Music review: Jungsu's latest song, Gotta Bring It Back

Christian Melanie Lee
As we are on a half-year dealt with the community quarantine in the Philippines and others are also affected under strict lockdown, have you ever listen to a song about the pandemic? Listening to music makes feel better to ease the loneliness. 

Gotta Bring It Back is the latest song released by K-Hiphop artist Jungsu which will be released on September 18 (September 19, Manila time). The song expressed the way of wanting freedom from this pandemic and nostalgia about the normal past.

The lyrics of the song resonates with what's happening around. We can't do the things that we use to do before because of the pandemic. What we can do is to fight this together.

Suddenly miss hugging my friends and spending time with them is the hardest part of it. Having "me time" drinking coffee while contemplating in one corner of the cafe or just do photo walk on a sunny afternoon capturing the scenic view of the city, beach, mountains, or a tourist attraction --- even if this lockdown is the new normal, the usual routine of everyone ruined it.

Traveling to several countries just to take a break from work and going back to do hiking which actually one of my plans earlier this year -- this pandemic mess up everyone's plans. Some business establishments shutting down permanently and friends who are retrenched from their jobs which makes my heart hurts.

Receiving "stay safe" in every message or email, we need to be healthy. 

Back to the old days
When we were chilling
Having fun like always
Broad daylight now it’s a red light
All day and night all we do is waste time
People only smiling through emojis

You can stream Gotta Bring It Back on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

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