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With the flood of Korean Artists that is taking the country by storm, a lot of Filipino drama fans are taking notice of other Asian artists, most prominently are Thai actors who are the craze now with a lot of fangirls because of their outstanding visuals and dream like roles in each drama they starred in.

To start of with Thai actor Plan Rathavit which starred in the famous drama “Love by Chance” and he landed the main role which skyrocketed him to new heights, and now he is venturing into the music scene with his “Love by Chance” co-stars and formed a 4 member band named “TEMPT” which aims to, as the name implies, “Tempt” the audience into getting mesmerize by their music

Plan is the drummer of the group and they have released their debut song titled “Tell Me is This Love” on July 24, 2019, catch him and his band perform on their “1st Live & Meet” in Manila on November 10, 2019 @ 500 Shaw Zentrum, show starts at 6:00 PM brought to you  by Wish Us Luck, Fanlive and Attractor Thailand

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