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Christian Melanie Lee

We recently caught up with Dark Pop German singer/songwriter FLØRE. She launched her second EP, ROMANIAC. Similar to her debut EP, SUPERBLOOM, she worked with Berlin-based indie pop artist NOVAA to produce the 5-track piece.

FLØRE has made her impressive debut in 2018, and made her way as part of Spotify’s RADAR 
program, got featured on Playlists like New Music Friday US on top of New Music Friday playlists in 20 other countries, Indie Pop, EQUAL GSA, Indie Womxn, Easy, and many more and decorated the cover of OFF POP when she released SUPERBLOOM’s lead single “I’m okay, i’m just a little depressed”. 

Her single ‘Bad Medicine’ went straight to Germany’s Radio Top 200 charts. This year, she played her very first global live stream show on Amazon Music Session and played her first live show at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg last September.

Here's our quick catch up with 

MCJ: I’m Melanie, from Manila Concert Junkies and I’ve heard your song a few days ago and I was ecstatic hearing your new song.

FLØRE: Thank you so much!

MCJ: Yeah, I’ve been listening for the past few days so yeah. Okay… Can I start with my questions, sorry.


MCJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. Can you share with us how you started your career?

FLØRE: Um, well I started, well I started when I was like thirteen and I started to play the guitar.

MCJ: Oh, Cool!

FLØRE: Uh, well this is where I got like more into music and into singing and I was like kind off, yeah like even my family and I didn’t know that I’m like I might be a bit better at singing and when I started playing the guitar and I covered like these Taylor Swift songs. I was like, “oh, maybe I can- I can, like I’m a bit better at singing. Or like I kinda have a talent when it comes to music. Um, yeah like, I’ve released my first single in September 2018 so not that long ago, um, so yeah I’d like, it was not like one moment where i decided to make music, it’s just like I think that comes naturally. Uh, that you always have a bond with music and yes.


MCJ: How would you define your music in three words?

FLØRE: Um, emotional. Um, it’s hard. I’m so bad at describing things in three words. Ok.. emotional.. Uh, okay I’m very bad- [laughter]

MCJ: Haha! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

FLØRE: Uh, maybe.. Yeah, honest- very honest and-- what’d you call it? When it’s like vari- variable? Like, uh, what’s the word for it. Not like different but like it has different sights.

MCJ: Uh, eccentric? Or something?

FLØRE: Um, yeah, i don’t know- like the words today. [laughter] Um, so yeah, emotional, honest, and different. That I’m saying this-

MCJ: Different- different- different in what manner?

FLØRE: Yeah like, it has- that it has like- because right now i’m working on songs which sound more like- punky? Like rock- so there’s like variation, variation, variation, so i don’t know what’s the word for it. But yeah.

MCJ: Yeah, it’s okay, yeah. How would you compare your latest EP, 'ROMANIAC' to ‘SUPERBLOOM’? Your song from ‘SUPERBLOOM’ to your latest EP? So how would you compare it?


FLØRE: Um, ‘SUPERBLOOM’, I think it’s way more delicate. It comes more from the perspective of like “Oh, I’m hurt. You left me and now I'm alone.” [laughter] and but ‘Romaniac’ is more like this- it has a stronger mindset, I would say. And it’s like “yeah, i know you left me and this relationship might be toxic but I kinda enjoy it and i kinda like to use you for my art so it has like a stronger- yeah, i has like a stronger mindset. Um, yeah and it’s a bit tougher, I would say.


MCJ: Hm, cool. How- How do you feel working with NOVAA?


FLØRE: Uh, well I’m very grateful that I have her. Uh, we produced this EP on our own. So it’s just like 2 girls setup.


MCJ: Wow!


FLØRE: Yeah, I write these songs and I produce them on my Ipad- demo versions- and then I send her- send her the tracks and she works on it and then she sends me the tracks back so yeah. It’s very nice to work with her. Um, and having this exchange like that- for example, with the pandemic, we don’t need to actually meet up, we can like send each other over the internet on the tracks.


MCJ: Haha, cool. That’s cool, awesome. Yeah, inspiration in working on your latest EP?


FLØRE: Uh, the inspiration is like- this EP is-uh focused around on the shadow sides of love- like- toxic relationships, as i said. Or like secret killer fantasies, for example in that voice. Yeah, so- um, the inspiration is just like heartbreak, in general. And getting left and being like, left alone but yeah, using this to create something that’s beautiful. You know, songs, and like yeah.

MCJ: Do you have dream collaborations that you’re looking forward to- your dream collaboration with other artists? Either German or Filipino? Are you- are you looking forward to it?


FLØRE: Uh, well.. YUNGBLUD- [laughter] So, this would be like- I really love him- and I love his style of music and he’s a big inspiration so I would say YUNGBLUD. And I love Lorde.


MCJ: Oh, cool!


FLØRE: Yeah, or Aurora- something- yeah. Someone like that.


MCJ: Yeah, hm… That would be all, actually. So, one last question. Uh- are you planning to visit the Philippines soon? Or in the near future? After this pandemic.


FLØRE: Yeah, I would love to. I haven’t seen a lot of the world yet so I haven’t travelled a lot. Yeah, so far, I’ve never left- like- Europe. Um, so, this is like something- this is like one of my biggest dreams to travel the world with my music and playing shows. So, yeah I would love to really- it’s like- one of my biggest dreams


MCJ: Hoho, hope to see you soon. Because I’ve been attending concerts before- before the pandemic so hope to meet you soon.


FLØRE: Oh, that’s cute. [laughter]

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