A1 member Mark Read releases Smile Again

Christian Melanie Lee
The world may have forever changed the way we interact and the way we celebrate our every days, but 2020 has definitely shaped songwriters’ perspective and unrelenting creativity in writing music while in isolation.


After releasing “Where Were You” in May 2020, Mark Read of UK/Norwegian boyband A1, continues dropping yet another QUARANTUNE or his latest LSS worthy song last August 7th – and this time, an empowering dance track with a tropical vibes called “Smile Again” – LISTEN HERE (Streaming sites https://orcd.co/smileagainmarkread )
About “Smile Again”

Fans began clamoring for the official release after impactful lyric teasers are uploaded on his Instagram account.

According to Mark, the song came about years ago when he was a full-time songwriter for different artists. After releasing “Where Were You” and seeing how it resonated with so many people, Mark had the idea of revisiting the song “Smile Again” and changing some of the lyrics to reflect about the isolation and coping with the ongoing crisis.

The song was co-written with two legendary British songwriter Russ Ballard – known to pen chart-top- ping songs like “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “God Gave Rock & Roll to You” together with Christian Bal- lard who worked with bigwigs of the music industry like Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Leona Lewis.

“It's a cheerful song, that's meant to put people in a happy mood, but at the same time still thoughtful and open to interpretation,” he shares when asked about how will his listeners connect with his latest single.
The #SmileAgainChallenge

Committed not only to his craft, Mark has been doing regular live streams on his Instagram to talk to his fans, entertaining them by granting some song requests, and joining him in his live video – but this time, a very thoughtful challenge to post a selfie with the hashtag #SmileAgainChallenge

This challenge encourages fans or everyone on social media from all over the world to post smiley/smiling photos and nominating friends and family members they would like to see smile again. At the time of song release, a lot of people are using the smile again border for their social media display picture as well.
Exciting Announcement for A1 Fans

“We are releasing another album. We just need to be able to get back in the same room together to com- plete it” – Mark on the latest A1 album update.

Mark also plans on releasing another solo album after a good start of his two songs “Where Were You” and “Smile Again.” But that doesn’t stop there. The lad also has been reflective during the lockdown peri- od, and has recently written another song with a timely lyrics, which is something to look forward to.

Now more than ever, being hopeful in the face of these trying times is the most sensible thing we can do. Spreading out the message of optimism and compassion is a surefire way to make a difference.

So, play it loud and press the replay button! Mark Read’s latest song will surely put listeners into a good mood – and hopefully will be able to SMILE AGAIN.


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