Philippines will always be Pentatonix's home

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Philippines will always be Pentatonix's home.

Pentatonix, a five-member a capella singing group composed of Kevin Olusola (beatboxer), Scott Hoying (baritone lead), Mitch Grassi (counter-tenor), Matt Sallee (vocal base lead), and Kirstie Maldonado (mezzo-soprano lead) was astonished at the energy and singing voice Filipino Pentaholics (fandom name) showed them. 

Scott even shared "I'll tell you some places that we go on tour make us feel so welcome and I have to say that the Philippines makes us more welcome than anywhere in the world. You know the energy and everything was so amazing. It was such an unforgettable night and we feel right at home here".

The show started with Pentatonix performing "Daft Funk" medley and was followed by "High Hopes". Pentaholics also swayed their hips in tune to "Havana" and "SeƱorita".

Rich harmonies filled our ears as we heard the music "Evolution of Pentatonix" throughout the years. But not only that... the evolution also gave the audience treats showcasing Ariana Grande's songs such as "Thank You Next", "One Last Time", and "Break Free" to name a few.

One of the highlights of the night was Kevin's cello beatboxing solo performance.

Pentaholics smoothly blend in with Pentatonix as they sang "I Want It That Way" along with them.

Another highlight occurred when Pentaholics lit up a beautiful white ocean on the songs "Imagine" and "Hallelujah". 

It was truly a night to remember. No doubt that Manila tour was their favorite show they ever done.

Pentatonix Live in Manila 2020 was brought to us by Wilbros Live.

Photos by Caren Gudiaga for Manila Concert Junkies

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