Relive the magic of Ben&Ben’s ‘Kuwaderno’ concert on Smart’s GigaPlay App

Christian Melanie Lee

Experience a virtual serenade like no other as leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. brings OPM fans closer to Filipino folk-rock band Ben&Ben’s first-ever online concert, “Kuwaderno,” on Smart GigaPlay beginning January 30.


In a recent grand concert streamed live from the Smart Araneta Coliseum, the popular band performed 18 songs from their latest album, Pebble House Vol. 1: Kuwaderno, featuring singles “Upuan,” “Lunod” with Zild and juan karlos, “Kayumanggi,” and more. The concert—specifically staged to entertain Ben&Ben’s legions of ‘Liwanag’ supporters at the comforts of their homes—delivered a memorable livestream experience last December when the event was first aired on KTX.


Now, Smart subscribers who are fans of 2021’s most streamed OPM act can catch Paolo Guico (acoustic guitars and vocals), Poch Barretto (electric guitars), Pat Lasaten (keyboards), Keifer Cabugao (violins), Agnes Reoma (bass), Toni Muñoz (percussions), Miguel Guico (acoustic guitars and vocals), Jam Villanueva (drums), and Andrew de Pano (percussions) all over again via GigaPlay.


Relive the entire “Kuwaderno” experience anytime on the GigaPlay App which provides virtual front-row seats to the band’s latest live performance. To experience Ben & Ben’s acclaimed musical synergy, Smart subscribers only need to download the GigaPlay App on their smartphone via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then stream “Kuwaderno” at no extra cost.


GigaPlay has been revolutionizing the viewing habits of Smart users with a suite of entertainment, music, and sports content. Apart from “Kuwaderno,” the GigaPlay App houses the latest Korean dramas aired 24 hours after Korea broadcast, international music events and awards shows, local pay-per-view movies, and the most extensive streaming catalogue of basketball games from local to world-famous basketball leagues.


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Enjoy GigaPlay with Smart’s fastest 5G speeds


Smart subscribers enjoy next-level speeds while streaming their favorite content with the country’s fastest and most reliable 5G mobile network as reported by Ookla. To date, Smart has already fired up around 7,200 5G base stations nationwide making it the country's first, fastest, and widest 5G network.       


For more information on Smart’s events and offers on the GigaPlay app, follow their official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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