An In-Depth Connection with Alexander 23

Gelo de Vera
In case the pandemic has made you bored at home and out of ideas on what to do to make your time more useful, the music of Alexander 23 might just save your time. Raised in Chicago, Alexander Glantz, the man behind Alexander 23, is just getting started on becoming the next thing you immediately save on your Spotify playlists once a new release is posted. With his debut song “Dirty AF1s” receiving a daily Spotify stream average of 380k, we’re sure we are not the only ones digging the music.
In a recent online roundtable session with the singer-producer, he revealed that music for him is a way of connecting with people. He finds that his “goals” are always achieved when he realizes or notices the international success of his music.

Alexander 23’s debut EP “I’m Sorry I Love You” already achieved more than 40M streams worldwide, across different streaming platforms. He took these songs on tour with Alec Benjamin, Omar Apollo, to name a few. Slowly but surely, this singer is making sure he gets heard with the music he produces on his own.
According to We Are: The Guard, he has all the ingredients necessary for success. And we agree. This singer is not only mainly writing his songs alone, but he also does production for them. He is also hands-on with creating visuals for the music he puts out to the world…which not a lot of artists, even in the mainstream scene is capable of.

Supposedly, the rising singer is supposed to tour with Lauv, the hitmaker behind “I Like Me Better” and “I’m So Tired”. He still hopes to be able to continue the tour when the pandemic has hopefully subsided. And we know for sure he will be able to go on his headlining tour soon with his consistent effort on his craft.
In the music industry today, music usually is done through collaborations. Through co-writer and co-producers, we get to enjoy quality music. Impact is something we can expect from the rising singer Alexander 23. With capabilities similar to Taylor Swift, Ryan Tedder, or Charli XCX, this self-producing performer will make your time worth it listening to his music, mostly created 100% by him. And that makes our connection to him more in-depth.

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