PH ARMYs team up for a big comeback project

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"Team work makes the dream work!", a quote proven by

BTS and ARMYs ever since the group’s debut in 2013.



As the new BTS’s album, 'BE' is only days away from release, ARMYs all over the world are all eyes to make this the group’s biggest comeback yet.

A total of 134 fanbases and partners were tapped by Team AGTJ (ARMYs Act of Generosity Turned Into Joy) for a BTS comeback project called "LOADER THAN BOMBS 2.0" to fund PH-ARMYs with mobile load to help the fandom’s goal for the group.

The project aims to help fans who are financially tapped out to stream and enjoy the new music from RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Not only that, this project will also help the fans reach the comeback goals for the group.


”BTS was known to be an underdog in K-industry; deprived of fair treatment and acknowledgement. And now that we have the resources and the power to show what the industry has been missing out, the team thought that this comeback will be the biggest resistance in the standardization of the music industry and for that we can't stop ARMYs from contributing their all to provide what is to be done--recognition.


We have gather 134 fanbases for this to be possible so we are always grateful for the support each of the donors is giving, may it be a fanbase or an individual. Their contribution opens many opportunities and experiences and this event will not only broaden our reach but also spread the beauty of knowing BTS."


                    - Marra Mae Ballarbare, Team AGTJ


The beneficiary of this project is Cypher Killer Squad, a group who already made a couple of comeback donation drive for the South Korean septet in the past. They aim to provide mobile load for data allocation for the beneficiaries who have time but don't have the resources to help out. The initial target is to provide for 500 ARMYs who will be selected thoroughly from the application forms submitted. If the collected fund permits, the group will also purchase Spotify Premium and Youtube Premium subscriptions for the recipients for the sole purpose of streaming.



“Actually, it started when Team AGTJ sent us a message saying na they are considering to team up with us. They were planning to fund us, especially our streamers, in terms of load expenses. Of course, sino ba naman kami para tumangi kung para sa convenience ng streamers naman namin. So we agreed. The collab started when Team AGTJ reached and gather other fanbases, fanpages and groups to help with the project's promotion. CKS, as the beneficiary of LTB and with our sole project which aims to provide free premium streaming accounts, are doing their best hindi lang bilang part ng LTB kundi para na rin ma-screen nang maigi ang mga potential streamers na makakatanggap ng load from LTB. With CKS extending their goal, 500 slots ang inopen namin to cater 500 streamers din kung saan ilalaan ng team AGTJ ang funds po nila.


This isn't our first project pala. CKS has been doing the same project since Persona era. This is our 4th project. We had a collab with @PHARMYPROJTEAM and Bangwool For Goals on our first project. Also, Team AGTJ was one of our donors before we team up with them for LTB.”


              - Steffi Riego, Cypher Killer Squad


This is Team AGTJ's biggest comeback fund drive as they teamed up with some of the biggest PH-based group and fan pages.

Donations are encouraged, but not required. Please see list below on how you can donate:

















As of November 9, the team already collected more than Php55,000.  







Team AGTJ was doing charity works in the name of BTS and ARMY since then. 














Some of their projects were also recognized and reported by K-Media.

Asia Artist Awards Website 


“Team AGTJ and Cypher Killer Squad would like to extend their thanks to all who supported and those who continue to support their projects.


Without the overwhelming generosity, we would not be able to reach our goals. Thank you once again ARMYs for being the pillars of our success.”


                    - Team AGTJ


“CKS wholeheartedly thank everyone that is part of LTB and to all our donors who trusted us with this project. Hoping for everyone to look forward to our future projects. Thank you po.”


                    - Cypher Killer Squad



Best of luck, BTS PH-ARMYs!



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