6 Tips on Attending Concerts in the Philippines

Gelo de Vera
As we welcome yet another year, we create resolutions and plans for the coming months; here's your guide if you want to welcome concerts in your life this 2020!

Concerts to some people are "temporary experiences", and "expensive". What us concert-goers think, however, is that concerts are safe places for our fanboy/fangirl selves and our mental health. Concerts provide us exciting thrills and good music. Hence, if you want to try something new or simply improve the enjoyment of being a concert junkie, keep reading this guide.

Concert Junkie Tip #1: Know how to save for concerts IN GENERAL

So, you've been waiting for this certain favorite musician to have a show and you've been saving up for it. However, this rising artist recently got your attention and he/she is apparently going to Manila (we're looking at you, Billie Eilish) for a series of mall shows or a one-night concert. What to do? If you want to be a concert junkie, your concert savings shouldn't just be for 1 artist. You should always leave enough for concerts in general because a concert may be announced at any time. Next time this scenario happens, you'll have enough cash for both artists...or even more. More concerts = a happy concert junkie!

Concert Junkie Tip #2: Secure a ticket ASAP

It has become a norm worldwide that a concert can be announced TODAY and ticket selling starts NEXT WEEK (again, we're looking at you, Billie Eilish), that's why we at MCJ are reminding you to always have savings for concerts. If you have enough, make sure to get tickets during the pre-sale of a certain show, or during the first day of ticket selling. If you want to secure a ticket but don't have enough for the best seat, make sure to secure the ticket tier you can comfortably afford during the first day of selling as well. Why? Usually, the best seats get sold as early as possible. Worst case scenario? We all don't want to hear "sold out" prior to us buying a ticket!

Fun fact: According to Pulp Live World's COO Happee Sy-Go, an average of 10,000 users try to score tickets during the first day of ticket selling events.

Concert Junkie Tip #3: Follow the promoters' social media pages

Did you know that most VIP tickets for K-Pop concerts/fan meetings come with raffle entries? We don't want you to miss out on certain perks that's why you should always stay up-to-date with the promoter's social media pages! Not only is it beneficial for raffles but most organizers in the Philippines send out important information about their events across their accounts. This may be show schedules, opening acts, guidelines, promos, perks, etc! Besides, if you really want to become a concert junkie, you're not only attending one show from this certain producer, right?

Concert Junkie Tip #4: Make sure to have a phone with a decent camera

Unless you're permitted to shoot a concert with a professional camera, it pays to have a phone that has a good camera. Nowadays, concert venues prohibit to bring of professional cameras. Hence, camera phones are ESSENTIAL for concert junkies to document the experience of going to concerts...as long as you're not ruining the experiences of others while you're taking photos/videos.

Concert Junkie Tip #5: Take time to enjoy the show

We get it, you paid PHP15,000 to get a VIP ticket for a show, that's why you're recording every second of it. However, we highly encourage you to know the balance of documenting a concert and enjoying your time inside the music hall. This can be done in PLENTY of ways: record only the chorus of songs, take only 3-5 photos per song/costume change, record at nose-level and keep your eyes on the stage, etc. We want you to go home from a concert with a visual memory of what you've paid for, not only videos or photos you can post on your social media accounts.

Concert Junkie Tip #6: Make concert junkie friends

What's a concert if you didn't get to meet your fellow music enthusiasts right? If you want to become a full-time concert junkie, it is important to have a squad or a group of friends that share the same interest in music and concerts. This way, you'll know updates on shows as well as make it easier for you to line up in ticket sellings, fan meetings, and concerts. By meeting friends at concerts, you're also finding future concert buddies and even friends for life.

Being interested in concerts isn't an easy feeling to satisfy; although it pays off every time you score that ticket or meet your favorite musicians. For 2020, make it a goal to not just watch 1 concert. Besides, you know you want to treat yourself every once in a while- and concerts are one of the best ways to enjoy yourself with music.

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