7 K-Hiphop songs to listen while still on a lockdown

Christian Melanie Lee

Manila has been on a community quarantine for the past 160 days. As a KPop fangirl before, for the past two months, I just need to restart myself from listening to music.

Since June, I switched listening to K-Hiphop which I didn't realize that I'm into it way back then. From old school Epik High to BewhY, it's high time to appreciate the old and songs under the said genre.

Here are my 7 songs that literally I kept on repeat mode listening to Spotify. 


If you heard of the popular rap competition, Show Me The Money, BewhY is known for his superb rap skills during the show's Season 5 which he was the winner.

BewhY in one of his shows (Photo credit: BewhY's Twitter)

Gottasadae is an anthem. The song reflects on the importance of nature. The vibes make you put the song on repeat.

Leader will follow me
I will be a pioneer
Money will find me
I will make a generation of my name

2.   pH-1 - Cupid 

pH-1's Cupid is the type of song that makes you relax.  With his catchy hook and upbeat vibe, listening to it makes you want to chill with your friends. 

3.  JUNGSU - Bullet Holes

How I did really like Bullet Holes by JUNGSU? The fusion of rap and rock combined in one song. Also, it also marks on our hearts as we suffer through individual and collective hardships. As we amass battle scars while traversing through the battlefield of life and filling the gaps cratered by violent shots to our soul. 

This is my jam every day because it relaxes my ears while at work or just resting up in bed. 

Bullet holes deep down inside my heart
Feeling empty only filled with lies so dark
It’s so hard to go on when I’m scarred
Can’t go far the scars are too large

4.  Loco - Still

Loco collaborated with Crush for the 2016 song, Still. If you want to get chill in one corner of your room, listening to this will get you going. 

5. Epik High - Eyes, Nose, Lips 

Photo credit: Soompi

I've been listening to Eyes, Nose, Lips sang by BigBang member Taeyang for years already, only to learn that Epik High also covered this song in 2014. Taeyang appeared during its bridge part. The group is composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. Still a classic song that you can dig in.

6. BewhY - The Time Goes On 

The first time I've listened to BewhY's The Time Goes On when I did binge watch Show Me The Money Season 5 recently. Catchy tunes that make me sang the part of the song, I don’t stop walkin' tryna keep alive ma dream. 

7. Leessang - 헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 (Can't Breakup Girl, Can't Breakaway Boy)

Been listening to this song for the past several years whenever I heard it as background music in some of the previous episodes of South Korean show, Running Man wherein one of its members, Kang Gary of Leessang became part of the said show until he left in 2017.

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