5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Joy Ruckus Club 3 Virtual Lunar New Year Festival

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Stuck at home? If you love music and looking for something fantastic to do this week, Kublai Kwon's Joy Ruckus Club, in partnership with Sessions set to held the third edition of the largest Asian-American virtual music festival in the world.

We were given a chance to interview Joy Ruckus Club via email and get to know behind this spectacular event on February 16-21, 2021.

How did you guys started Joy Ruckus Club?

Joy Ruckus Club started in August 2020 with the idea that a virtual festival featuring all musicians of Asian descent could fill a void that had deepened with the suspension of all live performances in the wake of the pandemic. With the Asian diaspora being so far-flung and diverse, a virtual festival actually had the potential to unify and lay a vast foundation in a way that a live festival could not. The potential was great, so the franchise was launched.

With your partnership with Sessions Live, what will we expect for the upcoming Virtual Lunar New Year Festival?

It will be an extravaganza of Asian music as never witnessed before in history. It will be a milestone in Asian American culture, but only because Asian Americans organized it - the artists are from every corner of the world. There will be 180 Asian acts on 9 virtual stages across 6 days.

Are you planning to make it this every year? Future plans?

Actually, this will be the third Joy Ruckus Club in 6 months. Unlike live festivals, we do not need to do Joy Ruckus Club annually, we can do it as often as we can organize them, monthly even if we had to. So the next Joy Ruckus Club is already in the works, for spring, and if the forces of nature allow it, will continue on as long as we can keep producing these shows.

Here are five reasons why you should watch the six-day virtual event with 180 talented artists around the world.

1. Joy Ruckus Club will be having 9 different stages in 6 days

Different music genres in 9 stages for 6 days! From Ox Stage to Hip Hop Stage, you name it! It will be a fun-filled music festival ever!

2. Hyolyn is one of the headliners for Joy Ruckus Club 3

When I found out that former Sistar member Hyolyn will be performing for Dragon Stage, I can't wait to see her perform virtually. 

I had a chance to see her performed on stage for a local toy convention 2 years ago here in Manila and was able to have a quick moment with her along with my friends before she left the venue.

Other headliners are  Dragon Stage: Megan Lee, Australia/NZ: Elliye, Canada (Kaia - host, HMLT x Kei-Li), Dubai (Ibby VK), Europe (Jeff Nang - performer and host), Hip Hip (Chow Mane - host, Wootak Kim - host, Bohan Phoenix, J Reyez), Ox (Amelia and Adinah - host), Traktivist (Run River North), Viet Q (Minh, Thuy).

3. You can watch it anywhere and it's free!

What's good about this virtual music festival is that you can watch it on your mobile phone and laptop.

You can download the Sessions app on Android and Apple Store or watch it via Sessions' website.

4. Catch your fave Asian-American artists in this online music festival

Set your alarm and catch your fave Asian-American artists! Been looking forward to a lot of artists at every stage especially for the Hip Hop Stage.

5. Once in a lifetime virtual event that you shouldn't miss!

Even if Lunar New Year was held last February 12, you can still celebrate with your family and friends virtually with this online event.

Don't fail to watch Joy Ruckus Club 3: Virtual Lunar New Year Festival starting tomorrow, February 16th until the 21st via sessionslive.com/joyruckusclub

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