There are probably dozens of songs of the past which happens to be your ex’s theme song or your current beau’s jam – be it from A1’s “Everytime” if you’re dedicating this one for your TOTGA (The One That Got Away) or O-Town’s “All Or Nothing” for that one person who can’t love you back as much as you love him/her. (Ouch)

But it’s not about listening to Spotify and cassette tapes anymore! We all get to see these amazing guys share the same stage to swoon their fans, and who knows, might invite some lucky fans on stage to join them in a performance (wink wink)

3.    Meet an army of adorable A1 and O-Town fans

A1 Philippines, A1 Reunited PH, and the army of loyal O-Town fans, I know that you’re all giddy -- now that the concert is happening in just a few weeks. You’ve probably saved money for merch or perhaps your flight ticket to Manila, and can’t wait to meet all your long-time friends and virtual friends in your street team! I know some of these awesome admins and I can’t wait to see them soon as well. (Sending virtual hug if you’re reading this)

Make sure to capture all the great memories on November 9th – it’s sure is gonna be a night to remember!

4.   The Perfect Weekend to Escape Reality

Adulting sucks, right? However, if your idea of a perfect weekend would be seeing with your first love (mentions Ben Adams for example) – then better get those tickets already because you don’t know the next time they’re coming back.

It’s also not just any other weekend, but a nostalgic one worth celebrating for.

5.    You only get to pay P5,900 ($60) for an SVIP ticket with meet and greet

Yup, you’re read it right. You only need to shed out P5,900 to watch and meet the boys in person! It will also be the first time O-Town is coming to Manila, so that’s something to look forward to!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you still have time tho! Check out the following prices below:

Platinum A (VIP floor-Seated): P4500
Platinum B (VIP-Seated) P4000
Lower box Gold: P3000
Lower box Regular: P2500
Upper Box: P1200
**ticket charges included**

You can get your tickets at the nearest SM Tickets or you can call (02) 470-2222

For more information, make sure to follow Super Awesome Productions and All Access Production on Facebook!

See you there, fam!

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