PRESS HIT PLAY’S comeback single, “TELL ME” takes us back in time

Christian Melanie Lee
Though the year 2022 is just starting, it’s definitely not a reason nor a sign for P-Pop Superstar group Press Hit Play (PHP) to take a break from producing worldwide-ready hit singles that their legion of ever-growing fans can’t seem to get enough-of. Most notably, the group is simultaneously evolving both individually and collectively as a unit that highlights an unmistakably strong songwriting and production unit that the music world has definitely not witnessed in a while.


And needless to say, their comeback single “Tell Me” is – yet again – ready to shatter records and seal-the-deal for those who might still be having second thoughts on whether they are, indeed, true game-changers in both the local and international music scene.

Penned and put-together by songwriter/producer/total performer JP, the track (released digitally through worldwide music company evosound) is a highly infectious homage to the retro-pop stylings of the 80s sound: reminiscent of the pop culture of the era - including anthemic movie soundtracks and musical scores of old-school television shows - but delivered by way of the group’s trademark modern and youthful energy. According to the group - comprised of Yukito, Sev, JP, Zi.O, Yuuki and CHRLS – it is definitely an anthem perfect for music lovers of all ages: from moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts and, yes- even youngsters who are in search of the perfect partner to go with the positivity and good vibes Press Hit Play has been spreading since its inception.

“Lyrically, ‘Tell Me’ was built-around the story of a person who is hopelessly in love,” JP begins, when asked about the main inspiration behind the track’s highly charged energy and message. “It describes how a person will do anything AND everything to make that one special person happy and protect her (or him…) through thick and thin, and that awesome feeling and emotion you go through every time you’re with your special someone…” shares JP further, as he adds: “I actually took-inspiration from the theme from the animated [Walt Disney] movie Aladdin – ‘A Whole New World’ – but made sure to put an original spin when it came to the sonic properties of the track; I wanted a piece of music people would find hard-to-resist.”

Fusing both Tagalog and English lyricism and incredibly powerful hooks and spitfire hip-hop/rap bars, audiences are definitely going to launch into a movin’ and dancin’ frenzy upon first spin, and surely, will want a second, third and even FOURTH spin of “Tell Me.” But then again, this is not at all surprising for longtime fans of Press Hit Play, as the group has already proven to be a unit that does just that – offer soaring, sonic masterpieces that seem to just get better and better through time.

“We’ve still got a LOT of varied and awesome releases in the works for all of the fans, listeners and would-be converts to Press Hit Play,” declares JP, when asked what surprises the group’s loyal fanbase should look out for. “Great, quality music is definitely the heart and soul of the group, and the main focus of all the individuals of Press Hit Play to keep producing, and to keep refining both our craft and passion. Nothing has changed from our goals since day one: to make as many people happy with what we do, and to bring honor and pride to our country and make sure the entire world sees – and hears – what we’re made of.” FIN


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