Jay Park Intimate Sexy4Eva Concert in Manila

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It was an intimate and sexy night during Jay Park's #Sexy4Eva Concert in Manila.

Hundreds of JWalkerz (Jay Park fandom name) gathered at New Frontier Theatre last Sunday, September 22, and shouted their hearts out welcoming Jay Park on his first-ever concert in Manila.

Jay Park is the biggest Korean American artist, producer, rapper, and CEO of independent hiphop labels AOMG and H1ghr Music.

The #Sexy4Eva concert party kicked off with DJ Wegun dropping the beat of AOMG artists songs such as "TMI", "Simon Dominic", "Hangang", and "Comfortable". 

He made sure that JWalkerz will "Forget About Tomorrow" as he showcased his versatility on his performances. 

During the concert, he performed "V", "Me Like Yuh", "Soju", "Iffy", "Know Your Name", "Worldwide", "K-town", and "Yacht". It was followed by the crowd's favorite "Joah", "My Last""Drive", and "All I Wanna Do".

As expected from a K-concert, JWalkerz prepared a "Galaxy Light" project. They all turn on their phone flashlight emanating different colors : yellow, red and blue while Jay Park sang "Dank". It was beautiful that Jay Park was awed with it. He even requested for it to be lit up for the #Sexy4Eva song.

Fans excitement intensified the moment Jay Park took off his clothes for "MOMMAE". Add to that the heat flowed to everyone when he says  "Manila You're so Sexy" sexily.

Manila was also lucky to have Haon, South Korean rapper under H1ghr Music and High School rapper 2 winner, to perform in Manila with Jay Park. His charm while rapping to "Barcode", "BWA+DNA" and "Water" stole women's hearts.

Jay Park was clearly touched at the support of Philippine JWalkerz. He said "It's not like a fully crowded but you sound like a fully crowded." So when it was the final part of the concert Jay Park ask the fans from the second floor to move to the VIP and Premium section because he wants to see JWalkerz up close.

Everyone partied until the end with "All Day (Flex)", "Aint No Party Like AOMG Party", "Who You" and "Nothing On You".

Haon and Jay Park said "Maraming Salamat" before they bid farewell to their Filipino fans.

Jay Park Sexy4EvainManila was presented by AOMG and Onion Production

Photo credits: Benedict Bigalbal for Manila Concert Junkies