James Bay’s latest music inspired by Taylor Swift; folklore is an amazing album

Gelo de Vera

James Bay is definitely out of the “Chaos” and is now in the “Calm” with his latest song “Chew on My Heart”, an upbeat track which shows a different side of the Grammy nominated singer- away from the usual soulful & emotional tracks like “Let It Go” and “Us”. 

When asked about his most recent Spotify playlist “Eargasms 3.0”, which features songs from Coldplay, The Beatles, and 4 tracks from Taylor Swift alone, the troubadour shared that Taylor Swift’s pop record “1989” inspired the latest music he created, along with the rest of the tracks of the said playlist, and shared that he sees the pop star as a great supporter.


When asked about a possible collaboration, James shared that he “would love to collaborate with Taylor Swift. She is definitely an inspiration and she’s been a great supporter of mine in the past”. He also shared that he finds “folklore” amazing and mentioned that his favorite tracks are “cardigan”, “exile”, and “peace”. Almost a year ago, James can be recalled adding an Instagram story of himself covering “False God” by Taylor Swift, which the pop star also called “STUNNING”. James now uses his Instagram Stories to teach fans how to play his music on guitar during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Down to my bones, I am a guitar player,” James says. “I’m always worried about singing second. This was something new for me, and it was very gratifying.”

Aside from doing these stories, he also showed something more about his personal life with “Chew on My Heart”, an “outpouring of love” which he also considered a huge theme across the new music he’s working on. Additionally, James is ready to tell the world a whole new story with his new single and forthcoming record, one that involves the powerful thirteen-year relationship he has been on with his girlfriend. And we can’t wait to see how he shakes things up musically.

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