What to expect to The Itchyworms' Waiting For The End to Start virtual album launch on August 17?

Christian Melanie Lee

The Itchyworms will be hosting a virtual album launch for their upcoming album, Waiting For The End to Start on August 17 from, 7:30 pm onwards.

What to expect to the said virtual album launch? Expect a night of fun and entertainment as the band will perform select cuts from the upcoming release. Grab a beer and enjoy the music!

For this upcoming studio album, Waiting For The End To Start, it was conceptualized and recorded with the members of the band confined in their respective homes during the nationwide lockdown.

Thematically, the songs are written as a reflection of their individual and collective experiences during the quarantine period. It also inhabits a more adventurous and relentless approach in terms of production and songwriting, which produced captivating end results that music fans will surely love.

The band’s lead guitarist and back-up vocalist Chino Singson shares in a statement, “Like any collection of music, it is a record of its time: A snapshot of the artist's reaction to his or her circumstances. But it's a concept album in that our aim was to create art in the midst of a pandemic, to capture our emotions in the music we record, even with the limited recording gear we have at home. So you'll hear amp buzz and imperfect vocals, but for me that's part of the spirit of true rock.”

The Itchyworms’ “Waiting For The End To Start” virtual album launch is presented by Sony Music Philippines, GNN Entertainment, and Linya-Linya.




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